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When I graduated and started earning, I traveled more often. After these travels, I would post my photos on Facebook and provide lengthy descriptions. As I travel more and more, the descriptions get longer and longer. Some of my friends noticed and told me that I should start a blog. I was grateful for the advice and thought about it. 

Browsing different travel blogs and websites by Filipinos, I got intrigued by the impact it can make. I read a lot of comments on how travel writers changed the way these readers viewed travelling. I’ve always wanted to make an impact. With one person, with a group. 

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So I browsed all the travel albums and write ups that I had, and something just sparked in me. I knew I had to create Inspiring Grateful Travels. It took me around 2 months to prepare everything – find a website host, create my brand, write the first articles, edit photos, etc. 

On July 29, 2015, I published my first article. 6 months later, I reached 100,000+ readership. Along the way, I’ve been given blessings, opportunities to travel, contribute to different media platforms, answer inquiries, learn from travel bloggers, and many more. I am so grateful.

As Inspiring Grateful Travels reaches its 1st year, I, along with a few generous sponsors, will be giving away one (1) free round trip flight to one of the places I’ve had one of the most rewarding and significant experiences in, BATANES

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My Batanes article, one of the most popular posts on Inspiring Grateful travels, was one of the most heartfelt and passionate pieces I have written. This was re-posted on TripZilla Magazine and re-written for Rappler.

I want ONE of YOU to have the chance to experience what I did. I want ONE of YOU to be grateful for one of the best places in the Philippines. I want ONE of YOU to have an Inspiring Grateful Travel in Batanes. 


  • This contest is open to Philippine residents only
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  • Prize of one (1) roundtrip ticket is valid for travel from Manila to Basco, Batanes and vice versa only
  • Airline restrictions apply
  • Travel dates are subject to availability
  • Travel period is from September 2016 to February 2017. If winner is unable to travel by dates indicated, prize will be forfeited to another random entry
  • Expenses for accommodation, tours, terminal fees, cancellation fees, etc will be shouldered by the winner
  • Inspiring Grateful Travels and its owner will not be liable for any delays or cancellations of the flight
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  • Contest period runs from June 19, 2016 to July 29, 2016
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*Some inspiring travel or life moments will also be featured in an article on the website. Share your most inspiring stories! Don’t just provide a story that will give you a valid entry, share an experience that will inspire and empower many people as well!

I would like to offer my greatest gratitude to all the sponsors of this contest. I am very humbled by your generosity. Thank you to everyone who continues to support my writing on Inspiring Grateful Travels and other media platforms. I aim to provide more inspiring and grateful travel experiences in the future. THANK YOU!


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  1. Khrista Mari V. Motar says:

    Hi, I am Khrista Motar, a registered nurse from Quezon Province.

    I am always grateful with all my travel experiences. But the most memorable trip I had happened recently this month of July 2016 at Mt. Peniel which is located in Tarlac. Actually, I am really planning for this trip since the start of the year. I planned it to be a solo soul searching because I want to have a physical, mental, and spiritual relaxation.

    I became excited when I knew that my co-leaders in my church organization are also planning to go in Mt. Peniel. Although, my formerly planned solo trip did not commenced, I enjoyed going there with a group of happy people.

    It was my second time in Mt. Peniel and before we arrived there, we went to Pampanga Sky Ranch. Mt. Peniel never failed to amuse me with its beautiful sceneries of green pastures. But the experience I am really looking forward to is to have a quiet time to pray, to cry out to God, and to be renewed by Him. He says, “If you seek me and seek me with all your heart, you will find me.”

    With the many things going on in my mind, with the struggles I am facing, with the pressures and burdens I am handling, I am thankful that God is always there to give me comfort. I am so much in awe of His unconditional love for me. 🙂

    I will forever treasure those times I spend in Mt. Peniel because it is there where God showed me His good plans for my life. 🙂


  2. Ivy says:

    Ivy Amorin

    2008- the year I felt so blessed and complete. As far as I remember this was actually the last year wherein I and my family travelled together. We were in Boracay at that time, we really enjoyed the place like there’s no tomorrow. Boracay, as we all know, is one of the “must travelled” places in the country for its white sand and clear water. We went island hopping, we enjoyed the different aquatic rides there and everything just felt surreal that time. Everything just really matters when you’re with your family. But right now, things feel way lot emptier and harder to smile in a family picture getting emptier with each succeeding year.

    My siblings are all grown ups, some resided in other countries having their own lives and it just sucked being the youngest in the family. But still, I am happy to have those memories kept in me. I will forever be grateful for that wonderful moment. It’s really true to say, “I know what Boracay means to my family”. 🙂


  3. victoriadaniella says:

    Daniella Marie Sarmiento Victoria

    Way back when I was a kid we always go out of town, eventhough not in an extravagant style, with our old jeepney we go north and the first place we have been to is in San Fabian, Pangasinan. Since then I started to love the beach and started learning how to swim with the waves as my trainor 😂. We used to sleep in “kubo” near the beach or tents and what’s good with sleeping in tents is that you can sleep near the beach with the sound of the waves as your lullaby. And that’s the start, every year we go on different places.

    From our first trip, the one that I cannot forget and what really wake that “wanderlust” in me was when we go to tagaytay then we wanna have a sidetrip to Enchanted Kingdom, my father was not really familiar with the roads and he just turn the steering wheels as he saw the talisay road signage, which lead us to non- stop super downhill zigzag road that we cannot go back and my dad won’t dare to again 😂👍🏼. But was really awesome that was me wanting more roadtrips to come! It lead us to the lake where taal volcano is located, so we grab the chance and hike the volcano eventhough we are not wearing the proper attire! 😂 and I guess I was only 12 then.

    After that, roadtrip after another roadtrip after another every year. This year we’ve been to Potipot Island with the whole family from my father side and then Sagada which is so “sagad sa ganda” I left my heart in sagada 😍❤️. Then Cebu with the family and my aunt’s whole family.

    I never have my solo travel but I have travels with my friends, since we really have that family bond, my mom won’t go on a trip without us. And she and dad just really want to that trips for us to experience such events. I love them for that, they always give us more than what they can give.

    As we broaden our choices, the places that we can go, one lesson that I learned is that paradise is always in front of us, whatever the place is as long as we are with our family or loved ones that is still paradise for me.

    I hope you can reas my story 😊


  4. Noelle says:

    Noelle Filoteo

    The last trip that made me grateful was a trip to Davao with my mom. I lived abroad for two years and haven’t been around as much for her, and being able to spend some time with the woman who provided for me and raised me is always a blessing. She’s always been so supportive of my dreams to see the world, and it was my way to make more travel memories with someone I love. My mom is my best friend and I can’t imagine having a better one. 🙂


  5. Lorie Provido says:

    Name: Lorie M. Provido
    Email: lorie.provido@hotmail.com

    I am very grateful to all my travel whether local or international, by land, boat or airplane. Because every travel has it’s own story and inspiration that i can bring when i go back to reality.I usually travel just because I want to stay away from my toxic work.Aside from beautiful places and views, adventure and YOLO moments every places i traveled, i talk to any person who live there and ask questions about their personal life. But not all stories ended happy and what i really inspire to them is that they were still grateful to what happen to their lives.My connection to them not end up during my travel dates, but i usually text,call or chat them thru facebook. And i have friends,sisters,brothers and even parents in any places! TRAVEL IS NOT JUST A TRAVEL, TRAVEL MAKES YOU! I’m very grateful! And that gratitude, ill always bring back to my world and motivate myself to be a BETTER VERSION OF MYSELF.


  6. Jason Santos says:

    Sobrang dami na ang nagttravel. Araw araw, ang dami kong nakikita sa social media. Maraming nakakalibot ng Pilipinas, maraming nag so-solo travel sa Asia, at minsan mayroong kasama ang mga mahal sa buhay sa US or Europa. Minsan nahahalata ko ang mga tao, pag nag sha-share ng kanilang mga experience, parang nag b-brag sila. Parang gusto nila iparating kung gaano na kadaming lugar ang napuntahan nila.

    Kailangan natin ng mas maraming tao na nagpapahiwatig ng inspirasyon sa kanilang mga paglalakbay. Nag p-promote ng responsible tourism, Tour the Philippines first, o paghihiwatig nag pagsasalamat sa bawat blessing na nakukuha sa bawat oportunidad na makaalis sa nakasanayang lugar.

    Hindi lahat nakakatravel kasi may mga kanya kanyang prioridad pero sana tayo ay maging magandang ehemplo at tumulong sa iba. Maging inspirasyon tayo. Maging positibo tayo sa bawat aspekto ng ating paglalakbay sa buhay na ito.

    Jason Santos


  7. Dreessa Navarro says:

    If there is something that I would like to share, siguro ung travel ko last year sa Boracay. I can say that it’s not just travel but inspiring life moment din siya for me.
    I would like to be honest, that was not my first time sa Bora. Nakapunta na ako wayback 2010. Siguro iisipin nung iba, anong special dun eh Boracay lang naman yun? Pero sakin big deal na talaga yun kasi lahat ata ng first ko as a traveller ay naranasan ko dun. What made it special?
    Because first of all, first ever travel ko yun without my parents, I’m just with my cousin and her officemates. Sinama lang niya ako kasi naghahanap pa sila ng gustong sumama para lumiit ung gastos nila. Second, first time ko din yun na hindi ko talaga masyadong kilala ung mga kasama ko kasi mahiyain talaga ako so hindi mejo nahihiya talaga ako pag may mga kasama na hindi ko ganon kakilala. So dun, natuto akong makisama at sa maki halubilo sa lahat. Third, first time ko din un mag travel as a student. Yes, I’m just a third year college student! Ayoko mag yabang, pero gusto ko lang sabihin na ansarap pala sa feeling na kahit piso wala kang hihingin sa magulang mo. Because that time, summer palang sinabihan nadin ako ng pinsan ko if gusto ko sumama and sakto naman kasi may summer job ako. So, talagang ung sinusweldo ko inipon ko para lang dun travel na yun. From airfare, mga gastos sa pagkain, pambili ng souvenir and pamasahe pauwi ay sakin nanggaling talaga lahat. Ang hiningi ko lang sa parents ko ay approval para payagan nila ako sumama and I’m too blessed kasi ung parents ko pinapayagan naman ako kahit saan ako pumunta.

    So, masasabi ko na sa travel ko na yun andami kong natutunan and realization. Gusto ko din mainspire and maempower lahat especially students like me na nag aaspire mag travel. Don’t think na ung mga may work lang ang pwede makapag travel and just because you’re still a student, hindi na tayo pwede mag travel. Andami pwedeng gawing paraan para makapag travel tayo.
    Don’t limit yourselves, pwede kayong mag ipon galing from your allowance or pwede din mag part time. In fact, ako nga nag iipon ulit para sa next travel ko kasi narealize ko na kaya ko naman pala basta may determination. And to think na ansarap lang nun balikan, especially if nasa real world kana wala kanang reason para hindi ka makapag travel kasi un ngang studyante ka nga nagawa mo pano pa kaya ung may work kana?

    So, I would like to end it here. Sana by posting this mainspire ko lahat lalo na sa mga kapwa ko studyante. Kung nagawa ko, magagawa niyo din. 🙂


  8. carrie4life says:

    I am grateful for the generosity of this travel blog site.
    Benguet will be forever in my list of places I am grateful for. Great views, loving locals, good food and cold weather. Baguio has been always the place I look forward to whenever I soul search. The place gives me peace of mind, a cool ambience to reflect, pray and meditate. In 2015, our pastor friend invited us in upper Benguet (Kabayan and Mangkayan), I, together with my mom and sister went and attended their annual reunion. There, we appreciate the simplest things in life. Vegetables were just picked from the farm across their house, native pigs are being cooked everyday for the neighborhood to share. Their culture is really amazing. No wonder, nature provides so much for them because they are good people and they are not materialistic, it’s not true that they are poor, they are very rich, they possess values that money can’t buy. For all of these experiences, I am truly grateful. 🙂


  9. Isabella Cruz says:

    One of the best lessons I’ve learned while I traveled was TO BE CONTENT.

    Naalala ko isang gabi sa mga paglalakbay ko, nag star-gazing kami. Ang star-gazing, simple lang, titingala ka lamang sa langit, at yun na yun. Pero nakita ko yung mga reaksyon ng mga kasama ko nung sinara na yung ilaw, at biglang bumukas ang ilaw ng langit. Sobrang saya nila. Yung tuwa nila na alam mong nararamdaman mo na rin sa puso mo. Ganoon kasaya. Sobrang nakakaiyak. Minsan nakakalimutan ko na ang mga pinaka simpleng bagay ang pinaka nakakapagsaya sa isang tao. Hindi mamahaling bag o relo ang kailangan, mga simpleng gawa ng Diyos na tulad ng langit ay ang makakapagbigay ligaya sa isang buhay.

    Sa bawat segundo ng buhay, dapat tayo ay maging kuntento. Maging masaya sa mga simpleng bagay. Dapat maging masaya sa ating mga kasama. At gawin natin itong aksyon para sa mga kabataan at maging magandang ehemplo sakanila.


  10. Kerima Alvarez says:

    i will celebrate my 21st birthday on July 06, and I am grateful because before I turn 21 I already finished my degree and have a job in one of the biggest telco company here in our country. I realized that we work to live not in a way that we work to pay our bills but to work to do the things that makes us happy like travelling and trying new things and trying new culture and just be adventurous, We work not to make money or getting rich but we work to make memories and enjoy GOD creation. I am also grateful because before I turned 21 I already experience travelling alone and I realized that travelling alone is not self pitying but a self achievement a reward to your self because you get to know more about yourself. And along the way you will meet new friends or travel buddies, and make more your travel memorable and who knows you will meet your forever. hahahaha

    Kerima Alvarez – queryma@gmail.com


  11. ABBY says:

    Abbygail Ilagan

    One of the most inspiring travel moment I had was when I was assigned to work in Singapore for a month. Frankly speaking, it was not my first time to travel abroad, but it was the first ever out-of-the-country job experience I had so far, and one of the most memorable I ever had. There are a lot of reasons why. First is that out of 50 + employees in our Department, I was one of the 12 staff chosen to go there, I was also one of the youngest and I was only working at the company for 7 months. Too good for newbies like me. Second, our accommodation was free and our allowance for one whole month is more than enough for my food, my transportation to and from the office, I was also able to buy Christmas gifts for my family and myself, and I was able to tour Singapore for free! I was able to save a one month worth of my salary. Hurray me! 🙂


    • Mea Wong says:

      Mea Jane A. Wong

      A life moment during my travels that I would never forget is the realization that happiness can be gained when one is contented. Life may not be easy, but it sure is simple at its core. Exchanging stories with locals from different provinces made me realize that. From then on, I try to live as simply as I can, as humble as I can.


  12. @XJffrsn says:

    Jefferson Tanglao

    It is hard to choose a moment of where you are most grateful of. Life is a journey and every day is a ride that should be celebrated.
    I have a lot of frustrations, but this year I allowed myself to try tons of new things. To travel is one of it. New place or two every month, and since then I have never been more grateful that we are living. Every minute of life is something that I’m really grateful of. ☺️


  13. Maria Angelina Amul says:

    Im from my hospital duty when I read about your post. Thankyou for thsi opportunity.
    As soon as I passed my board exam in Medical Technology, I already start working. I want to have a job so I can have money to help my parents and at the same time to treat myself and that treat is travelling. Its so hard for me to travel since Im working in a hospital. You have fixed schedule but I see to it that atleast once in a month I can go somewhere where ive never been through. As of now I already went to some popular tourist spots and I can say that I really enjoyed travelling. It feels like when you are travelling you somehow find that broken piece of your life, it feels like you are meant to be on that place and meant to see those beautiful communities. Its so life changing for me. I really appreciated God’s creation.

    Batanes, batanes is my ultimate bucket list. I want to meet the locals. I want to see those breathtaking photographs I see in the social media. But because of high fare and me thinking of priorities (since Im helping my parents) I realllllly reallllly want to go to Batanes. 💓 thankyou so much for this opportunity. Godbless and Happy Anniversary! 🎉😍 InspiringGratefulTravelsTurns1 #WinAFlightToBatanes #IAmGratefulForBatanes


  14. Melody Ann Cua says:

    Melody Ann Cua

    I am always grateful for every travel opportunity that I got. But the most memorable and grateful one for me was when my family and I traveled to Palawan in 2007. It was the first time that we went on a family trip. Plus, I seldom see them that time because I was working in Manila and they are in Bicol. The bonding the we shared during that time is what makes the trip unforgettable, the beauty of Palawan is just a bonus.

    Hoping to win this trip to Batanes to tick it off my bucket list. I am constantly looking for a great deal but is not lucky enough. Hoping that this time I will be 🙂


  15. joannemae_e@yahoo.com says:

    Johanna Ella May Erroba

    My most memorable and fulfilling trip so far was in Nepal. I went there last year, about a month after the big earthquake. I was working with an international NGO then and we helped victims of the earthquake through relief efforts even in the most remote areas.
    While I love travelling the Philippines, Nepal was my favourite because I was there to help people. I’ve never felt more satisfaction in travelling, ever. I was exhausted, we would wake up early in the morning and sleep late at night to prepare for the next day, the weather was fluctuating and I hardly knew the language! Yet, I was so grateful to have met the most dedicated and experienced people in the industry from all over the world. I got to meet locals, corrected, I got to BE a local for two months. I will always be thankful for that once-in-a-lifetime experience.


  16. Kia says:

    It was 2014. It was my first time to travel abroad. I worked for 1 whole year just to do it.

    What inspired me to travel to Hong Kong is the fact that it was my mom’s dream for me. You see, she died when I was 15 and she promised me that we will celebrate my 18th birthday in Hong Kong Disneyland as that was my favorite place in the world before. She died even before fulfilling that dream so when I graduated from college, I worked hard to save up for that Hong Kong trip. I got the chance last May 2014.

    I felt gratitude whenever I remember Hong Kong. That place holds a special place in my heart. Aside from the fact that it was my first out of the country trip, it is also the place where my Mom and I dreamed of going together. And finally with so much gratitude and love, I was able to fulfill it and I’m sure she is smiling from heaven saying that I’m finally starting to fulfill my dream.


  17. Anonymous says:


    Hello po! Hope you read my comment for I will share with you my first experience as a traveler.

    I am Juvie, from Palawan.. This was way back 2012, when I just graduated in my college and it was my first time na mapalayo sa family ng sobrang tagal. Since taga Palawan ako, mejo mahirap umuwi sa Province namin ng walang espesyal na okasyon. Kasi mejo mahal po yung airfare ticket pauwi sa probinsya. My first travel po ay yung super memorable sa akin.

    Trip to BANAUE RICE TERRACES… Yey! Finally, mararating ko na sya, na dating sa larawan ko lang po nakikita.. Yung biglaang plano, yun po pala yung pinakamasaya (pero hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon).. Sinama po ako ng boss umattend po kasi kami ng kasal ng officemate namin.

    Sobrang saya ko po talaga nung mga panahon na yun, na naka byahe ako ng ganon kalayo. Hindi ako pinayagan ng magulang ko pero dahil sa gustong makita ang ganda, nagpumilit po ako.. hehehehe!

    Namangha po ako sa sobrang ganda. Panahon po ng anihan noong kami ay pumunta.
    Namangha din po ako sa mga taong naninirahan sa Banaue, masisipag sila at mababait.

    Kung bibigyan ako uli ng pagkakataon na bumalik sa Banaue, babalik po ako..

    As a first time traveler, this was so memorable.
    Thank you for reading po.. 🙂 🙂


  18. Cheri Ramos says:

    Nag-travel. Umibig. Nasaktan. Nag-travel. Yan ang cycle ng nomadic adventure ko.

    I used to enjoy being a solo traveler until nakilala ko siya, umibig ako sa kanya, ngunit sinaktan niya, kaya ayun at nag-travel muli.

    Sinubukan ko ulit magtravel mag-isa patungong Buscalan, Tinglayan, Kalinga nuong November 2015. Ilang taon na rin ang nakalipas mula nung gumala ko mag-isa, iniisip ko hindi ko kaya, nasanay kasi ako na laging naandiyan siya at lagi ko kasama.

    NGUNIT sabi ko sa sarili ko, hindi ko kailangan balikan at ipagpilitan ang taong wala na. Kailangan kong maibalik kung “ano” ako nuon. Kailangan ko muli mahanap ang sarili ko.

    Sa paglalakbay kong ito ko nasabi sa sarili ko na kaya ko pala muling mag-isa. Nakarating ako sa komunidad na ito na walang konkretong plano, ng walang guide, ng walang contact na homestay at kung ano pa man. Kaya ko pala ng wala siya.

    Sa tatlong araw kong nilagi dito, masasabi ko na natulungan ako ng Buscalan na makapag-isip ng malinaw. Sa maiksing panahon, nakaramdam ako ng peace.

    Sabi ko sa sarili ko, babalik ako dito. Kailangan ko makapag-pay forward sa munting community na ito. Nangako ako sa mga bata duon na babalik ako.

    Fast forward, January 2016, nagkaroon ng isang running event sa Sagada na sasalihan din ng aking mga kaibigan. Eto na yung perfect opportunity to share my gratitude to this small community. Sa tulong ng mga kaibigan ko, bumuo ako ng munting outreach program sa mga bata ng Buscalan.


    Isa ito sa mga fulfilling travel moments ko. At yes, babalik at babalik ako sa munting komunidad na ito kung may pagkakataon para i-share ang blessings na mayroon ako.


  19. Anonymous says:

    Jan Rhen Rapista

    Naniniwala ako sa pangarap, pakikibaka, pagpupursige, at pasasalamat. Ito ang nagpapatibay sa akin bilang isang nilalang at patuloy na naniniwala na mahiwaga ang buhay.

    Pangarap. Ako ay batang laki sa hirap pero mayaman naman sa pangarap. Naranasan ko ang saklap ng buhay. Yung pumasok ka ng paaralan at magbenta ng bayabas at santol sa iyong mga kaklase ng may pambaon ka sa mga susunod na araw. Pero hindi ito naging hadlang upang ako’y makontento bagkus ito ang naging inspirasyon ko upang ipagpatuloy ang buhay ,hawak-hawak ang pangarap ng pag-ahon balang araw. Umaasa ako sa isang bukang liwayway dala ang katuturan hindi lg ng aking pangarap kundi ang pangarap ng aking mga mahal sa buhay.

    Pakikibaka. Ika nga nila, nasa tao ang gawa nasa Diyos ang awa. Patuloy akong nakikibaka sa buhay. Patuloy akong nanalig sa Diyos at ang lahat na pagsubok na aking naranasan ay kanyang pinlano upang ihanda ako sa mas malaking bagay. Naniniwala ako na sa una lang ang hirap at ang taong marunong makibaka sa huli ay makakamit din ang sarap.

    Pagpupursige. Patuloy lang ang laban. Patuloy lang ang pangarap. Nilubos ko ang pagkakataon at oportunidad nung akoy mapalad na nakapasok sa UP. Hawak-hawak ko pa din ang aking mga pangarap at patuloy akong nakikibaka para makamit ang magandang bukas. Hindi sumuko sa mga balakid bagkus nagpupursige na malagpasan ang mga ito.

    Pasasalamat. Marami akong gustong balikan at alalahanin. Alam kong hindi ako makakatuntong sa kung saan ako ngayon kung hindi dahil sa mga taong naniwala at tumulong sa akin. Dahil sa hirap sa buhay, naging malakas ako. Ngunit hindi sapat ang pagiging malakas lamang upang maging matagumpay. Sa likod nito, aking binibigyang pugay ang Scholarship grant ng Natasha Shoe Company sa pamamagitan ng Vicente B. Bello Scholarship Foundation. Tatlong taon akong sinagip sa babayarin sa tuition at miscellaneous sa kolehiyo. Binigyan ako ng trabaho sa panahong walang pasukan. Sa mga damit,medyas, panyo,brief, pantalon, at sapatos na aking natanggap. Higit sa lahat sa mga payo at inspirasyon ng mga tao sa likod neto na naging gabay ko upang magpatuloy sa buhay.

    Sa edad na 23, masasabi kong matagumpay na ako. Nakakuha ng magandang trabaho at sunod-sunod na promosyon ang natanggap. Nakakatulong na ako sa aking magulang at naipaayos ko na din ang aming tahanan. Laman ng aking puso ngayon ay ang busilak na pasasalamat. Walang imposible sa taong nangangarap, nakikibaka, nagpupursige, at higit sa lahat marunong tumanaw sa pinanggalingan bilang paraan ng PAGPAPASALAMAT sa lahat ng biyayang natanggap.


  20. Paul Matthew Lacson says:

    Hi Irene,

    My name is Matthew, and just want to share something that I’m grateful of this 2016. To start, I remember posting last January 1, 2016 on my instagram account(https://www.instagram.com/p/__7J4VlhaHaywi52t-KDOLNXGnbJsGe2B6Fug0/?taken-by=thesageofthesixpaths) about “Taking vacations – go as many places as you can. You can always make money, you can’t always make memories.” I have come across this inspiring post along with my brother and sister-in-law’s habit of travelling from time to time, making time to enjoy what they earn. My brother told me to travel a lot, especially while I’m young and capable, because when we get old, we may never have the chance. This lead me to promise to myself to have fun, travel and make it happen. This year, I started travelling to different places, from food tripping to Binondo, trekking and surfing in Baler, swimming on an infinity pool in Bataan, pilgrimage in Monasterio de Tarlac, being childlike on ToyCon Philippines in SMX and my next stop, sight seeing in Corregidor. I am happy to have traveled and enjoy these places considering that I still have half of a year to make some more! Hoping to get this Batanes trip on to my very long list of travel plans. Thank you for giving this opportunity to join in this contest. Godbless



  21. Macren Guiao says:

    The most inspiring moment I can share with all the readers is when I went on my first ever solo trip last November 2015 in the Bicol Region. It has been a blast for me since i haven’t been that far away from home, let alone, on a solo travel. but i made it. it is the most liberating experience for me. Here in our country, most women are expected to be mostly within the norm. And solo travelling (most especially, women) is not yet that usual especially for the older generations. I’m lucky enough that my parents supported me all the way. i definitely loved the experience of being a complete stranger in an unknown place. I wandered alone, met new friends along the way, tried new foods, talked to the locals and enjoyed the magnificent beauty of nature the region has to offer. it is indeed an adventure of a lifetime. They said it right, everybody should experience solo travelling atleast once in their life.


  22. janabaybay says:

    Joanna Verlyn Baybay
    -If there is something that I am grateful for, it would be when I went to San Leon, Umingan, Pangasinan with my mother. It’s my mother’s birthplace. We live near the rice fields so it was nearly impossible for me to handle the heat. But despite that, I tried my best to adapt since I chose to come and I promised my mom that I’ll behave. We stayed there for two weeks. For the first few days, I only stayed at home since there’s nothing to do and I don’t know where to go. But on the seventh day, I decided to come with my mom to the market. I was stunned to see my mom talking Ilocano which I rarely see. I also saw how happy my mom was– doing what she does best and I realized how much she missed the place. So my selfish self tried to ask my mom about things that I don’t know about and it went on and on for days with me asking and her taking me to places that I surely am unaware of. It became a bonding time for us. Plus we extended our stay for 3 weeks. Actually, I am the type to either go out with friends and go home late so I don’t really have that “bonding with parents” memories. So this moment is something that I treasure so much. I hope you do things with your parents too before it’s too late. It’s not easy for us people who don’t really show affection to our parents but at least try. They’ll be happy to tell you stories about themselves.



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