LIST: Inspiring Quotes from “The Walk” (2015 Film) and “Man On Wire” (2008 Documentary Film)

I’m left speechless yet again.
What a movie!
What a story!
What an experience!

YES. Watching THE WALK will definitely be an experience.

I was browsing movies to watch when I came across “The Walk”. Reading the movie summary…In 1974, high-wire artist Philippe Petit recruits a team of people to help him realize his dream: to walk the immense void between the World Trade Center towers…I was immediately intrigued. I thought to myself, WOW what a crazy interesting story. Before watching, I checked out movie review ratings just to make sure it’s really good. And I was very surprised to see that the movie was actually A TRUE STORY.

I thought, WHAT THE HELL?

A 24 year old man set up a wire between the twin towers in New York and walked on it ILLEGALLY! 110 stories HIGH! With no safety line! I mean WOW, you think you know the world, and THIS, things like these ACTUALLY happened!

I watched it immediately with my mom and sister.

After watching THE WALK, I was stunned. I was breathing hard in most scenes, really exhilarating! After that, I read articles on the internet about the main character and I found out that a documentary was made last 2008 featuring the wire walker, his story, and all his accomplices. So I definitely watched it! 

MAN ON WIRE left me at awe. I even cried at some parts because of how emotional some of the people involved in the film got.



Here are just some inspiring words from THE WALK and MAN ON WIRE that I really loved with a little write up from me:

  1. My favorite scene in the movie was when Philippe was practicing high wire walking. When he was almost at the end, he got too happy, looked down, trembled and almost fell. His mentor told him, most wire walkers, they die when they arrive. They think they have arrived. But they have not. They have three steps left. Most walkers die in the final three steps.  They think they have arrived. They get arrogant and die. (The Walk, 2015) I even told my mom right after that I loved that scene.

When I was in college, I studied hard for an accounting exam. I felt that I studied well and was confident that I’d get a high grade. It was an exam about balance sheet. All throughout, I was really confident! I knew I had written the values correctly and that I knew proudly that my sheet would balance. 10 minutes left in the exam, I was so confident, I knew that I got it correct but upon checking, the amounts were not equal. And I started to falter. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what to check first because I was so proudly confident that I’d get it right. At the end of the exam, I didn’t get to match the amounts. I got too arrogant. I should have carefully checked everything. After that experience, I try to be more humble and careful. It’s not the end until you’ve taken the last step.

  1. A lot of stories already made me believe that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Philippe Petit’s story just added another extraordinary piece to that belief. In the movie, he said it’s impossible but I’ll do it. (The Walk, 2015) while in the documentary he said, it’s impossible, so let’s start working! (Man On Wire, 2008) After the stunt, his accomplice proudly told him, we did it! We showed the world that anything is possible. (The Walk, 2015) while another accomplice said that, if you want something, nothing is impossible. (Man On Wire, 2008)
  1. Doing a stunt with that kind of an extraordinary feat will definitely get you thinking, make you ask a lot of questions! My head is full of doubts and when it’s time to step on the wire, I don’t know if I’ll be able to take my first step. Your heart will tell you what to do. (The Walk, 2015) Before the event, his accomplices were really worried about a lot of things. They thought about things that could go wrong. They thought about failures. But in the end, they said, we thought it but we didn’t believe it. (Man On Wire, 2008)

In all things, I believe there will always be fear. There will always be doubt in ourselves, or anything that we do. But if we really want something, if we’re extremely passionate, we have to push ourselves to get through those fears and doubts. Let the fear in, but don’t let it take over. Go through it, once you’ve passed it, you can achieve anything.

  1. It was something that I will never see again in the world. It was once in a lifetime. (Man On Wire, 2008)

Watching the film, I really wondered what EVERYONE was feeling! What was Philippe feeling when he was on that wire? What were his accomplices feeling that he was actually doing it? What did the people of New York feel when a man was walking across the highest towers in the city?



People do incredible things every single day. We may see it on any form of media. We may have missed it and learned it a few years later. Or we may never really know some of them. Do incredible things every day, the whole world doesn’t have to know. You can do it to one person, even to a lot! Do incredible things for yourself. Be accepting! Be grateful! Be humble! Be giving! Be extraordinary in your own ways! Be inspired! Be empowered! Walk on your own “high wire”!

  1. I feel truly grateful. I salute the wire, then I salute the towers, then I salute the great city of New York. (The Walk, 2015)

When you watch the movie, and you watch the stunt actually being done, you can’t help but feel what the main character is feeling. His gratitude for that one moment probably exceeds all feelings he will ever feel in his lifetime. In the documentary, when the accomplices closest to the wire walker were telling the actual moment of the walk, I felt it in their words and their facial expressions that they were taken back to THAT EXACT moment. I could hear it in their voice…the emotions, the feeling of success and awe.

How must have it felt to be in that moment? I will never know but their account is enough to leave me inspired and empowered.

  1. Life should be lived on the edge of life. (Man On Wire, 2008)

I recommend you to watch and be inspired tremendously!


Philippe Petit, you are truly amazing! Your passion to reach your dreams have inspired and will inspire many!  (Photo from Google Images)


One thought on “LIST: Inspiring Quotes from “The Walk” (2015 Film) and “Man On Wire” (2008 Documentary Film)

  1. Hemangini says:

    The Walk has been my favorite movie ever since I first saw it. And now I came to know about the 2008 documentary, I’ll watch that too. Thank you for your review. It felt amazing reading it and reliving the experience. 😊
    Good luck with walking on your own high wire👍



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