Thank you to everyone who joined the anniversary contest of Inspiring Grateful Travels! Your stories were amazing & inspiring! Continue to support and share stories from this website and spread the amazing advocacy of being immensely #GRATEFUL. 

Shout out as well to all the amazing and generous sponsors for this contest! You contributed in fulfilling a person’s dream of visiting one of the most beautiful places in the Philippines! Thank you so much for your support! 

Inspiring Grateful Travels Turns 1 Contest (5)

Almost 20+ inspiring stories were shared and they are truly empowering. Here are just some of the best lines from each of the stories which we can all learn a lot from:

“With many things going on in my mind, with the struggles I am facing, with the pressures and burdens I am handling, I am thankful that God is always there to give me comfort. I am in awe of His unconditional love for me. I will forever treasure those times I spent in Mt. Peniel because it is there where God showed me His good plans for my life.”

“Everything just really matters when you’re with your family.”

“As we broaden our choices, the places that we can go, one lesson that I learned is that paradise is always in front of us, whatever the place is as long as we are with our family or loved ones that is still paradise for me.”

“…being able to spend some time with the woman who provided for me and raised me is always a blessing. She’s always been so supportive of my dreams to see the world, and it was my way to make more travel memories with someone I love.”

“And that gratitude, I’ll always bring back to my world and motivate myself to be a BETTER VERSION OF MYSELF.”

“Kailangan natin ng mas maraming tao na nagpapahiwatig ng inspirasyon sa kanilang mga paglalakbay. Nag p-promote ng responsible tourism, Tour the Philippines first, o paghihiwatig nag pagsasalamat sa bawat blessing na nakukuha sa bawat oportunidad na makaalis sa nakasanayang lugar.”

“Don’t limit yourselves, pwede kayong mag ipon galing from your allowance or pwede din mag part time. In fact, ako nga nag iipon ulit para sa next travel ko kasi narealize ko na kaya ko naman pala basta may determination.”

“There, we appreciate the simplest things in life.”

 “Minsan nakakalimutan ko na ang mga pinaka simpleng bagay ang pinaka nakakapagsaya sa isang tao.”

“We work not to make money or get rich but we work to make memories and enjoy GOD’S creation.”

 “Hurray me!”

“Happiness can be gained when one is contented….From then on, I try to live as simply as I can, as humble as I can.”

“Life is a journey and every day is a ride that should be celebrated.”

Inspiring Grateful Travels Turns 1 Contest (2)

“…when you are travelling you somehow find that broken piece of your life, it feels like you are meant to be in that place and meant to see those beautiful communities.”

 “I am always grateful for every travel opportunity that I got.”

“While I love travelling the Philippines, Nepal was my favourite because I was there to help people. I’ve never felt more satisfaction in travelling, ever.”

“And finally with so much gratitude and love, I was able to fulfill it and I’m sure she is smiling from heaven saying that I’m finally starting to fulfill my dream.”

“Namangha po ako sa sobrang ganda. Panahon po ng anihan noong kami ay pumunta. Namangha din po ako sa mga taong naninirahan sa Banaue, masisipag sila at mababait.”

“NGUNIT sabi ko sa sarili ko, hindi ko kailangan balikan at ipagpilitan ang taong wala na. Kailangan kong maibalik kung “ano” ako nuon. Kailangan ko muli mahanap ang sarili ko.”

“Pangarap. Ako ay batang laki sa hirap pero mayaman naman sa pangarap…..Patuloy akong nanalig sa Diyos at ang lahat na pagsubok na aking naranasan ay kanyang pinlano upang ihanda ako sa mas malaking bagay.”

“This lead me to promise to myself to have fun, travel and make it happen.”

“I definitely loved the experience of being a complete stranger in an unknown place.” 

“I hope you do things with your parents too before it’s too late. It’s not easy for us people who don’t really show affection to our parents but at least try.”

Always keep in mind that your experiences are powerful. They can inspire. They can empower. They can be a lesson. And most importantly, they can change someone’s perspective for the greater good. Keep on sharing your stories! Keep them alive! 

Inspiring Grateful Travels Turns 1 Contest (3)



Winner was chosen at random. All names of valid entries were written on pieces of paper. These were folded, placed in a container, shuffled, & one piece of paper was drawn by hand. Congratulations, Jason! Please wait for an email on how to claim your free roundtrip ticket to #BATANES. 

Thank you so much to everyone who joined! All of your life experiences were awe-inspiring and I am sure that any person that will read your words will be empowered.

Keep visiting this website for more grateful travel and inspiring stories! Stay updated as well for more contests to come! ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL! 




Inspiring Grateful Travels Turns 1 Contest (1)



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