SERIES: Travel Gratefully With Sisley’s Radiant Glow Express & Black Rose Cream Mask!

‘Travel Gratefully’ is a series of special or sponsored write ups that add more value and gratitude during my travels. The topics cover unique grateful experiences with specific people, things, places, and many others. For sponsored write ups, all are inspired by my experiences and nothing else. All posted articles are deemed worthy and in line with the main goal of this blog series which is to inspire MORE grateful travelling.


PACK LIGHT. This has always been my mantra since I started travelling more often. I have learned this during my elementary to high school field trips and I still apply this in the present. I just love the challenge of fitting all the essentials into 1 backpack and 1 carry-on. 

When I travel with my family, my sisters tend to bring so much skin care and make up products. They have this pouch that fits in so many products that add more baggage weight. As for me, whether I travel on my own or with my family, the only products I bring are soap, deodorant, and shampoo. That’s it! I prefer to save and just maximize the space for gifts I bring back home.

When I travel, I don’t think about doing the 10-step morning and night routines that the beauty world has been marketing nowadays. I do not have time to cleanse – tone – put serum – moisturize – rub blur cream to hide pores – lather sun block – and the list goes on………..I would rather be out the door of my hostel or hotel after 30 minutes to an hour of getting ready and start making grateful experiences during my trip.

But after some time, I noticed some unfortunate travel patterns that affect my skin:

  • Most of my flights are red eye which result to a very ‘zombie’ look the next day. 
  • After my “maximize everything” or (according to my sister) my “toxic” itineraries, I always look and feel tired.
  • People I meet on tours or at my accommodations often ask me why I look so sleepy or exhausted.
  • During extreme weather changes like winter, my face gets super dry and dull that almost always lead to cold burns.

After giving it much thought, I decided to invest on good skin care. A product that I can bring with me during my travels that would meet my mantra of packing light and on-the-go morning and night routines while overcoming the patterns that make me feel and look unpleasant.


A friend recommended this to me so I started researching on it. This is a very expensive skin care brand. I really did thorough research and went to Rustan’s Sisley counters to get samples so I can try them.

Before investing in any skin care brand, try to get samples first and test them out for a week or so. Check if it goes well with your skin and if the product really does what it claims to do.

Here’s a short review on my experiences with Sisley’s Black Rose Cream & Radiant Glow Express Masks: 


I use the Black Rose Cream Mask during my flight or before I go to sleep. I find myself waking up with super hydrated and supple skin. This acts as a moisturizer. I used this during a winter trip to China and I did not get any wind burns. This made me breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I would not have a painful feeling on my face when I go back home.

I use the Radiant Glow Express Mask 5 to 10 minutes before I start my travel itineraries. The effect is really awesome. It just gives that clean and radiant glow. I see it and I definitely feel it. It makes me feel good inside knowing that I do not look dull or tired. It makes me feel grateful that I can go about my day without anyone asking if I stayed up late or why I look exhausted. This product really WOW-ed me when I put this product on before a 1AM to 6AM flight. I HAD NO SLEEP AT ALL. When I got to the arrival hall, I checked myself in the mirror. I was surprised. I looked pretty! There was this certain glow to my face and I did not look tired at all.

These masks help me LOOK GOOD, FEEL GOOD, AND FEEL MORE ENERGIZED after I use them. Once I get THAT FEELING, it’s my go signal to explore the day and night ahead!

If you need quick skin care routines that can help you look better during your trips, these masks can be an option for you.

After seeing the great results of these masks on me, I decided to invest on the Sisley Radiant Glow Express Mask. I just asked for samples of the Black Rose Cream Mask and the sales lady was kind enough to give me 6 pieces. I use these products when I badly need them during my travels. This is not a daily skin care product for me due to the price. I want to use these products efficiently.

NOTE: These products worked for me. These Sisley masks MAY or MAY NOT work for you. I highly suggest that you visit a Sisley counter first (Rustan’s Makati or Shangri-la) and ask for a sample. Try it out for a week or when a stressful day arises! A sample has a lot of product in it. I got 3 uses out of 1 sample.

Travel Gratefully With Sisley’s Radiant Glow Express & Black Rose Cream Mask! 

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