SERIES: Travel Organizers Haul From The Closet Space Savers Company

Reviews/Hauls are series of special or sponsored write-ups of different products and services featuring lifestyle brands ranging from travel to beauty to food and many more. My experiences with products or services may or may not be the same as yours. For sponsored write-ups, all opinions are inspired by my experiences and nothing else. 

Growing up, I’ve always associated myself with Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I always wanted everything to be strictly clean and organized. When I was a kid, I remember lining up my dolls according to height. As a pre-teen, I made sure that all the stickers in my sticker album were aligned by theme and size. During high school and college, I organized all my papers according to subject, quarter, and year.

Personal items like handwritten letters from different people are even organized by group – family, best friends, classmates, etc.

You could say I’m OC organized. Well, I am!

Being organized has always been one of my well known traits. I looked at it as a strength rather than a weakness. Because of my organizational skills, I’ve been able to manage successful events, create productive itineraries for trips, and accomplish daily tasks. Being organized makes me efficient.

That’s why when there’s something related to organizing, I always get excited. It’s weird being passionate about organizing but that’s what I prefer. It makes me happy so I should definitely celebrate and be proud of that part of me.

The Closet Space Savers Company (4)

So when The Closet Space Savers Company (TCSSC) sent me some of their travel organizers, I was ecstatic! I am very grateful to the brand for sending me these products! I’m very sure I’ll maximize the use out of these during my trips or anytime there’s a need for them.

It’s always been challenging finding travel organizers that ticked off my criteria. Sometimes, the selection is too few and other times, it’s just too expensive.

What’s good about TCSSC is that it’s relatively affordable than most and the quality is commendable. You can also purchase the products online so it’s pretty convenient and the selection is complete. TCSSC has the basic things that you’ll need to organize the things for your trips all in one platform.

The Closet Space Savers Company Philippines Travel Haul + Review

Here are the products that TCSSC sent me and how beneficial they were during my trips:

6 in 1 Luggage Organizers in Navy Blue (₱480)

I usually travel with one backpack and one carry-on so I need to cram everything into both bags. My carry-on usually has my important documents and things that I usually reach out for often like toiletries, medicine, covers, etc. My backpack has all my clothes and emergency documents just in case a worst case scenario happens.

Usually when everything’s crammed, you have to go through more than you have to just to get what you need. For example, I need a new pair of socks because I got my feet wet but I usually put this at the very bottom of my backpack along with all my underwear. I usually reach in hard for it and mess up the organized packed clothes above it or I take everything out and put it back again after I get the socks. It takes too much time and a bit frustrating because everything gets disorganized.

The Closet Space Savers Company (5)

I was recently invited to a 5 day media trip to Japan. Before the trip, I found out through the itinerary that they gave us that we’d be changing accommodations every single day. I imagined having to take out all my clothes in my backpack and pack them again each day. That was too much of a hassle especially knowing that we’d be having full tour days and packing that way would take too much from my resting time.

So I decided to bring a small luggage instead and use TCSSC’s luggage organizers! And they helped a lot! I separated my clothes by underwear, indoor, and outdoor clothes.

When I needed a specific thing, I only had to open my luggage, reach for the specific luggage organizer that I needed and got what I wanted without disrupting the whole organization of the luggage. It was really convenient and required minimal effort on my part compared to when I would use a backpack.

I used 2 of the luggage organizers and 2 of the laundry pouches. The laundry pouches are pretty useful. Since they are zipped shut, the dirt and smell of used clothes doesn’t affect the unused ones.

Travel Shoe Bag in Navy Blue (₱300)

During my trip to Japan, I only brought one shoe and I already wore it. Knowing that we would be staying at nice hotels, I knew that each one would already be providing slippers so I didn’t bother to bring one anymore.

The Closet Space Savers Company (1)

I used this travel shoe bag instead for all my undergarments. Since it had a lot of compartments, I separated my underwear, bra, and socks so that it would be easy to get what I needed. 

In the past, I would always use plastic if I packed my slippers or shoes. This travel shoe bag is a good alternative as I would be lessening my use plastic and separating each pair of footwear makes it fresh and organized. 

Travel Dresser Pouch in Light Pink (₱300)

I haven’t used this in any trips yet but I do use it at home. This pouch is a lovely addition to my bathroom counter. It’s a very pretty organizer where I put all my skin care products. It adds a good aesthetic appeal to my bathroom.

The Closet Space Savers Company (6)

I was a bit surprised with this because the color is a bit different from the photo on the website. But I like it nonetheless. It’s still chic and I like how it looks in my bathroom.

I also just bring it to my room when I’m too lazy to do my skin care routine in the bathroom and just plop it down on my room desk.

Hanging Travel Toiletry Organizer in Daisy Purple (₱380)

OMG! I LOVE THIS! This is definitely my favorite out of all the products that TCSSC sent me! This is the most convenient travel organizer EVER!

In the past, I minimize the things I bring during my trips. Sobrang tipid ko talaga sa gamit! I would only bring the most basic of the basics. For my toiletries, I would literally just bring soap, a small bottle of shampoo, and my toothbrush. That’s it! The discomfort of doing this is pretty hard sometimes as I miss out on some important care routines that usually leads to negative effects on my skin.

The Closet Space Savers Company (3)

I remember staying at a hostel in Kuala Lumpur with the grossest bathroom ever. And there were no planks or counters to put my toiletries on. I only saw hooks. I had no choice but to place my toiletries on the floor which was sticky and disgusting! Sobrang kadiri talaga! Looking back at that experience, I really wish I had a hanging travel organizer just like what TCSCC sells because it’s definitely heaven sent!

During my recent trip, I got to bring so many things! I didn’t need to skimp on any important toiletry. I got to bring tissues, wet wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizer, sun block, soap, shampoo, basic make-up kit, and many more! There are 3 compartments too so you can organize everything.

I even put medicine on the topmost compartment as this was covered in plastic so the medicine wouldn’t get easily wet.

I really loved using this during my recent trip! It was so convenient. I just hung this on the available hooks and I conveniently got what I needed at any point in time. Once I was done, I just return the item, zip the organizer back up, and pack it! It was so easy! What’s good about this is that I didn’t need to sacrifice any items. It was perfect for my carry-on. It doesn’t take up too much space and everything I needed on the go was easily accessible in an organized way. Sobrang happy ko talaga with this product!

Travel Toiletry Pouch in Navy Blue (₱270)

I haven’t had the chance to use this yet because I really maximized the use of the hanging travel toiletry organizer during my recent trip.

I like this one because it’s small and it screams travel friendly. Even though it’s small in size, it can fit a lot of things that you would normally reach for while you’re travelling. It has a flap and a lot of compartments that you can use for your basic make-up items, toiletries, and if you wanted to, you can also use it to store important tech items and even your passport and money.

My OC organizer heart is happy! 

Being organized is not a talent. No one could possibly win on You’ve Got Talent! just for being organized, right? But for me, it’s special. It’s a skill that can affect different aspects of life. I know that my organizational skills has helped me achieve a lot in life so far and I’m proud to be passionate about it. I’m proud that I’m organized! And if items like TCSSC’s contribute to my level of organization skill then my heart is happy!

Maximize every ability that you have even if you think no one will celebrate it! Be happy with what you can do even with basic acts like organizing! If you put your heart into anything, everything is possible! 

Organize with The Closet Space Savers Company!

Overall, I’m really satisfied with all of TCSSC’s products. The quality is great. The zippers and material is pretty sturdy. After using them, I don’t feel like they will tear or break any time soon. The colors and design are minimalistic which I prefer. The price is relatively affordable given its quality. I feel like you can compare the quality of these to the ones being sold at The Travel Club or SM Department Store which are actually much more expensive.

Other than travel organizers, TCSSC also offers organizers for your home and beauty needs. They sell acrylic cosmetic holders, make-up organizers with drawers, wonder hangers, sock keeper, and many more!

NOTE: I will try to update this post after multiple uses or as deemed necessary to provide you with a full review. My experience(s) with TCSSC’s products may or may not be the same as yours.

The Closet Space Savers Company (2)

Check out The Closet Space Savers Company Philippines TODAY!

For more information on TCSSC’s products, visit their website at or inquire at

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This is a sponsored review. All opinions are inspired by my experiences and nothing else. 


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