Writing is one of my passions and I am so grateful to have created something positive and inspiring out of it!

I am very grateful for all the blessings I have received through this endeavor!

Since I’ve been receiving inquiries lately and have been collaborating with brands, I decided to create my own media kit! So, what is a media kit? It’s basically a resume for writers, bloggers, vloggers, or anyone that does something related to media. This is my own version of a media kit. I collated a common media kit, FAQs page, testimonials, about me, and anything I want to put on this write-up that would make you decide if you want to collaborate with me!

I will try to update this media kit as much as I can if there are any significant changes to the details I provided.

If you have any thoughts on my media kit, just let me know in the comments. I would be grateful for any feedback! 



Inspiring since July 2015, Inspiring Grateful Travels is an inspirational travel and lifestyle blog. Through this platform, you will find the most detailed write-ups on inspiring trips, grateful adventures, positive experiences & many more.




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Website (as of JANUARY 2020)

  • All-Time Views (since JULY 2015) – 290,000+
  • Monthly Average Views – 4,000+
  • Daily Average Views – 100+
  • Subscribers – 140+

Social Media Following (as of JANUARY 2020)

  • Facebook Page – 1,800+
  • Twitter – 280+
  • Instagram – 170+

Trending Articles on Inspiring Grateful Travels


Date Published

Statistics as of JAN 2020

LIST: International Trips for less than P25,000

JAN 2016

70,000+ views

BATANES: How I Travelled to Batanes for ₱8,300 ALL-IN

AUG 2015

14,000+ views

JAPAN: How My Sister & Osaka – Kyoto – Nara for ₱25,000 EACH ALL-IN

JUN 2015

33,000+ views

Trending Articles on Other Media Platforms


Date Published Statistics as of JAN 2018


Budget guide: 5 days in Batanes

FEB 2016

84,000+ Facebook shares*

Published on Rappler

Budget guide: How my family traveled to Tokyo, Japan for ₱25,000 each, all in

FEB 2016

85,000+ Facebook shares*

Published on Rappler

How I Travelled Solo in Batanes for 5 Days with ₱8,500 Budget

DEC 2015

135,000+ views

Published on TripZilla Magazine

*Rappler does not disclose # of views per article. 



IGT Features

THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE who shared articles from Inspiring Grateful Travels on all social media platforms. I am very, very grateful. Continue sharing the message of this website and inspire other people to be more grateful in every day life experiences.

Apart from blogging on Inspiring Grateful Travels, I also write articles for other media platforms. Please note that I am not an official employee of TripZilla, Rappler, or When In Manila and cannot write on their behalf for sponsored trips. I am only a paid contributor. Some of my articles originally published on Inspiring Grateful Travels were re-published or featured in these media platforms.

Do YOU want to share YOUR travel experiences but don’t have a blog/website? I included each media platform’s contact information below so that you can share your grateful story! Do you need motivation? READ: How to Make the Most Out of your Travels

*Originally published on Inspiring Grateful Travels


Tripzilla Magazine Logo

If you want to share your grateful travel story through TRIPZILLA, visit

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If you want to share your grateful travel story through RAPPLER, email


If you want to share your grateful travel story through WHEN IN MANILA, visit



I love getting feedback whenever I publish a write-up. I do apologize if I don’t get to respond immediately to all of your messages and questions on my social media accounts and website comments. 

I read some of your comments on my website or on media platforms that I contribute to. I do read them, whether it’s positive or constructive. Thank you for providing them because I really learn a lot! I am very grateful for your comments!

To all my friends, followers, & readers – your words keep me motivated! Your praises keep me going! I am very grateful! Here are just some of the best words I’ve received that I wanted to share with all of you:


“Reading Irene’s Asian travel guides is pretty much like being there already. They are perceptive, truthful, and at times, humorous. Best of all, they are extensive, making them perfect references for a trip ahead.” – GRETCHEN DUBLIN, The Filipina Explorer

“Irene’s voice is one of immense gratefulness. I love how she writes her pieces with care – not imposing, only with the intention, first and foremost, to share her experiences. She writes beautifully – a rarity in the blogging world – and her passion for the written word and adventures comes across strongly. You’ve got a new fan, Irene! See you on the road one of these days!” – CELINE REYES, Celineism

“Fantastic post! I’ve been Googling about this place and reading everyone’s experiences and so far this has been one of the better overviews I’ve read! Even better [than] the popular Pinoy travel bloggers.” – PAT PAT, Pitter Pat Pat

“Inspiring Grateful Travels is a sincere showcase of Irene’s passion and enthusiasm not just to travel but to give back to humanity. That’s what makes it stand out from the rest of the travel blogs. As a writer, Irene is very pro-active, flexible, and full of vigor and creativity. Keep it up Irene! Continue to spread the love and inspiration especially to your fellow Filipino travellers.” – CHARMAINE ACHA, TripZilla Philippines

“I love how Irene keeps her posts informative, realistic and relevant. She gives great travel tips on places I never imagined can be traveled on a shoestring!” – LOUISSE, She’s Louisse

“Thank you for being helpful to fellow travelers and thank you being nice to newbie bloggers like me. Keep inspiring people to travel!” – BLA AGUINALDO, BlaAguinaldo

“What I like from Irene’s Blog is that she writes with a heart. Straightforward but you will enjoy and get excited on how she put the pieces of her travel experiences together to make one great narration of a place, the experience and the satisfaction. Way to go Irene, Keep your unique way of writing and be an inspiration to all aspiring travelers of the world and passionate writers in the making. Cheers!.. keep the enthusiasm to the highest level.” – RYAN CARDONA, Bisumi Tours & Services

“Being a new blogger myself, I enjoy the love and adventure Irene puts out there with her heart. Well written and thought out a great help to fellow travelers and bloggers alike. Such a breathe of fresh air.” – DON KLOS, Lifestyle Entrepreneur

“I hope Irene keeps inspiring readers with her stories and travel experiences. Let´s travel with Irene.” – RUBEN, Gamin Traveler 


“It was such a sweet surprise & delight to look back on memories of the tour with your beautiful photos & heartwarming comments. Your insights were so valuable that I immediately shared your report (write-up) with our corporation”. – JAPANICAN TOUR GUIDE

“Not just that the blog is informative but more over, it was full of heart, definitely written with love. I can feel how much you really enjoyed the trip.. and you were really able to make those emotions cross through your writing.” – NICOLE

“She really inspires us all not only with her travel experiences but also about life. I am very happy for her because through this blog, she not only share her experiences with us but also to other people.” – CHEENE

“Please continue what you are doing. You truly inspire your readers especially us budget travelers. Last year, I told myself to travel once a year only but because of your blog, I just want to grab all the seat sale opportunity.” – MELODY

“You are so great in finding all of these low price airfares, accommodations etc. I suppose it comes with your passion which is travelling.” – ALF

“I followed yours because of all the travel blogs I saw, yours is just unique in ways I can’t explain. I also made a list of my grateful travel bank! thank you for sharing that.” – NINA

“I just want to thank you for writing it as informative and friendly as you can. I appreciate it.” – ALYSSA

“Wow this blog is very informative. Keep on travelling & sharing it to the world!” – CHRISTINE

“The blog is so nice, so informative and thorough that I don’t need to go to Hokkaido. Hahaha! Nag enjoy na ako sa mga sceneries and events that you wrote about. Na busog na rin ako sa mga food na kinain mo. Gininaw pa ako.” – CAROL 

“I super love your blog. Feeling ko para na rin ako nasa Japan. I love to travel but due to health constraints medyo limited na. Kaya I enjoy so much reading your travel adventure. Keep it [up] my dear” – VICKY




I started reviewing and collaborating with brands/companies last OCT 2016 and I’m really loving the experience(s).

Thank you so much to all the brands/companies for some of the best experiences I have ever had in my life so far! I am very, very grateful! Brands Logos - Collaborations



Click any brand item to direct you to the articles!

“I love working with Irene. She is always on top off everything and keeps her sponsors informed. I never need to worry about anything and just enjoy a fantastic feature for Niseko area. Thanks for always delivering the great work, Irene!” – NISEKO TOURISM (

“I really like your articles in terms of that it is very easy to understand & what it is going to talk about with extra explanations of facilities or companies that operate the facilities. At the same time, you are very good at giving the perspectives from sure tourists point of view. I can see that you are always trying hard to be on our side AND on reader’s side.” – HTM NISEKO (

“Irene is one of the most detailed blog writers I’ve ever worked with. She is a delight to collaborate with as she ensures to deliver her committed deliverables with integrity and consistency.” – BIG SKY NATION (

“Irene writes perfectly in detail.  Thank you for your thorough research and clear writing. We would love to read more of your works. Keep these good articles coming!” – KKDAY (

“Your article was very liked by a lot of people at Global Agents. It was really nice. It must have taken a lot of effort to write it down.” – UNWIND HOTEL & BAR SAPPORO (

“We are grateful for the article. It is a big help on boosting potential market and information on Batanes tours.” – BISUMI TOURS & SERVICES (

“Thank you for the article. It is a very good & exhaustive review.” – ETHIOPIAN AIRLINES (

“It was very interesting. I loved how you took your readers on a step-by-step journey on how easy it is to shop online and use Shopee. Furthermore, providing them with a breakdown of pros and cons was very useful and we will take into consideration what you’ve written to further improve our platform. To add to this, I also enjoyed how you did a travel haul of everything you’ve purchased on Shopee. I am very excited to read your future articles!” – SHOPEE (

“I liked it. Thanks so much!” – PUNCHDRUNK PANDA (

“Thank you for the great articles!” – CROSS HOTEL SAPPORO (

“Thank you for your article, it is great!! It is awesome. You did a great job.” – ODIN LIVING (

“Your article is wonderful, and I can’t thank you enough for writing so highly of us.  I also love your Facebook post, it is awesome! I really value your feedback, so thank you very much for sending.” – LOST PLATE FOOD TOURS (

“Thanks Irene, a very informative and well-written article.” – JETSTAR ASIA (

“I really like your review. Thank you for writing this review.” – SNOW CRUISE ONZE (

“I love your blog. Very detailed. 🙂 Thank you again! Kaaliw blog mo hehe. Kinilig kami ni Mama and Ate haha!” – GEORGINA SASHA (

“Thank you for your honest-to-goodness review of our products. The privilege is ours. We hope to be in collaboration again with you in the near future.” – LONDON SCENTS (

“Management liked your work! 🙂 Good job!” – LAGU (

“We love it! We value your effort and appreciation on this collaboration. Hope we can work with you again soon.” – THE CLOSET SPACE SAVERS COMPANY (

“It’s great to see Wanderskye Travel Stamps Waterproof Luggage Cover was used where it is built – SNOW! It’s also glad to know the Quote Guru Luggage Cover was able to serve its purpose, to inspire travels while keeping your luggage protected. Thank you Irene for traveling with us, and for sharing with your followers the wanderlust! #designedforthejourney” – WANDERSKYE (

“We like the rawness of the article.” – FLOSSY STYLE (

“They loved your work. May puso yung sinulat, it was so real and it really is complete and nothing to change.” – AIRSWIFT (

For sponsored or paid write-ups, all opinions are inspired by my experiences & nothing else. Some articles may contain affiliate links/codes which means that if you click/use any of the links/codes and make a purchase, I may receive a commission or sponsorship. Thank you for supporting me & this website! 



Apologies as I cannot make an itinerary for you. I always get a lot of inquiries asking me to make an itinerary or book flights for trips.

Please note that I am not a travel agent. I write my travel experiences in the most detailed way that I can. I feel that there is enough information from my articles for you to plan your own trips. 



Hi! Thank you for your interest in collaborating with me and Inspiring Grateful Travels. For any write-up, please be informed that I will always indicate in my articles if I have been sponsored (free products or services) or paid (free products or services + income) whether it’s within the article or a separate note. 

My write-ups are, most of the time, very detailed and pretty emotional. My writing style is somewhat similar to someone telling a story to a friend.

My goal is to always convey any product or service with full of heart, passion, and contentment for my readers. My goal is that when they read the article, they will feel like they were there and encourage them to experience the service or use the products themselves. I always write my experiences in the most honest and positive way that I can, in the most grateful state that I am in.

I am open to doing collaborations through:

  • Blog Series – Always Be Grateful!, Travel Gratefully!, & Reviews/Hauls! 
  • Blogger x Brand product or service write-ups
  • Familiarization/Press/Media trip write-ups

If you are interested in collaborating with Inspiring Grateful Travels, send a proposal to the email address indicated below. 



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Twitter: @ irenemaligat

Email: irene.maligat @

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4 thoughts on “MEDIA KIT

  1. Jane says:

    Hi, can I have more informations about media kit and if it will have something to do with my passion (writing poetry?)? Or you meant different thing? Thank you very much! :*

    Fb page/I.G/Twitter: Beausterdox


  2. errol becker says:

    I love reading about Irene’s exploits, she is a great writer and I enjoy hearing where she goes and what she does, it has inspired me to travel to hopefully have similar experiences. I hope Irene goes to more countries and tells us all about them.
    Enjoy your travels


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Irene thank you so much for the amazing write up about our Japan Tour. I know this is long due, but better late than never. Keep sharing to the word your wonderful experience. – Jam



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