The Grateful Traveller

Hi! I’m Irene 😉


Thank you for visiting my website! 😉

Through my experiences, I hope you become inspired and become grateful in your future travels.


What’s the extent of my travel experiences? Check out my Grateful Travel Bank to know more!

I like to explore, take risks, and seek adventures 😉


I love my family. No words can describe how much 😉


I have been blessed to meet the most amazing people.

From grade school to high school to college and even after graduation, they have been my source of moral support, love, crazy laughter, anything under the sun advices, hugs, my go-to people for my very very long emotional with feelings kilig stories (sorry guys, haha!) and many more!


I have been given the best of the best best friends: they are great people who inspire me and those around them, they are amazing friends who have shown me great love and patience, they are the best sisters who always see my good heart no matter what happens and who believe in the greatness in me. 


I am who I am today because of them, they will always have a part of my grateful heart 😉

I am very passionate and driven, I hope this continues on until my mission here on earth ends 😉



My love for travel started when I was given a free trip to Australia – One of the best experiences in my life that I will always be grateful for.

It all started with an opportunity.

An opportunity to research websites, to start reading travel books and blogs, to start managing and creating itineraries, to start being TRULY thankful…

That was the start of it all. The start of a lifestyle that I have loved and will always love.

Through my experiences, let me show you the passion of GRATITUDE and how it can help you inspire not only yourself but others as well.


  • To travel the world 
  • Inspire grateful traveling 😉


  • Events & Project Management
  • Inspirational & Motivational Writing
  • Traveling 😉


To anyone who knows me, they have heard me say Always be grateful! to them at least once. Whether it was through word of mouth, written notes or social media posts, I never end my day without saying or thinking these words every single day.



Let me show you how the passion of gratitude can be a lifestyle in travel that can bring out not only the best experiences in your life but the chance to empower this great value to others as well.


All photos & content on this website are mostly my own unless stated otherwise. These may not be used without permission.

Some information on this website like prices (rates), external links, addresses, and contact numbers may have changed since the articles have been written and published. Please visit official brand websites for updated information.

For sponsored or paid write-ups, all are inspired by my experiences & nothing else. Some articles may contain affiliate links which means that if you click any of the said links and make a purchase, I may receive a commission or sponsorship.

Affiliate links/codes you’ll find on this website: 

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7 thoughts on “The Grateful Traveller

  1. Ellen Reyes says:

    I will be in Guam at the end of the month till April 2nd and will go straight to Osaka for 7 days, then to Nagoya , Takayama etc. after again for 7 days and with children.Looking for this 7th Japan adveneture!



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