SERIES: Travel Light With Flossy Style + Lodosa Slip On Review

Reviews/Hauls are series of special or sponsored write ups of different products and services featuring lifestyle brands ranging from travel to beauty to food and many more. My experiences with products or services may or may not be the same as yours. For sponsored write ups, all are inspired by my experiences and nothing else. 

PHOTOS taken at Flossy Style SM Megamall (Upper G/F, Mega A Bldg, Near National Bookstore)

MODEL – My mom! 😉 She doesn’t look like our mom though! She looks like our sister!

My sisters and I grew up with a strict and conservative grandmother. One of the things she was very strict about was attire. Whenever we would go somewhere, we had to dress well. And one thing that she was most firm on was that we always had to wear closed shoes. She would often get mad at us when we wore sandals or slippers to the airport or mall. She wanted us to wear rubber shoes or flats.

I remember one time before our flight to Boracay, my sister wore flats at home while we were saying goodbye to our grandmother but when we were in our car, she changed to sandals.

Childhood Photo (1)

Enchanted Kingdom 1996

Up until today, the practice kind of stuck. Most of the time, I wear flats or closed slip-ons when I leave the house. Whenever I would shop, my preference is always to get closed footwear.

As a kid, I was always annoyed at my grandmother for being so strict but as I grew up, I understood her more. She taught us how to look nice and presentable. She wanted us to maximize the things she bought us that we usually took for granted. She just wanted us to appreciate her rules and make us realize that what she was doing was for our best interests.

Childhood Photo (2)

Photo with Lola 1997

Over the years, my preferences for closed shoes evolved to fascination and love. During special occasions, the gift I always wanted to receive was closed shoes. During the first few years, I would always go for rubber shoes. But during lazy days, rubber shoes were sometimes time consuming because of the lace tying. Sobrang tamad? HAHAHA!

After that, I switched to flats. Wearing flats was good for school or work or outings but for long periods of walking, it can sometimes be too uncomfortable. The grip of flats to the foot isn’t always good. When I run or walk really fast, the flats tend to fly off.

And now, I’ve come to love slip-ons. Since I travel a lot and mostly walk, slip-ons have become a very important part of my trips. Sometimes, what makes or breaks my travel experiences is if my feet can still go on.

Do I call it a day or should I visit more tourist sites?

Can my feet handle more walking?

That’s why comfortable shoes are very important and slip-ons provide that kind of comfort for me.

From time to time, I change up my footwear between flats and slip-ons but always prefer the latter. It’s easy to wear, has more grip, and a lot of brands have been stepping up their slip-on game and providing more consumers stylish and comfortable products.

And one of those brands is…


First off, I just want to explain a few terms that I may write going forward. Flossy Style usually uses the term Plimsolls to refer to their products. Plimsolls, as defined on the internet, is a light rubber-soled canvas shoe. This is usually mistaken for Espadrilles which have rope-like material as its sole. 

Best selling brand, Vans, have their slip-ons that are made of a heavier material that can be comparable to normal rubber shoes. But with Plimsolls or Espadrilles, I feel like it’s a mash-up of the feel of closed hotel slippers, the easy wear of aqua shoes, and the look of your common flats which makes it lighter and softer to wear. Some popular brands that sell such products are Toms, Paez, Havainas, and of course, Flossy Style!

Flossy Style (9)

When I first saw the products of Flossy Style, I immediately thought of Vans and snooty country club men having breakfast after playing golf or something! HAHAHAHA! It has that chill classy and kind of sporty vibe.

Flossy Style took inspiration from shoes worn by bohemians, street artists, and sailing enthusiasts in Spain. It then gained a following from party-goers in the Ibiza club scene. After that, the popularity grew locally and now, internationally.

Flossy style arrived in the Philippines a few years ago offering these all-year round summer vibe Plimsolls. What a perfect country to arrive in, right? A country that screams summer where some of the best beaches and islands in the world can be found!

Flossy Style (5)

I got to visit Flossy Style in SM Megamall and I was so surprised with the variety of designs that they have! They have so many! GRABE! You can find a design and look for every kind of personality!

Flossy Style (3)

On the website and in-store, most of their shoes are the slip-on kind. But they also have platform and ballerina types for women. At the store, I also some products that resemble mary janes. They looked really chic and pretty.

Most of the designs use textiles while a few were made from leather and lace.

Flossy Style (4)

The selections for men, women, and kids are pretty diverse. For children, they have a lot of designs of cartoon characters that I’m sure kids would enjoy or parents would love seeing their kids wear.

Flossy Style (2)

For men’s, there’s a mix of summer and classy vibe to the collection. For women’s, I really had a hard time choosing one because there are so many designs that look so good. You have your basics in block colors, crazy “too wild and out there” designs, summer collections, sweet lacy ones, and even versatile kinds.

For men’s and women’s designs, a pair can cost you around ₱1,500 to ₱3,500. For kid’s sizes, a pair can cost you at most ₱1,500. All products are made and shipped all the way from Spain. 

In the end, I chose the Lodosa Slips Ons. It’s simple but not too plain. It can be perceived as casual to classy in different kinds of occasions. It was a design for all seasons so I was set on getting the Lodosa pair.

When we were about to leave the store, I was curious on signs beside the displays that said “Smell Me”. I thought to myself,

Are they crazy?

Who smells shoes at a shoe store where probably a 100 people have already tried fitting the display pairs?

I asked the sales attendant about it and she said that the shoes were scented. She told me that the fragrance fades after 6 wears and actually smelled it in front of me. She literally smelled the in sole and I was really weirded out! I didn’t show it of course and just smiled.

Flossy Style (1)

Looking around the store, you’ll also find Jansport bags as Flossy Style was brought to the Philippines from Spain by the Primer group. This company also exclusively distributes brands such as The Travel Club, Roxy, North Face, and many more.

On my birthday, I received my Lodosa pair and I am very grateful to the Flossy Style team for this gift! I’m sure that I’ll love travelling in these Plimsolls! The pair also came with a usable drawstring bag. It was sturdy and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of it as a carry-on during backpacking trips or walking tours. Thank you so much, Flossy Style!

Flossy Style (8)

BUT UH-OH. When I got home, I laid the box on our dining table. I went to the bathroom and I heard my mom come in! When I got out, she was already opening it and trying it on! HAHAHAHA! She really liked it and said that she’d only wear these shoes when she’s going somewhere fancy, a place where it wouldn’t get dirty easily.

The next day, DOUBLE UH-OH, I left the box out again and my sister saw it and said, “What’s this?” I said, “Nothing” in a very sneaky kind of way. She opened the box and liked it too! She also wore it to see the fit and said she’s going to borrow it from me.

HAHAHAHA! Is your family like this? What’s yours is for all? HAHAHAHAHA! Or sometimes it’s yours and when you let someone borrow it, it never returns and it’s theirs? HAHAHAHAHA! That’s our family! We have clothes and shoes that are ALL OF OURS. These items are what we call, The Family-hood of the Travelling Clothes! And we have a new addition to the collection, The Family-hood of the Travelling Flossy Styles! HAHAHAHAHA!

Travel Light With Flossy Style!

Since I started to travel a lot, I’ve always been on the look out for comfortable shoes. During a trip to Japan last year, I chose style over comfort. I brought a pair of shoes that matched my outfits but had a worn out sole. This was a very big mistake!

During our 2nd day, we had to walk a lot! I mean a lot! I think out of our 12 hour tour day, we walked for 8 hours! And the shoes killed my feet! At the end of the day, my feet were throbbing and I hated myself for choosing style over comfort. The next day, we had to take it easy and missed out on a few stops because I couldn’t walk properly anymore. I had to sit down a lot. I really regretted it.

Now, I have shoes that are BOTH stylish and comfortable!

Flossy Style (10)

Lodosa Slip On Review

The Lodosa Slip On I received is light beige with a lace over textile upper. I really love the design! When I opened the box, I could smell a faint fruity scent. The sales attendant wasn’t crazy after all. HAHAHA! These Flossy Styles smell so good! It has that classy new pair of shoe smell + the scent of fresh strawberries! SUPER BANGO! I couldn’t stop smelling it at first! Nakaka-ADDICT siya! I swear! I didn’t smell the inner soles just the outer part pero ANG BANGO TALAGA!

My mom wore the pair once for our shoot and I wore it another time at the mall. After those 2 wears, the pair still had a good scent! No joke! It still smelled like new shoes + fresh strawberries!

And OMG the in sole is SUPER SOFT! Even when I removed the shoe insert, SOBRANG LAMBOT pa rin! When I wore it, I felt like I was putting on aqua shoes. It was so soft and had that gliding feeling. It was easy putting it on and it looked so good! When I first saw my reflection wearing the Flossy Styles, I knew I would have fun pairing it with different outfits.

I felt like I was wearing thick comfortable socks. ANG GALING!

I went to the mall and wore the Flossy Styles so I could break in the pair. Usually when wearing new shoes, it’s painful sometimes. But not with Flossy Styles! I felt like I’ve worn this pair so many times already. There was no scarring at the back of my feet, calluses, or swelling of any kind. I wore this while shopping for around 2 hours and my feet were super okay! I can’t wait to try these out during my trips when I’ll be doing a lot more walking.

NOTE: I will try to update this post after multiple wears or as deemed necessary to provide you with a full review. My experience(s) with Flossy Style may or may not be the same as yours.

The Lodosa pair really looks good with different outfits. You can wear it with jeans and dresses. You can use it at the beach or even at a country club! I really like the versatility of this slip-on.

Flossy Style (7)

I have an aunt who always takes hours shopping for a pair of shoes. I remember accompanying her at a department store where she fitted shoes for almost 2 hours and didn’t buy anything! I felt so bad for the sales attendant.

My aunt always told me that it’s important that we always get the best shoes for our feet. Even though the foot is a small part of your body, it has a big impact.

It takes you to places.

It keeps you grounded.

For you to get from Point A to Point B, the feet are always needed.

It’s something that you need to protect.

One of the best ways to protect and take care of your feet is to purchase from a brand that puts comfort first! If they add in style then that’s a bonus. But always prioritize comfort because your feet, although a small part of you, affects all of you!

UPDATE (May 2, 2017): I recently went on a 5 day trip to Japan and decided to use the Flossy Style Lodosa pair as my footwear for the whole trip. Although the pair is comfortable, I do not advise using it for very long walks especially during touring days. During one tour day, we recorded a total of 15,000+ steps. My feet did feel a little pain and discomfort by the end of the day. 

During my stay in Japan, we experienced a lot of weather conditions – spring, winter, rain, & summer – and I used the Flossy Style pair through all of that. I definitely do not advise wearing the Lodosa pair when it’s raining and snowing. It slips and gets wet easily which I understand. These kinds of shoes are not meant for those kinds of weather conditions.

What surprised me was that even after 5 whole days of wearing the pair to maximum use, the scent of the footwear still smells like how it was the first time I received it, like strawberries. Super WOW! Ang bango pa rin! Also, some people from the tour group complimented the style of the shoes and asked me where I got it from. 

Flossy Style (6)


For more information on Flossy Style products, visit their website at or inquire at

For brand updates & promos, follow their social media accounts:

  • FB: @flossyfootwearPH
  • Instagram: @flossyfootwearph

Flossy Style items are available for purchase at:




  • Flossy Shoes Website
  • Zalora



  • FLOSSY TRINOMA (Level 2, near Fitflop)
  • FLOSSY SM MEGAMALL (Upper G/F, Mega A Bldg)
  • FLOSSY GLORIETTA (Level 2, Glorietta 3)
  • FLOSSY ABREEZA (Level 2, near Shoe Salon)
Selected Res|Toe|Run and Bratpack stores
  • DUTY FREE PHILIPPINES – PASAY CITY (Level 2, Fashion Rack Wing)

This is a sponsored review. All opinions are inspired by my experiences and nothing else. 

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