LIST: Inspiring Quotes from The Promise of a Pencil by Adam Braun


The Promise of a Pencil by Adam Braun

For Philippine residents, you can purchase The Promise Of A Pencil at National Bookstore.

In my entire life, I’ve only cried to two books – The Kite Runner & The Fault In Our Stars – Both of which are fictional stories. For the first time in my life, I cried because of a Non-Fiction book. After 4 hours, I finished “The Promise of a Pencil” by Adam Braun. I am completely in love with this story. His story maybe more to it is one that I would also like to live in the future. This book is so inspiring, so empowering. Beyond amazing. I am still at awe.

ANYONE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. I believed in this before but because of this book I believe in it 1000% more. Because of Pencils Of Promise, I vow to continue what I’ve been and currently doing.

Finding purpose in life? I strongly recommend this book. Here are some inspiring words that got my heart beating so fast!

REFERENCE: Braun, A. (2014). The Promise of a Pencil: How an Ordinary Person can create Extraordinary Change. New York: Scribner

  1. A generation empowered will empower the world
  1. We exist because of the sacrifices of those who came before us, but how often can we make them feel the value of their impact?
  1. Errors force you to pause, evaluate and iterate. As much as we dread them, they are veiled blessings that turn mirrors of reflection into windows of insight
  1. Creating something new is easy, creating something that lasts is the challenge
  1. Many presentations follow a traditional hero’s journey, with the presenter portraying himself or herself as the hero to win over the audience. But the best presentations – the ones that inspire action – are those where the same journey is portrayed except the audience is the focus
  1. The biggest difference between the person who lives his or her dreams and the person who aspires is the decision to convert that first park of motivation into immediate action
  1. Sometimes you just know. With absolute conviction. The complete absence of doubt is so rare it generates a sense of excitement that’s so powerful it becomes shocking. . . . That name just appeared in my head, and I remember a hard closing of my eyes followed by an opening and a quick punch of breath. It literally knocked the wind out of me, left me searching for air, a tingling of excitement surging through my chest. Yes. With absolute conviction. Everything had changed.
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