SOUTH KOREA: Our Freezing-ly Amazing Winter Vacation for ₱25,000 Each

“It is so important to dream, and to dream in the family.” – Pope Francis

My dream is to travel the world & I wanted to share this dream with my family so for the first time, I treated them an international trip. Korea is the best Asian country I have been to so far. It is the only country I want to go back to so soon already. 4 days is not enough. I want to experience all the seasons. Beautiful wonderful amazing amazing amazing country!!!

Snowing outside BOA Guesthouse

Snowing outside BOA Guesthouse

My family & I are very grateful to have been blessed with this travel experience! Korea is a great country! I’d like to go back soon maybe during Spring or Autumn. It’s not a place to spend just 4 days in.

I want to thank everyone who helped me out! Thank you for sharing your itineraries, tips, & experiences!





Philippine Passport holders need to acquire a visa to enter Korea. It was really easy for us because we just had to collect all requirements and we had a representative pass the documents at the embassy. No need for personal appearance. 


Outside BOA Guesthouse

Outside BOA Guesthouse

We stayed at a guesthouse where a lot of my mom’s friends stayed at. We booked it through Agoda so we got a discount. People were so nice & very accommodating. Breakfast was really good too. The bread was so good that I wanted to steal the whole loaf. HAHAHA! Our room was very clean and the floors were heated so it felt really nice when we got back from the outside. This guesthouse is near tourist places & a train station (Hongik) as well. 





Night Life at Hongkik University Street

Night Life at Hongik University Street

In Seoul, near universities, there are a lot of shopping and food streets! Lucky for us there was one near our guesthouse! This street is very cool as there are a lot of shopping and food finds! We also saw a lot of students singing/playing guitar along the streets! Can’t imagine how they could do that during the cold weather but they do have audiences! We ate the best Korean food here and walking here was basically an experience. The sight & the weather was really a blessing.


Freezing Myeongdong!

Freezing Myeongdong!

This is HIGH STREET/GREENHILLS/MAKATI. Lots of cheap finds for pasalubong! Lots of restaurants, money exchanges and shops! Since we went at night, it was extremely COLD! An amazing sight! There were a lot of Koreans speaking to us in Filipino. HAHAHA!

Here, you’ll find a LOT OF SOCKS! I don’t know why but almost every alley had a store selling socks at ₱40. The socks were very cute. The Korean restaurant we ate at here had the best beef! My sister & I liked it very much.

Korean Food at Myeongdong

Korean Food at Myeongdong


Outside the Palace

Outside the Palace

Since it was very cold, we didn’t get to explore this place. We just took a picture outside the palace walls. Maybe when I come back, and the weather is a little bearable, I would visit all the famous palaces.


In the Jungle

In the Jungle

We loved this place! I really missed my family laughing a lot! That’s why this travel was really good for us. This museum got us to laugh a lot and take really nice pictures. All the paintings were really creative.

With Puss and his boots

With Puss and his boots


Eiffel Tower at Petite France

Eiffel Tower at Petite France

Petite France is about 2 hours away from Seoul by train and taxi. It is very scenic and a representation of Paris’ top tourist destination & provinces. My sisters found it too cold here as it was surrounded by mountains so they stayed inside the luxurious lodge most of the time. My mom & I explored a bit so that we wouldn’t waste the entrance fee. What I really loved about this place was the part of the Art of Southern France.

Southern France Art

Southern France Art

I am not really a fan of art but I’m a fan of this one. When I get my own home, I’m going to buy one of those paintings. It’s very beautiful. Southern France is now a part of my must sees travel list!


Namsam Tower

Namsam Tower

I was really excited about this one because I am a fan of Boys over Flowers! HAHAHAHA! Gu Jun Pyo & Geum Jan Di used this as a shooting location! For me, this is the coldest place we went to. The views were nice but food was very expensive.


We availed the popular public Drama + Ski tour from Seoul n Ski.

Our tour guides, Gina & Kas, were very accommodating & very cool. They are well traveled and really knowledgeable! Since it was a public tour, we were with 2 more people and they’re from Singapore.


Nami Island is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life so far!

Nami Island Tree Rows

Nami Island Tree Rows

The place was just so overwhelming! Since this island was surrounded by a river, it was extremely cold. I couldn’t even feel my feet anymore. I didn’t mind though, the place was just too beautiful. I just ignored my cold feet & hands just to experience this amazing place as much as I can.

Snowman by the Frozen Lake

Snowman by the Frozen Lake

The best scenery – Line of Korean Trees, Mountains & Frozen Lake, we were just here for about 2 hours but if given more time, I’d stay here for one whole day. I’ll definitely come back to this place.

Playing around with the GoPro at Nami Island

Playing around with the GoPro at Nami Island


Skiing at Elysian Resort

Skiing at Elysian Resort

BEST ACTIVITY EVER! Before I turn 25, I really wanted to experience SNOW and what a better way to maximize it than to go to a SKI RESORT! The place was beautiful, one wherein I only see in movies & I was really at awe during those moments thinking “Wow I’m really here!”.

Skiing at the Beginner's Hill

Skiing at the Beginner’s Hill

Skiing is scary at first and the snow boots are very uncomfortable but the overall experience was worth it! One of the best experiences in my life I have to say! 

KOREA WAS REALLY AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE. I’m going back and I’m going to experience all the seasons! I love travelling alone but I also love travelling with my family, this trip made me realize that. I dream to travel the world and now I dream to travel the world with my family.

Seeing snow for the first time!


I am very grateful for the money that I paid for these amazing travel blessings (amount is for 1 person):

Air Asia Flight ₱6,440
Airport Fees:

  • Travel Tax
  • Terminal Fee



Accommodation – BOA Guesthouse (3 nights) ₱3,150
Trick Eye Museum ₱615
Nami Island and Ski Tour (Includes lunch and transportation) ₱5,700+

Transportation (Taxi and Train)

Entrance Fee – Petite France

Souvenir Gifts

Estimated Total ₱25,000

8 thoughts on “SOUTH KOREA: Our Freezing-ly Amazing Winter Vacation for ₱25,000 Each

  1. Leigh says:

    Hey.. I Was Curios and Checked the Site for the Visa Requirements. and it Gave me A Loads of categories to choose from, i was just Wondering What Category should i Apply for. as a Tourist? thanks 😀


  2. Eunice Sanchez says:

    It’s really amazing that I saw your post, my friends and I are thinking of visiting South Korea on September and we’re starting to check the net for stuff to do, where to go… (we’re expats in Dubai and most travel agencies here have packages for Europe and other Asian countries except Korea 😦 so we’re pretty much on our own)

    Thanks for the awesome tip!


  3. samsonsam says:

    Going this weekend and unfortunately only the ski resort in Yongpyeong is available 😦 It’s two and a half hours away from Seoul so I’m still contemplating if we should go… anyway, great blog!! ❤ miss you!

    Liked by 1 person


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