SERIES: BeautyMNL Review + Travel Haul

Reviews/Hauls are series of special or sponsored write-ups of different products and services featuring lifestyle brands ranging from travel to beauty to food and many more. My experiences with products or services may or may not be the same as yours. For sponsored products, all opinions are inspired by my experiences and nothing else. 

I love watching Jaclyn Hill’s hauls! They’re so fun and informative plus I really love Jaclyn Hill! But I hate it at times too because it tempts me to shop items I know I don’t need. In the end, I control myself and just be grateful for the informative video that I just watched.

My grandmother taught me how to save. When we were kids, she used to bring us to National bookstores and Toy stores without buying anything. She just lets us roam around, play with displays, or read opened books. Once a little time has passed, she would tell us to leave what we were holding on to even though we really wanted to buy it. She always reminded us to be content with what we currently had and be grateful for those times that we spent at those stores. The practice kind of stuck. Whenever I go to National bookstore, I just browse books and leave. I had a good time without having the need to purchase anything.

I learn to buy things that I only need. But there are times when I make a mistake, I am only human after all (HASSLE TALAGA ONLINE MARKETING STRATEGIES NGAYON! HAHAHA!), and give in to consumerism at times. But most of the time, I really do try to ONLY get what I need. I make sure that I only purchase items that I know I will maximize the use of.

I am starting to like shopping online as it gives me time to really think about my buys! I read reviews, do a little research, and learn to wait for sales to get the best deals!

BeautyMNL reached out and gave me the opportunity to test out their website so here’s another review and haul for you guys! I know that sometimes hauls tempt people to shop but just breathe and shrug off the feeling!

Shop when you NEED to shop.

Shop when you WANT to REWARD yourself.

Purchases are more rewarding when there’s a special occasion or when you’ve earned it.


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Here are a few things I liked about shopping on BeautyMNL and a few points I feel the business can improve on: 



Fast shipping – All I can say is WOW! If you live in Manila, you’ll get your order from BeautyMNL in only 1 day! Yes, 1 DAY! All Manila orders ship during the next business day and you don’t even have to pay extra. There’s no express option, it’s just their normal shipping duration.

I checked out all my orders on an early Monday morning and the items were delivered to my home on Tuesday evening.

For provincial orders, shipping takes 3-5 days.


Authentic products – Sometimes it’s scary buying products from online websites. I feel that it’s still better to see things physically first before purchasing them. But BeautyMNL has a good reputation. All of their products are authentic and I didn’t read any complaints of authenticity in the review section.


Lots of brands – BeautyMNL has over 300+ brands. They have high-end to low-end products. They have items from different countries like Korea and US plus local brands as well.

The variety of brands is very impressive. Most of the items do relate to beauty but they also have some travel, fashion, and electronic products as well.  

Limited products & stocks – Although BeautyMNL houses a lot of brands, they don’t have the full product lines from each brand. One brand may only have one product and so on.

When I was browsing, there were a lot of out of stock items, some of which I really wanted to buy.

I hope BeautyMNL works on restocking items faster and introducing more products from each brand.

Promos & sales – I follow BeautyMNL’s media platforms and I always see promotions during special occasions. They usually have big discounts and free shipping options during pay day weeks or holidays. Follow their media pages so you can save more and grab great deals!


Reviews – Before purchasing items, I really like reading reviews first before making a decision and I’m glad BeautyMNL has this. They have a full review section and a review strip on the specific product page itself.


Customer Service – Customer representatives answer queries really quickly. It just takes a few hours for them to respond to my emails. They also communicate in a very giddy and positive manner which I really like!


My BeautyMNL Shopping Experience

Here’s my BeautyMNL shopping experience in 4 easy steps!

Step 1: SIGN UP!


Screenshot from

Step 2: BROWSE!

BeautyMNL is really a one-stop shop for all things beauty with some travel & fashion essentials as well! There’s a lot of variety – from Tom Ford to Jeffree Star to Kylie Cosmetics to Maybelline to Innisfree to so much more! MADAMI TALAGA! With over 300+ brands from all over the world, browsing will really be overwhelming if you’re a beauty enthusiast!


Screenshot from

The website is user friendly.  Navigation is really easy too. The products are categorized really well and there are filters for your preferences – price range, popularity, & rating.  

TIP – Before purchasing, read the reviews! The reviews are organized by rating so the highest ones are on top. To make an informed decision, scroll down to the last comment so you’ll know the adverse results of the product as well.


Screenshot from

Step 3: CHECK OUT!

Checking out is really easy! Just add your shipping & payment info and confirm all the details! Payment options include via credit card, PayPal, bank deposit, and cash on delivery.


With BeautyMNL, you don’t have to wait very long (especially if you live in the city) but you can still be grateful nonetheless! When I received my items after 1 business day, I really like the packaging! It is pretty refreshing because I’ve been getting mostly packages wrapped in LBC all the time! BeautyMNL has their own unique packaging which I really like. Products inside were wrapped in paper and fragile items were bubble wrapped.

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After you receive and tested out your items, provide your genuine experiences on them on BeautyMNL’s review section. Aside from helping other buyers decide, you can earn credits which you can use on your next purchase on BeautyMNL. For every 30 reviews, you are entitled to ₱300 worth of credits.

Bloom Magazine

When browsing through social media, I really like clicking on random articles especially listicles – these are articles with lists! All those ’10 things you need to do before you turn 30”, “10 best nude lipsticks for those on a budget’, and etc are really fun to read. Aside from the online shopping side of BeautyMNL, it also has an in-house magazine, BLOOM!


Screenshot from

What I like most about this magazine is that almost all the products that they feature are most likely available on their website! Sometime when I read an article and curious about a certain product, I always have to go to a separate search engine and explore options on where to find a certain product. But with BeautyMNL, you’re assured that the product featured will most likely be available on the shopping side of their website.

The magazine features write ups on make-up, skin care, top reviews, budget deals plus celebrity and expert testimonials. Aside from the reviews, you can also read more about the products that you’re interested in purchasing through different themed write ups in the in-house magazine.

Check out these articles:



BeautyMNL Travel Haul + Review


I plan to use all the products that I received from BeautyMNL during my travels. I got products that would hopefully ‘oomph’ my look during trips and reap long term healthy benefits for my skin as well.

(1) It’s Real Squeeze Rose Mask from Innisfree (₱65)

In one of my flights last year, I was seated next to a woman who put a face mask on during the middle of our flight to Japan. She got her carry-on bag, cleaned her face with wipes, and just placed the mask on. She caught me staring and laughed. She told me a lot of people look at her when she does this. She explained to me that flights dehydrate the skin a lot. The recycled air up in the sky isn’t really good for the skin so it’s really good to hydrate the face through masks. When the pilot advised to prepare for landing, she removed the mask, wiped her whole face with tissue. She looked clean and healthy.

I discovered Sisley Paris Masks last year and I love using them during my trips. I usually use it before a red eye flight and after a long day of touring. But I wanted to try on something more affordable as I want to use the Sisley products only when I really have to. The masks are damn expensive so I only try to use them on special occasions or when my skin really needs it.

Remembering the woman using a face mask on her flight, I wanted to try using masks during my trips too – not just during flights but road trips as well. I want the same effect as the Sisley Radiant Glow Mask so I chose the Rose Mask from Innisfree. Based on the reviews on BeautyMNL, this mask can give you a rosy glow and leave you with soft and supple skin. I’m really excited to try this!

UPDATE (April 7, 2017): I really wanted this to be a dupe for the Sisley masks but sadly, the results are different. It doesn’t mean though that I didn’t like the mask! This mask deeply cleans and brightens your face. Just be careful when you use this mask during your flights as the mask has A LOT of product! The sheet is dosed with a lot of liquid that it becomes really drippy. 

(2) Sea Salt Spray from Beach Born (₱180)

After a flight or a whole day at the office that has a very cold atmosphere, I notice that my hair is always flat! I really look dull sometimes. I have to comb through it manually with my hands to raise it or give it a little volume. I saw this product on BeautyMNL and was curious because of all the great reviews. It promises to give you long lasting ‘beach waves’. After reading the comments on how to use this product, I found out that people usually take a shower first and spray this product to damp hair. After spraying, they either tie up their hair into a bun or loosely braid it to the side. They let it set for 30 minutes and remove the hair ties and VOILA, people claim to have long lasting hair volume with style!

This product is 100% natural and can also be used as a dry shampoo! I like this product as you don’t have to use irons or curlers that damage the hair in the long run. Summer is coming! So I’ll try this at the beach or during a flight and get back to you on the results! I’ll try the braid approach and see if I do achieve amazing ‘beach waves’! HAHAHAHA!

UPDATE (April 7, 2017): I used this thrice but it didn’t work on me. I sprayed it on damp hair and made a bun or braid after. After letting my hair dry and the product settle, I removed the ties. My hair was a bit wavy for 5 minutes but after that it went back to being straight. I really wanted the ‘beach waves’ effect but it didn’t happen for me. 

(3) Original Squeeze Tube from Carmex (₱279)

OMG! My HG lip balm! Since I started using this product last month, my lips have been so hydrated! Due to the results, I put some on my lips every other way. I don’t forget this step anymore because I really love how hydrated my lips are after using it!

Since I only ordered 2 pieces on Shopee and my mom already took one piece, I decided to stock up and order 2 pieces again on BeautyMNL! They’re always out of stock in malls so I’m happy that they are available through these online platforms! Amazing product!

NOTE: The Carmex lip balm yielded good results on me. It may or may not work for you.

(4) Andy Sunglasses from Luxe Studio (₱399)

Most of my sunglasses right now are kind of ‘out there’ (and most are being borrowed by my mom or sisters – never ever to see them again) so I decided to get a pair of sunnies that were a bit subtle and shady, something that would compliment any outfit that I would wear. This is an alternative for Ray-Bans and the Quay x Desi Perkins High Keys. The material feels a bit cheap but it looks good when I wear it. 

(5) Jeju Volcanic Pore 150ml Cleansing Foam from Innisfree (₱510) 

I’ve been obsessed with skin care products since 2015 and I love doing my skin care routines. But there are just days when you feel so tired when you get home from a busy work or travel day that you just want to get on your bed and sleep the night away. Sometimes, doing a 5 to 10 step skin care routine is just too much when you’re super tired.

If there was one product that includes all the benefits of my skin care steps, I’d gratefully buy it! HAHAHA!

Browsing BeautyMNL, I decided to look for a product that would lessen the steps of my skin care routine during my super lazy days! HAHAHA! My normal skin care routine is cleanse – tone – serum or oil (evening) – moisturize – sun block (morning). I exfoliate twice a week as well. I also get a little impatient because after every step you have to wait for around 5 minutes to let the products sink into your skin to do its job. That’s why it’s a hassle sometimes especially when you’re in a hurry.

I found this cleansing foam on BeautyMNL from Innisfree. It has so many good reviews and it won the 2016 BeautyMNL awards. It claims to deeply cleanse your face and moisturize it as well! For me, that’s an all in one cleanser, toner, and moisturizer! In the review section, people also raved that this foam minimizes pores and lighten scars! That’s kind of the purpose of serums, right? The only thing that is missing is the SPF factor! If this does well, you’ll only have 1 – 2 steps! That’s kind of a big time saver! I know products like this are usually to good to be true but I can’t wait to try this and hopefully see results!

UPDATE (April 7, 2017): I like this product because it is a very gentle foam cleanser. It doesn’t dry up my face at all. It leaves my face clean and soft. It doesn’t deeply cleanse though as I still find a bit of dirt when I use toner. But I did notice that my dark spots (from sun damage and acne scars) lightened a bit. 

(6) Ultra Healing 10ml Body Lotion from Jergens (Free)

Every order comes with a freebie! I got a sachet of body lotion from Jergens.


Please note that I haven’t used 4 out of the 6 products yet. I will try to update this post after multiple uses or as deemed necessary to provide you with a full genuine review.


Check out BeautyMNL today!

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