PALAWAN: ‘This is the life!’ at El Nido Resorts

When I was in Coron with my family, we would shout ‘DIZZZ IZZZ BRAZIL’ when we arrived at some tourist sites. Copying and playing around with Dominic Torretto’s line in Fast & Furious was our way of saying that we really loved that site!


My family & I kept shouting ‘DIZZZ IZZZ BRAZIL!’ at Malcapuya Island (Photo from our Coron Nov 2015 trip)

During my stay at El Nido Resorts, the words that kept on playing in my head was ‘This is the life!’ or ‘Ang sarap ng buhay!’. I didn’t shout these phrases like what we did in Coron because I was a bit shy with the people around me but I really wanted to belt out these words. To compensate, I just thanked the AirSWIFT team a lot during the trip for the opportunity that they gave me.

I’ve had a lot of great opportunities in life and they are all unique in terms of the emotions that I feel when I experience them. My time in El Nido Resorts is something I definitely won’t forget!

‘This is the life!’ experiences can happen anytime in different circumstances. These kinds of experiences always vary depending on a person’s perspective. When we live in them, we should always be grateful! 


AirSWIFT provided me the opportunity to cover their inaugural flight from El Nido to Caticlan. Since I am based in Manila, they also flew me from Manila to El Nido and back. Aside from the inaugural event, I was also included in the familiarization trip to El Nido Resorts together with another travel writer, the AirSWIFT team, hotel industry professionals, and government officials of Caticlan.

Fly Gratefully With AirSWIFT (2)

It was my first time to join a familiarization trip and I am truly grateful to the AirSWIFT team, especially Miss Chressa Malicdem, for providing me the amazing chance of experiencing one of the best resorts in the Philippines. It was also a great opportunity to learn more things about the travel industry. I gained more knowledge about the airline industry in the country from the AirSWIFT team and I also had quick chats with a resort manager and a hotel agent.

It was truly a grateful experience knowing the different perspectives of travel. And there’s definitely a lot to it! As a tourist/traveler, it was an eye-opener knowing what goes on BTS with hotels and flights. It sheds some light on some of the current perspectives I  already have when I travel.

Fly Gratefully With AirSWIFT (1)

I really liked flying with AirSWIFT. Although the flights I went on were full, there was still a private or exclusivity feel to it. The check-in was quick, snacks were provided, boarding was always on time or sometimes earlier than expected, and the interior environment of the plane was very clean.

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Fly Gratefully With AirSWIFT (30)

Once we arrived at Lio airport, we were transferred by a big jeep to the arrival area. Once you get out of the jeep, you’ll be met by a bunch of ladies singing a local dialect song.

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (35)

They smile, wave, and welcome passengers with full of glee. I observed that foreigners loved the singing a lot! Some joked around and flirted with them to which the singers show how flattered they were. It was truly a refreshing welcome to a new place. It’s culturally inviting and they really make guests feel at home.

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (1)

With the set-up of Lio airport, you would think that it was old and outdated but for me, it was just right. It was the perfect avenue to welcome travelers to the island of El Nido. 

One way flight rates from AirSWIFT cost around ₱6,000 to ₱8,000. I was informed that the lowest rate it can get is probably around ₱3,000 to ₱4,000. The rates are at its lowest during its introductory phase when roundtrip flights usually cost ₱6,000.

The rates are high. But also do consider that they are the only airline operating in El Nido. Ayala owns both the airport and the airline. There is no other competition and the service is really commendable. The AirSWIFT employees are also very accommodating. The demand to go to El Nido is high and if you’re looking for convenient transits, price will definitely be expensive for direct flights. 

Fly Gratefully With AirSWIFT (3)

To anyone who reads my website and articles, they would know that I always, ALWAYS, sought out and recommend seat sales from airlines. These rates from AirSWIFT are very expensive. Seat sales for international flights are actually much cheaper. A roundtrip flight from AirSWIFT can be equivalent to an all-in budgeted international trip to countries like Malaysia or Vietnam.

Two questions you’ll probably ask me:


The answer is MAYBE. When my family went to El Nido back in 2015, we took the long route. We flew to Puerto Prinsesa and rode a 6 hour van to El Nido. The one thing I regretted during that trip is that we wasted one whole day because we rested. We were too tired from the transfer that we didn’t go on any tours during our first day. We just stayed at our hotel and explored the beach front in El Nido town. We could have done Tour B or D but we were just too exhausted.

When I go back to El Nido, I will consider booking a Manila to El Nido flight from AirSWIFT and just do the long route going back. And when I do this, I’ll try my best to get the lowest rate.

I still prefer seat sales. I’m okay with booking ahead of time and covering long transits if any but in this instance with traveling to El Nido for my next visit(s), I’ll prioritize a direct flight.

Since AirSWIFT also launched El Nido to Caticlan flights, I’m really thinking of summer hopping two of the best islands in the world (according to Conde Naste Traveler). I would consider booking AirSWIFT’s Manila to El Nido and El Nido to Caticlan flights. Going back to Manila, I’ll definitely choose an airline with a seat sale or lower fare whether it is a short (Caticlan airport) or long (Kalibo airport) route.


Given all the opinions I shared above, AirSWIFT is one of the best flights I’ve been on. My answer is 100% YES. I’m always grateful for any flight and can be a very patient person but with AirSWIFT, the services were definitely better than most airlines. It’s a very convenient flight. There’s also a VIP feel to it which made me feel special. My flights from Manila to El Nido and back were full so I’m sure a lot of people also feel the same way I do.

Fly Gratefully With AirSWIFT (9)

Book your direct flights to El Nido from Manila/Cebu/Caticlan with AirSWIFT! Visit for more information or inquire at


I already had a glimpse of El Nido Resorts during our first El Nido trip. We just finished exploring Big Lagoon when our tour guide pointed out that we’d be passing by Miniloc Island of El Nido Resorts. I was still in awe at our experience at Big Lagoon (definitely one of my favorite tourist sites in El Nido!) that I didn’t mind the luxury resort so much. When we passed it and saw a small view of the resort, I briefly thought about how luxurious it would be to stay at one of those water bungalows. My sister even said, “Mom, kailan tayo makaka-stay dyan?” to which my mom replied, “Someday. We have to save first!”


One of my favorite sites in El Nido – Big Lagoon! (Photo from El Nido Nov 2015 trip)

At the time, I was already content with what we have seen so far. A luxury resort would just be a bonus and staying at El Nido Resorts wasn’t a priority in my travel bucket list. But it didn’t mean that I didn’t want to experience a stay there. My thinking was that the money that can be used for El Nido Resorts can be used for so much more like all-in international trips.

I couldn’t believe that just a few years later, I was at the Lio airport waiting for our transfer to El Nido Resorts – Lagen Island! I was extremely excited! In those moments, sobrang MIXED feelings talaga! Gusto ko umiyak! Gusto ko sumigaw! And I was just at the airport arrival.

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (2)

We had funny and pleasant introductions with a few El Nido Resorts staff before the big jeep picked us up. The ride to Lio Jetty Port was quick – around a minute or so.

OMG DUN PALANG SA PORT, SOBRANG GANDANG GANDA NA AKO! HAHAHAHA! I even separated myself from the group to take some photos and feel the sand of the beach.

Ever since I watched Dawson’s Creek, I’ve had a weird fascination for docks. I even told my mom that when I buy my own home, I want a dock with a lake. Seeing the long boardwalk surrounded by ocean and the beach was the perfect start to my El Nido Resorts experience. There’s something so simple yet so grand about docks. I really like them!

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (3)

En route to paradise!

During the duration of our whole trip, whenever we would explore around in a big bangka (usual tour boats you would see in El Nido), we would have to transfer using a speed boat. Speed boats are used for docking at any arrival area so that the bangka wouldn’t be damaged.

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (14)

After transferring from the speed boat to the bangka, it took us around 45 minutes before we reached El Nido Resorts – Lagen Island. When our guide announced that we’d have a 45 minute boat ride to Lagen Island, I kind of let out a big sigh (a silent one!). Given that I just had 3 flights (Manila – El Nido – Caticlan – El Nido) and little to no sleep, the transits were taking its toll on me. But I shrugged it off and just felt grateful for the transits.

In the middle of the boat ride, the big sigh reaction was long gone and I was happy staring at the ocean and talking to a few people on the boat.

When the tour guide said that we were near already, I felt my whole body and face lit up! I didn’t show it but I was really excited inside. OMG NUNG NAKIKITA KO NA YUNG stilts from afar, ANG SAYA KO TALAGA! I was there! I was going to experience El Nido Resorts! I really felt blessed during those moments!

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (24)

We were then transferred from the big boat to another speed boat which led us to Lagen Island’s arrival area. There, a few El Nido Resorts employees welcomed us with leaf necklaces and a big smile on their faces. People were removing their life jackets, getting their bags, and regrouping while I was just staring at the water and cottages on stilts. It was mesmerizing!

I was there! I was at El Nido Resorts! SOBRANG GRATEFUL TALAGA!


From the arrival area, we were asked to go to the reception. The walk between these 2 areas was really beautiful. The boardwalk-like path was surrounded by the limestone features of the island, lush forest, and anyone’s-dream-accommodation water cottages. I was so amazed that I wanted to keep walking that path over and over.

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (30)

Nearing the reception, I could already see and hear a group singing and playing instruments. Just like at the Lio airport, it was a dialect I couldn’t understand.

The group’s singing and dancing had a very welcoming beat and vibe. The mayor of Caticlan was even dancing to it which our group encouraged. The staff was all smiles that made me feel all giddy inside! I’m sure that the staff has done this a lot already but the energy was still full-on and very genuine.

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (4)

After the song, the resort manager formally welcomed us to the island. She had a very ‘mommy’ vibe which made me feel warm and at home. She started with a few introductions of the eco-luxury resort, briefly stated facts about El Nido, and listed a few well-known species that were living on the island that we might encounter.

After her speech, she gave the floor to the resort coordinator which laid out some resort guidelines that we should know and activities we would be doing. After her closing remarks, each of the employees from the singing group dispersed to the counter and grabbed a key and form. Each of them went to their assigned pair and made them sign the form. After that, the pairs were led to their respective rooms.


The whole group was staying at the Forest rooms. Lagen resort has 3 kinds of accommodations – Forest, Water Bungalows, & Beach Front. My roommate (AirSWIFT team) and I were assigned to a second floor Forest room which had a good view of the pool.

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (11)

The room was very clean. It had one queen-sized bed which was very comfortable. But what I liked best was the sofa! It felt so luscious and soft that would make you want to sit all day. You can even sleep on it.

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (5)

I liked the very spacious balcony too as it had a hanger to put your wet clothes, the same kind of sofa from inside the room, and a seating area where you can just hang-out and stare at the very relaxing view.

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (7)

The bathroom had a big mirror, complete toiletries, rain-like shower + removable shower head + faucet, and a toilet with a BIDET! When the toilet is flushed, recycled soil water is used for conservation. In general, the room was very similar to Sofitel or Marco Polo Ortigas.

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (6)

Prior to our arrival at Lagen Island, I did hope a bit that we would be staying at the water cottages on stilts. Who wouldn’t, right? It was like staying at those dream-like cottage resorts you would see in Maldives travel videos. But after seeing our room and being there at Lagen Island, my mind kept playing the word ‘WOW’ and ‘THIS IS THE LIFE!’ over and over. I was grateful where I was!

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (25)

On our second day at the island resort, I requested if I can visit one of the empty water cottages just to have a feel of it and it was granted! OMG! SOBRANG EXCITED KO TALAGA! Just to step inside one those cottages, OKAY NA AKO! HAHAHAHA!

I was assisted by a very nice employee (actually, all of them are nice!) who has been working at El Nido Resorts for a few years now. He told me a lot of stories about guests and the resort. It was really nice conversing with him. I liked talking to employees who love their work. I experienced a few employees in the past that were so rude and arrogant that you could see it in their faces that they hated assisting me. At El Nido Resorts, everyone felt so genuine so nakakagaan ng loob talaga yung mga tao doon!

We walked quite a bit to the end of the water cottages as the show room was the very first cottage at the edge of the island. I was really surprised at the size of the water cottages because when I see them in photos on the internet, they seem so small but when you’re there, they can be comparable to common bungalows you would see in the city.

When he unlocked the door, SOBRANG EXCITED KO TALAGA

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (27)

The water cottage was similar to the forest room. It has the same bed, sofas, TV, balcony, and bathroom. But of course what was different was the view! When he opened the sliding doors, OMG ANG GANDA NG TUBIG! The overall feel of it was uniquely different and lovely. I really wanted to cry then and there pero nahiya ako kay kuya! HAHAHAHA!

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (28)

The view of the water and the other water cottages was just breathtaking. If I had a room like that, I would definitely stay there for days! I would sleep on my bed and keep the sliding doors OPEN! Opening your eyes to that kind of view would definitely be a ‘waking from a dream to a dream’ moment!

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (29)

One of the travel agents we were with said that staying at the water cottages was one of his favorite accommodations. He never closes the sliding doors. The view was definitely awe-inspiring, luxurious, and breathtaking! I am very grateful to the El Nido Resorts team for allowing me to experience the water cottage even if it was just a for few minutes. It definitely made my stay at Lagen Island complete!

Aside from the accommodation, the resort also has a clubhouse, beach bar, 24-hour gym, pool, beach, store, and an entertainment area. I was informed that there was a chapel also where VIPs usually get married. There was also a rock climbing area but they said that level of difficulty was high.

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (20)

The pool was very big and it was situated to give you an amazing view of the island. I had the chance to experience the pool on our very last day. Since our departure time was 9AM, I woke up at 5:30AM and had a 1 hour pool session to myself. It was a bit cold but the view compensated for it.

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (12)

I didn’t care and I just maximized my time. I spent most of the pool session at the sides just staring and appreciating the view. It was so overwhelming and relaxing at the same time. I was living in a dream, a very luxurious dream.

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (23)

The beach had golden sand and was a bit rocky so I had to wear my slippers. There were also kayaks and paddle boards that guests can use freely use. It had a dock too! The receptionist told me that you can have a romantic dinner set up there at the dock for ₱1,400. I got to see this play out during one of our nights. A foreign couple availed it. There were a lot of candles and a few paraphernalia all over. It looked very romantic.

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (22)

During our last night, we just sat at the beach chairs near the pool and talked. In life, moments like these were my favorite. Just chilling and talking!

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (21)

There were a few stars out during that night too which made the experience more beautiful. ANG SARAP NG HANGIN! If I could sleep there, I would but I didn’t want to waste the lovely room we had! HAHAHAHA! It was a good last night just staying there and lying down on the beach chairs. It was simple but it was one of my unforgettable moments at El Nido Resorts.

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (9)


During our 3D/2N stay, we had 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, and 2 dinners at Lagen Island’s clubhouse. The food was good and set-up was buffet style. It had a mix of Western and Filipino dishes. They had appetizer, pre-cooked, grilling, cooking, main course, and dessert stations. During breakfasts, they also serve a variety of juices. Our lunch for the 2nd day was during our tour at Entalula Island.

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (13)

What I really loved was the breakfast. The variety of cheeses, breads, and jams were good. They had specialty jams (Calamansi, Guava, Mango, Santol, etc) which made El Nido Resorts’ breakfasts unique.

During one of the dinners, I loved the desserts specifically their chocolate cake and mango gulaman. It was very tasty and yummy! I think I went back 3 times. What’s good about this is that if you loved their special jams or desserts, you can pre-order at their store and they’ll have it ready once you depart from the island.

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (31)

During the first 2 days, I ate with the familiarization group. On my last day, I couldn’t pass up the chance to have breakfast near the beach bar and chairs. I got my breakfast selection from the buffet and brought my plate to one of the tables facing the front of Lagen Island.

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (34)

If the meal costs let’s say ₱1,000, having it with that kind of view made the breakfast worth so much more. That’s what it felt like! My mom always does this. She prefers eating in front of a view rather than inside the restaurant and that’s what I did during my last breakfast at Lagen Island.

It felt like a luxurious breakfast! ANG SARAP NG PAGKAIN! ANG SARAP NG VIEW! ANG SARAP NG BUHAY! And that’s how you maximize your breakfast! That’s how you maximize your stay at El Nido Resorts!


My sister works in the hotel industry and she told me that what sets apart the best hotels is service. Hotels can have the best amenities but if it has crappy service, the experience might as well be compared to accommodations with mediocre amenities.

Every time we leave our room and come back, there is always a note waiting for us. It has our names and it is handwritten on leaves or paper. I really appreciate this kind of effort! It’s so personal and makes you feel very significant. 

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (8)

El Nido Resorts has one of the best services I have ever experienced. Last Dec 2016, I got to experience the best hotel service I’ve had in my entire life so far at Ki Niseko in Hokkaido, Japan and the service at El Nido Resorts is similar.

Everyone was very welcoming and accommodating that at times it was really overwhelming. When we needed something, we were always attended to. The response time was very quick which surprised me at times. Employees were very nice and genuine. It made my heart melt and feel warm a few times! NAKAKATABA NG PUSO! Their efforts to please their guests exceeded my expectations.

UPDATE (April 5, 2017): A week after my stay, I realized that I left a few clothing items inside the cabinet of our room. I immediately emailed the resort and asked them about it. After a few hours, they confirmed that the items were with them and asked for my address. Since it was my fault, I asked them if I had to pay anything. I was surprised because they responded that a messenger will deliver the items within 2-4 days, free of charge! Sobrang napa-WOW ako! Thank you so much, El Nido Resorts team! 


The night before our tour day, everyone was informed that there was an optional sunrise cruise. Those who wanted to join had to be at the arrival area before 5:45 AM. This was a bit hard for me because I was coming from a day with little to no sleep, 3 flights, and a 45-minute boat ride. My roommate and I also chatted until about 10 or 11 PM that night. I couldn’t tell because I just fell asleep. I did have an alarm the next day but the comfort of the bed was SO TEMPTING that I considered not joining the sunrise cruise.

When someone called our room for the wake-up reminder, I did my best to get up! My mind was saying, ‘5 more minutes’ but I knew if I gave in I would tell my roommate that I wouldn’t go.

I was already there! I had to grab the opportunity! I didn’t want to miss it! It was a hard morning to wake up to but I still got up and I’m really glad I did!

My roommate and I freshened up a bit and changed clothes. When we got to the arrival area, the other people from our group were already on the speed boat. We got on and it immediately took us to the big boat. We didn’t wait for anyone else.

We crossed a bit of ocean and went to the back of the island where we could see a full view of the mountains. It was not too cold but we were provided big towels nonetheless to cover ourselves from the chill and getting wet from the water. A few minutes later, a speedboat was coming towards us with some of the people from our group who were a bit late. Sarcastic and funny comments were exchanged.

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (10)

The light was peeking behind the mountains but there was no sun yet. People from our group were just capturing photos of the silhouette and the islands surrounding us. We were in the middle of the ocean waiting for the sun. 

Aside from the big towels, coffee was also served on the big boat. WOW, DIBA? Watching the sunrise in the middle of the ocean with hot coffee served was very yayamanin! When the sun was rising, I sat near the end of the boat so that I would be facing the view.

Everyone behind me was taking photos at the marvelous thing in front of us. Most of the people in our group during the sunrise cruise were middle-aged guests and they had high appreciation for moments like that. They were all praising it while I was silently watching. It was overwhelming that even people who lived a lot of life already still appreciates the simple things in life.

Appreciating sunsets and making it seem like it’s the most worthy thing in their lives is a good influence to be in the midst of. I was already grateful for the view but I was most grateful to be around these people and their reactions.


El Nido Resorts organizes tours for their guests and we had the opportunity of doing 1 tour day with them. This was our itinerary:

  • Small, Big, & Secret Lagoon
  • Jack’s Fishing and non-motorized sports at Miniloc Island
  • Picnic lunch and water activities at Entalula island
  • Snake Island
  • Cudugnon & Cathedral Cave
  • Pinagbuhatan Island Visit

During the morning, our big boat was a little late so we only got to visit the Small & Big Lagoon. Since I already got to Kayak Small Lagoon, I opted out of this activity. After that we transferred to a speed boat and explored Big Lagoon.

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (15)

Big Lagoon will always be one of my favorites in El Nido. There’s just something about it that I really love! When my family and I went there back in 2015, we were the only ones there! This time, there were quite a lot of boats and tourists already. But exploring it through a speed boat was also fun! I will never miss a chance to visit this lagoon when I’m in El Nido!

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (16)


After Big Lagoon, we went to Miniloc Island. OMG! What I felt when I saw Lagen Island is the same feeling when I saw Miniloc Island! I really don’t know why I didn’t feel this way when I saw it the first time back in 2015. The high sun hit this resort in all the right places that it had such a SUMMER-GASMIC vibe to it! Even though we were just there for 1 hour, SOBRANG LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (33)

It was so beautiful! Lagen Island was peaceful and relaxing while Miniloc Island had that exciting and lively aura to it! SOBRANG INVITING!

While most of the group was at the holding area, I was at the dock basking in the hot summer heat! DOCK NANAMAN! SOBRANG NAKAKAIYAK! ANG GANDA TALAGA! I just walked the dock, took photos, and stared at the view.

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (18)

We missed Jack’s feeding but some still went snorkeling. I just maximized my time at the dock and beach. The beach at Miniloc Island was softer than Lagen Island’s so you could comfortably walk barefoot.

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (17)

I was informed that out of the 4 El Nido Resorts, Miniloc Island has the cheapest rates and best-selling rooms. They say that this resort is always fully booked.

An agent that was part of the group who has already stayed in all of El Nido Resorts’ islands told me that he prefers going back to Miniloc Island every time.


After Miniloc Island (I didn’t want to leave YET! HAHAHA), we went to a private site called Entalula Island. This island can only be visited by guests of El Nido Resorts.

Travel Gratefully with Lagu (4)

Entalula island was very private and lovely. It was a good site to stay in the afternoon and chill. I liked the beach here as it had that mix of sky blue water turned dark. The sun hits this island pretty nicely too just like Miniloc Island. The waves were pretty strong so we only stayed and played near the shore. The beach was a mix of fine sand and sea shells so it would be more comfortable to walk with slippers or aqua shoes.

The basket-styled lunch was served at a big covered cabana with tables and chairs. The food was just so-so for me. It had hits and misses. The food at the clubhouse was much better. It would have been better or just my preference if the food served was just like the ones that were served during our tours back in 2015 – grilled meat and seafood + sliced vegetables and condiments + fruits.

El Nido Food

I prefer the beach food kind of set-up more! (Photo from El Nido Nov 2015 trip)

After eating, the AirSWIFT team and I played and swam around with the waves. ANG REFRESHING NG TUBIG! The others from the group stayed at the small cabana houses all lined up a few meters from Entalula’s beach.

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (19)

After Entalula Island, I was a bit disappointed. Since most of the people in our group were older and looked exhausted already, the AirSWIFT team decided to end the activities and go back to Lagen Island.

We missed visiting Snake Island and a few caves. But all is well as we made the most of our time at Lagen Island. It was really a great island and spending the time we had left there was already a blessing. I could always visit Snake Island and the caves another time since they are included in El Nido Tours B & D.

On my last afternoon and night, I just spent my time with the AirSWIFT team and we talked about anything. I was really grateful to them because they treated me like a friend which gave me the feeling that I’ve known them for quite a while. Our conversations were also joined by hotel industry professionals which I got to learn a lot from.

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (26)

My time at El Nido Resorts – Lagen Island is one of the most unforgettable summer experiences I’ve ever had. I am an ultimate beach and island lover and this resort was definitely one for the island books!

To all who read my articles, just like with the flights, I almost always book low budget ones when I travel. I am content with good and safe hostels and guesthouses.

So these are questions you would probably ask me:


The answer to this question is really hard now that I’ve experienced El Nido Resorts. At my age right now, traveling has been a popular and affordable activity. For now, my answer to this question is NO. El Nido Resorts, for me, are not must-experience travel destinations. Staying at this resort would cost you about ₱60,000 to ₱100,000 (all-in amounts) per trip and that is a very expensive investment. I would rather spend that kind of money for international trips like Japan, Australia, and many others. An amount like that can also be used to book a round trip flight to the US, Brazil, or even Europe. This is my preference. 

But in the long run, when I have already traveled to destinations I want to visit, I will definitely consider going back to El Nido Resorts. I feel that Lagen Island is one of the perfect resorts for a honeymoon trip. After my experience, I actually told my mom everything and she said we should save up and plan for our family’s stay at Miniloc Island. I was really excited about this when she told me. When my mom saw the pictures, she definitely wants to go and I definitely want to go back!


When I first heard about El Nido Resorts and saw the high rates, I really thought it was ridiculous. But after being there and being able to experience it first hand, I understood why those prices were high.

The island is very private and exclusive. You will definitely feel that once you arrive. You are attended to and the service is exceedingly amazing! Everyone is accommodating and the efforts put into making your holiday at El Nido Resorts a good one can be visibly seen through the whole experience.

I can’t imagine El Nido Resorts having a ‘sale’ and people flocking to the place. It’s perfect the way it is! I understand why the prices are high. Their service justifies their worth so my answer is 100% YES! They make sure that you get what you pay for. During our stay at Lagen Island, one of the employees told me that there were a total of 80+ guests there. But it didn’t feel like we were 80+, it felt like we were 10-20 people only. That’s how exclusive and private it felt!


El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (36)

After our Lagen Island experience and before our departure for Manila, we had a side trip to Lio, El Nido. Lio is being developed by Ayala to provide El Nido travelers more beach front accommodations. We got to visit the land development and had lunch at Casa Kalaw. 

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (37)

After being in Lio, I can say that the beach front accommodations plus the quality of the beach there is 100 times better than El Nido town.


El Nido Resorts is definitely a dream paradise! It was truly an amazing ‘This is the life!’ experience and and I am forever grateful to the AirSWIFT team, especially Miss Malicdem, for giving me the amazing opportunity to experience one of the best island resorts in the Philippines. Both the learning and luxury experiences I have gained are blessings that I am and will always be grateful for!

Have you been to El Nido Resorts or have your own ‘This is the life!’ experiences? Share them in the comments section! 

El Nido Resorts with AirSWIFT (24)

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For the best rates, please contact Mr. Richard Lim at

This is a sponsored write-up. All opinions are inspired by my experiences and nothing else.


4 thoughts on “PALAWAN: ‘This is the life!’ at El Nido Resorts


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