SERIES: Milton-Lloyd World Class Fragrances from London Scents Review + Best for Trips

Reviews/Hauls are series of special or sponsored write ups of different products and services featuring lifestyle brands ranging from travel to beauty to food and many more. My experiences with products or services may or may not be the same as yours. For sponsored write ups, all are inspired by my experiences and nothing else. 

Back in college, I did not have a signature scent. I was content with smelling clean and fresh from a shower. Sometimes, I noticed my friends and other classmates spray themselves with different bottles of fragrances throughout the day. But I never felt the need to get one.

My curiosity to use fragrances piqued when we watched, “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”. Kind of morbid, right? HAHAHAHA! The passion of the main character to find the perfect scent reeled me in. That passion plus the way people made fragrances back then was really fascinating!

“Perfume is the most intense form of memory.” – Jean Paul Guerlain

I really get affected by movies like that. It was really an inspiring movie (minus all the murdering and pornography of course)! HAHAHAHA! When I got home that day, I checked all the fragrances we had. I remember coughing with some bottles because I sprayed a lot or they were too strong for my taste.


Most of the fragrances were my grandmother’s so some smelled like old people. Browsing through my mom’s collection, I got the big bottle labeled, Gotas De Oro Clasica. When I took a whiff of it, I literally said, ‘Oh Wow’! I felt like it was me. The smell was just what I wanted – fresh, clean with that ‘Irene oomph’ that I feel, and not too overwhelming. It was just right.

Since then, I have tried different fragrances and always open to trying more. Some were gifts to me or sometimes I borrow from family members. Some I love for special occasions, some I just don’t like. But if I had my go-to fragrance, I would always go back to Gotas De Oro Clasica, it was already what I was content with – smelling clean and fresh.


I like wearing fragrances but I don’t like using one fragrance for long periods of time. Law of diminishing marginal utility applies. Sometimes I use my own fragrances, other times I spray from my family members’ collections, or the last resort, I don’t use any at all. I like variety because every scent makes me feel different things. That’s why I’m so grateful that London Scents Philippines sent me some of their best sellers to try.



London Scents is the exclusive importer and distributor of Milton-Lloyd World Class Fragrances in the Philippines. Their mantra is to provide world class quality fragrances at affordable rates.

Browsing through a few blogs and reviews about this brand, I found out that most of their products are inspired fragrances (NOT imitations, copies, or fakes) of designer ones. I even found a dupe list in a few write-ups which include a bunch of designer fragrances and each affordable dupe from Milton-Lloyd.

The manager of London Scents informed me that although most of their products are inspired by designer brands, they have produced flagship brands like Colour Me and Perfumer’s Choice. Milton-Lloyd’s Colour Me line is one of their bestsellers here and abroad and has become a popular option as gifts from OFWs in the Middle East.


The company does not heavily invest in marketing or fancy packaging. They rely on word of mouth and their affiliate programs. They concentrate more on the perfume itself rather than flashy names and packaging.

For more information on Milton-Lloyd World Class Fragrances, visit

I’m always up for a good clean scent. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s a known brand or not, just as along as it meshes great with my body chemistry and that I personally like the scent.

Here are some factors to consider if you decide to purchase from London Scents:

PRICE: These perfumes are really affordable options. A 50ml bottle will you cost you at least ₱450+. A designer fragrance can cost you as much as ₱6,000+ for a 100ml bottle. If you’re on a budget without compromising quality, you should definitely consider purchasing fragrances from Milton-Lloyd.

PACKAGING: Although the company says that they don’t heavily invest in packaging, it doesn’t mean they’re not of quality. When I received the fragrances, they were packed in uni-carton glossy boxes. The designs are nice and they don’t look cheap at all. I’d like to commend the brand because the boxes were in good shape. They were bubble wrapped so there was no damage during shipping.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

The boxes include the name of the perfume line, the specific scent, where it is made, ingredients, warning labels, and other details of the brand. It also has bar and scanner codes so you can check its authenticity. When you open the box, the bottle is lined by corrugated paper for extra protection.

Out of the 5 fragrances I received, 3 bottles are frosted glass while the other 2 are clear glass. I feel that these won’t break easily. I prefer the bottle packaging of the clear glass. It’s simple yet pretty chic which I really like. 

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A thing to take note with these fragrances is that the bottles are pressurized. A normal perfume bottle when sprayed would have that ‘spritz!’ effect but with these products from London Scents, they have that ‘psshhhhhh!’ effect. I’m only used to this kind of effect when it’s a body spray or a disinfectant. So make sure to control your finger when spraying so you don’t use too much product on yourself.

Since these are pressurized and I plan to use them during my trips, I asked the manager if these can be brought during flights. He advised that the products shouldn’t be used or sprayed in-flight but that it is safe for air travel and even allowed for your carry-ons.

UPDATE (March 20, 2017): I brought one of the bottles during my recent trip. I put the fragrance inside a sealed zip lock bag. I had a total of 4 flights with the perfume stored in the overhead luggage cabin. Nothing happened! The pressurized bottle didn’t burst or anything. I didn’t use it during the flight though, I only used it at the resort. 

SCENT & LONGEVITY: I had a friend in college who was super obsessed with perfumes. She had a lot of designer fragrances. She taught me how to use perfumes properly. HAHAHAHA! I really laughed at that back then because perfumes were just a simple thing to me and she was so serious explaining it then. It was really funny.

She told me that that we should spray on pulse points (wrist, behind the ears, inside elbow, behind the knees, bottom of the throat) so that the perfume will heat up throughout the day and retain the scent. She also told me that if I wanted it to last longer, I should add moisturizer to the pulse points. So to test out the scent and longevity of these fragrances sent by London Scents, I sprayed on my wrist, the next on my wrist with moisturizer, and the last spray on my clothes. After that, I just went along my daily routines and checked the scent during the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th hours.

I am not a fragrance expert so I won’t be able to review these fragrances with a technical kind of POV but I will describe these products based on what reminds me of the scent whenever I smell or use them.

Jean Yves Summer Sky

This was the scent I was most excited for! On London Scents’ website, it claims to smell like D&G light blue because it has the same fragrance notes. OMG! D&G Light Blue is my ultimate favorite scent of all time! I really love this perfume! SOBRA! When my sister’s friend gave her a bottle, I immediately fell in love with it! Sobrang tinitipid namin yung bottle namin!

As D&G Light Blue is super expensive, I’m very open to dupes of this scent! That’s why I was so excited when I saw this on London Scents’ website. I thought to myself, WOW! A ₱495 dupe for a ₱6,300 perfume! GAHHH SOBRANG NA-EXCITE AKO TALAGA!

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I know that this is just an inspired fragrance but I really had high hopes! I expected a lot so when I sprayed this bottle, I was disappointed. While wearing the scent, I’ll get a whiff of D&G Light Blue’s citrus-y musky scent at some points but it doesn’t last. It does have its own unique summer-y scent to it which is nice.

With this perfume, body chemistry comes into play for me. It smells more like D&G Light Blue when I spray it on my clothes but when I spray it on my pulse points, it smells like a garden. It smells like I am walking in a garden full of different green plants, not even flowers, just leaf plants. I like the smell on my shirt but on my pulse points, it kind of smells medicinal to me.

This perfume lasted 2 hours on me, both on the pulse points and clothes. At the 2nd hour, the scent was very light. The muskiness is still there but not as strong as during the first 10 minutes or so.

Success Femme

Oooohhh! On my wrists, this smells like a very sophisticated Sampaguita. On my clothes, it still has that same scent but has a light powdery hint to it.

I remember my grandmother wearing a scent like this before she passed away. It doesn’t smell bad but it probably won’t be something I’ll reach for often. It starts out pretty strong. It smells like a person who demands authority. I’m imagining a very strict boss manipulating an employee so a deadline can be met. I did like the scent after an hour or so, it was sweet, clean, and fresh. There’s still a hint of that ‘power’ but not as strong as the first hour. I like the dry down of this fragrance.  

My mom didn’t like this fragrance. She said it smelled like we were at a funeral. HAHAHAHAHA! What my mom hated, our kasambahay loved! She said, ‘nakaka-in love yung pabango’! HAHAHAHA! To each her own, I guess!

Longevity of this perfume is really good. I sprayed this in the afternoon. When I woke up the next day, my clothes still had a hint of the perfume! Please note that this is very strong! Don’t spray too much or else the whole floor at your company will smell the scent! HAHAHAHA! 


New York Dolls

SOBRANG WOW! I love this perfume! This is super gorgeous! GRABE! During the initial spray, it has a sweet and fruity scent but when it dries down to its base notes, OMG, it smells so good! The smell is the same on my pulse points and clothes.

GRRR THIS SCENT! It’s like the girl next door became the gorgeous, sexy celebrity! That’s my experience with this perfume! SOBRANG SEXY! It’s very alluring! The scent is subtle at first but then it becomes empowering. Definitely a favorite out of the 5! If you want to be KISSED, use this perfume! 😉 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

This perfume lasted 6 hours on my pulse points (no difference if there’s moisturizer or not) and 8 hours on my clothes. On the 8th hour, there was still a hint of the powdery musky scent.

Colour Me Pink

This fragrance really confused me. I feel like there were so many scents in one spray that I couldn’t properly distinguish what I smelled immediately. My mind was all over the place with this bottle.

This fragrance started out spicy. After a few minutes, I could whiff hints of medicine (can’t point out what kind). The heart notes smelled kind of yummy as it started to add a sweet smell to the spicy start. I can compare this scent to the taste of Almond Joy. The dry drown was powdery which was subtle but had a mysterious feel to it.

This scent is definitely something you’d want to wear during chill moments. It’s not too wild or ‘out there’. If you want something simple and casual, this is a good option.

This lasted around 4 hours on me. By the 4th hour, there was still a light scent on the wrist with moisturizer and my clothes. On my bare wrist, there was no more scent. 

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Colour Me Purple

OH DAMN! This smells absolutely gorgeous! When I got a whiff of this, the first thing that came into my mind was luxury. It definitely has that ‘oomph’ effect. I feel like the worth of this should be up there with the designer fragrances. It’s so lovely! When I wear this fragrance, I feel so sophisticated. 

SOBRANG BANGO TALAGA NITO! If you’re at the office, you’re like the rich approachable manager. If you’re on a date, you’re like a super sexy and classy woman. I can’t get enough of it! It’s like I just want to smell myself all day! I know, OA! HAHAHAHA! I LOVE THIS SCENT! I will definitely get another stock of this once I use up the bottle. 

Just like the Success Femme, I sprayed this late afternoon. When I woke up the next day, there was still a hint of the scent. Longevity for this fragrance is great! 

If you want more specifics on these products, here are some details I got from (An online encyclopedia of fragrances with many descriptions and reviews from experts and consumers)


Top Notes Heart Notes Base Notes

Smells Like

Jean Yves Summer Sky Apple, Bellflower, Citruses Jasmine, Bamboo, White Rose Cedar, Amber, Musk D&G Light Blue
Success Femme Bergamot, Cassis, Watermelon, Osmanthus Sea, Water Lily, Jasmine, Rose Amber, Woody, Musk Issey Miyake L’Eau D’Issey
New York Dolls Peach, Apricot, Red Berries, Citruses, Black Currant Rose, Jasmine, Lily Powdery, Woody, Musk, Amber Hugo Boss Femme
Colour Me Pink Almond Blossom, White Rose Lily, Geranium, Heliotrope Vanilla, Musk
Colour Me Purple Bergamot, Watermelon Jasmine, Rose, Violet Oakmoss, Amber, Patchouli


Out of the 5 fragrances sent by London Scents, here are the 3 that are best for trips:

(1) Jean Yves Summer Sky – D&G Light Blue is my best SUMMER scent! It’s definitely something I love wearing outdoors especially if I know I’ll be out in the heat all day.

Jean Yves Summer Sky has the same citrus-y and musky notes which makes it a good alternative. If you’re going to the BEACH or exploring islands, this is a go-to scent! The fragrance is also good to use when you’re going on a hike or walking on tours all day.  It makes you feel fresh with that slight edge which is perfect. This is best when used during day time. 

(2) New York Dolls – This is definitely a night time fragrance. This is perfect for activities like clubbing or dinner dates. It’s best to use when you’re hanging out with a bunch of people at a party. It’s a very friendly scent! 

(3) Colour Me Purple – I feel that this is a very versatile scent! I think it can adjust to any weather or situation. That’s how good it is. But for me, I’ll be wearing more of this scent during my winter trips. The scent kind of envelopes you with a warm and classy feeling despite the cool weather. 

I highly recommend giving these 3 fragrances from London Scents a try! If you felt what I did when I first got a whiff of these scents then I’ll be very happy for you. 

I like how fragrances can make you feel things. It’s crazy because it’s just a bottle of liquid. But if you take into account the efforts and hard work invested into making these products adding how amazing the wear and quality it has on you, it becomes really overwhelming. I love how fragrances can add an extra factor to your personality and feelings to daily experiences. 

Again, I am not a fragrance expert but perfumes are one of my guilty pleasures (along with travel and skin care) so I try to learn a few things about fragrances sometimes. I usually watch videos from Jeremy Fragrance on YT.

NOTE: My experiences with these perfumes may or may not be the same as yours. When using fragrances, longevity and likeability of scents vary depending on body chemistry and preference. Before purchasing, please research relevant details first or test them out at London Scents’ physical stores. I will also try to update my experiences with these fragrances after more uses or as deemed necessary to provide you a full genuine review.

Aside from offering the best-value fragrances currently in the market right now, London Scents also offers a unique earning opportunity through its Customer Referral Program (Affiliate Marketing) wherein you can potentially earn big simply by sharing or promoting the perfumes on your social media accounts.

For more information, inquire at

To get the best deals or free shipping, purchase the fragrances through these shopping websites:


 To personally test their products, you can visit London Scents’ outlets at:

  • Waltermart Department Store Makati
  • Waltermart Department Store Plaridel, Bulacan
  • Waltermart Department Store Dasmarinas, Cavite
  • Showroom at M. Paulino St., cor Rizal Ave., San Pablo City.

Be updated with company news, promos, & sales through their social media accounts:

  • IG/Twitter: @londonscents
  • FB: @miltonlloydfragrances

 “Where should one use perfume?” A young woman asked. “Wherever one wants to be kissed”  – Coco Chanel

This is a sponsored review. All opinions are inspired by my experiences & nothing else.

I am not affiliated with London Scents. I do not re-sell any of their products. Please visit the links provided if you’re interested in purchasing any of the fragrances mentioned.

2 thoughts on “SERIES: Milton-Lloyd World Class Fragrances from London Scents Review + Best for Trips

  1. Aiah says:

    I enjoyed reading your review! Hehehe. I had a Colour Me Purple before bigay ng sister ko dala ng husband nya from Dubai. And I also loved it, sobra. Nong naubos na halos kapain ko na lahat ng website na makikita ko sa google nagbabakasakaling makahanap ako dito sa Pinas. And finally nakita ko yung LondonScents. Magkakaroon din ako ulit ng Colour Me Purple, sa wakas. 😂



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