AUSTRALIA: Hamilton Island & Whitehaven Beach

HAMILTON ISLAND & WHITEHAVEN BEACH (part of the WHITSUNDAY ISLANDS) are TWO OF THE BEST PLACES I HAVE BEEN TO SO FAR IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! As we had 2 weeks in Australia, we had 2 full weekends to go out with Uncle Ronald (our Australia trip sponsor). For one of the weekends, he planned a trip for us to go to the Whitsunday Islands!

Yacht Bay at Hamilton Island

Yacht Bay at Hamilton Island

When I researched this online, I saw beautiful pictures. Pictures on the internet do not do justice though because when we got there, the place was so BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING and LUXURIOUS.

Hamilton Island Beach

Hamilton Island Beach



We were very lucky as Peter and Maggie (My uncle’s boss and his wife) had a place in Hamilton Island so we did not have to worry about membership or accommodation.

Peter and Maggie's Rest Home at Hamilton Island

Peter and Maggie’s Rest Home at Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island was a blessing!


Driving around Hamilton Island

This beauty was just one of those locations I often see on TV, I never really thought I would be blessed enough to experience a place like this! Super grateful!

Our unit's golf carts!

Our unit’s golf carts!

The island was so luxurious with beautiful beaches, golf carts, swimming pools, and a lot more!

View from the unit!

View from the unit!

My sister and I even got to take pictures with Koalas.

Iris with a Koala Bear

My sister with a Koala Bear

Me with my Koala

Me with my Koala Bear

After our day at Hamilton Island, Uncle Ronald took us on a Whitehaven Beach day tour organized by FANTASEA.

View of the Fantesea Boat from Whitehaven Beach

View of the Fantesea Boat from Whitehaven Beach

AND OMG, the beach was so beautiful! HEAVEN ON EARTH! I have never seen a beach like that. It is my #1 in the best beaches I have been to in my life list. Sorry, Philippine Beaches, but it was really amazing.



The white sand was so pristine and SQUEAKY (Yes squeaky!), the view was great, and there were no commercial establishments.

Whitehaven beach and its pristine squeaky white sand!

Whitehaven beach and its squeaky white sand!

The day tour was operated by FANTASEA. They provided us with lunch and amenities. The boat was luxurious too. The buffet food was great and the staff was hot! 😉 The guy who helped us out was really cute! 😉

Iris with the Fantasea crew

Iris with the Fantasea crew




Whitest sand!

Leaving the island was so heartbreaking. As our boat departed, my sister & I were even shouting “Goodbye Forever!”. I hope that I get to go back someday. It was truly one of the most heavenly places I have been to and I thank God that we were blessed to have that experience.

Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island

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