SERIES: KKDAY Review + Cruising from Hong Kong to Macau with Cotai Water Jet

Reviews/Hauls are series of special or sponsored write-ups of different products and services featuring lifestyle brands ranging from travel to beauty to food and many more. My experiences with products or services may or may not be the same as yours. For sponsored write-ups, all opinions are inspired by my experiences and nothing else. 

In the past few years, travel planning has become so much easier especially for a person like me who loves to travel. There are more services now that ease creating itineraries and budget planning. We have programs that provide discount bookings for flights and hotels. We even have transportation, direction, and map apps that make it easier to navigate during trips. AND MANY MORE! 

What’s really exciting for travel planners like me is that nowadays, activities are much more convenient to plan and purchase. There will no longer be long queues that waste our time and payment of unnecessary professional fees to agents. We can now rely on travel platforms to buy travel activities at a cheaper rate and in advance! 

It’s definitely A BIG WIN for people who plan DIY trips. For me, it’s a travel god sent!

In this article, I reviewed and talked about KKDAY, a company that brands themselves as the leading e-commerce platform that connects travelers with local tours and activities.

Parisian Macao Eiffel Tower with KKDAY (10)

In front of the Eiffel Tower at Parisian Macao (Model: my mom!)


KKDAY provides local experiences and tours around the world. It is a travel platform where you can purchase tickets and pre-arranged tours for all your travel needs. Whether it’s a boat ride, an amusement park ticket, or a night food tour, KKDAY will most likely have you covered!

Here are some of the things I like about KKDAY and a few points I feel the travel platform can improve on: 



Cheaper rate – the smartest reason why people use travel platforms is because most of it always has a cheaper rate than buying directly from the brand itself.

Example #1: If you choose to buy an Ocean Park Hong Kong Adult ticket directly from the website or ticketing booth of the amusement park, you would have to pay HKD438 or ₱2,860+ but if you book with KKDAY, you only pay ₱2,432+! You save around ₱400! That saves you a lot of money especially if you’re a budget traveler or traveling with a lot of people.

Example #2: USJ 1 day pass direct = Y7,038 or ₱3,308; USJ 1 day pass KKDAY = ₱3,567; Savings = ₱259

Convenience – Aside from saving money, buying tickets for your travel activities in advance saves time!

You don’t have to queue long lines to buy an entrance ticket and you have assurance that you have an available slot for any activity you book.

Easy BookingIt takes less than 5 to 10 minutes to book and order the activities you want for your trips.

You just have to browse the website, search the activity you desire, read reviews, click on specific details like date of travel/quantity/etc, add a promo code (if any), key in traveler information, add notes, choose payment, add contact, add credit card details, and the order will process. These steps may seem a lot but it’s just a click, type, and next motion. It’s really easy!

24 to 48 hours confirmation – After booking your travel activities, you’ll immediately receive a notification message on your KKDAY account and email that they have received your order. (SEE PHOTO: Screenshot from KKDAY #17)

You have to patiently wait for your confirmed ticket.

Please note the difference of an order that was received and an order that was confirmed. 

I got the order notification on Aug 22, 2017 5:09 PM around a minute after I successfully booked my travel activity on the website and received my confirmed e-ticket/voucher on Aug 24, 2017 12:18NN.

Confirmation isn’t instant so you may not book with KKDAY on the day you plan to do the travel activities you want. NOTE: This was the case for the travel activity that I booked – Eiffel Tower Experience at Parisian Macao. I’ll try to update this post the next time I book with KKDAY and check if confirmation still takes a bit of time.


Payment – As of Sept 2017, payment is only via Credit Card, Android Pay or PayPal which is basically paying with debit/credit cards. (SEE PHOTO: Screenshot from KKDAY #12)

I hope KKDAY Philippines provides other payment options soon like payments centers or bank deposits.

Also, the website may be picky when it comes to banks. I used my Union Bank Visa Gold credit card first but it wouldn’t push through during the OTP (One-Time Password) assessment. When I used a BDO Visa Gold credit card, the booking pushed through.

UPDATE (Sept 26, 2017): KKday officially launched its app TODAY! You don’t need to open a web browser or use your laptop anymore to book through KKday. (SEE PHOTO: Screenshot from KKday App #1 & #2)

No App – Booking through KKDAY can only be done through a web browser. As of Sept 2017, the travel platform has no mobile app.

Specific Details – The information provided on the KKDAY website for each activity is very specific. It includes a short description about the travel activity, what the booking includes, important & additional information, and how you can redeem the voucher. It even provides a summary of your itinerary and a few photos so you know what to expect. (SEE PHOTO: Screenshot from KKDAY #7)

Specific Details in another language – While browsing through KKDAY Hong Kong and Macau activities, I noticed that some travel activities are in Chinese. Although there are photos to guide you on what the activity could probably be, there is no translation option to know what the actual activity is. (SEE PHOTO: Screenshot from KKDAY #5)

When I was browsing through Macau activities, this is what I observed:

I think that these are the same activity (Cotai Water Jet) because the prices are close:

Chinese –

English –

But with this activity (cartoon museum or park?), there is no English translation or page – 

TIP: For KKDAY tour/product pages with foreign language defaults, use your desktop/laptop web browser when booking. Right-click on any text and click Translate to English.

I couldn’t translate the ones on the KKDAY mobile app. If you have any tips, please share them in the comments or email me. Thank you!

ReviewsThis is always my favorite part before I book anything online. It’s good for online sellers of ANYTHING to have reviews from previous customers. It allows future or potential customers to analyze and review their options before using a website and in this case, a travel platform in KKDAY.

Reviews in another language – I’m aware that KKDAY is a Taiwan based travel platform that’s why I understand that most of the reviews are in Chinese.

But for some activities, almost all reviews are in Chinese and there is no option to translate these comments in English so customers who want reviews for a specific activity are lost. (SEE PHOTO: Screenshot from KKDAY #6)

UPDATE (May 2018): As per checking, reviews on KKday can now be translated to English. 


E-ticket/voucher in another language – When my family received two (2) KKDAY vouchers for our HK to Macau ferries with Cotai Water Jet, I was surprised to find that the Cotai first class ticket was in Chinese. Although my personal and ferry details were in English, everything else was in Chinese.

I find it a bit inconsistent that a Cotai Water Jet ferry ticket for standard class can be presented in full English while a Cotai Water Jet ferry ticket for first class cannot. (SEE PHOTO: Cotai Water Jet Ferry Vouchers)

With my Parisian Macao e-ticket voucher, although there was some Chinese on it, everything was translated into English. (SEE PHOTO: Eiffel Tower Experience at Parisian Macao Voucher)

Promos & Discounts – Aside from having a cheaper rate, you also get the chance to avail promos and discounts from KKDAY to further reduce the price of your travel activities! You just have to follow their social media accounts so you’re updated on what promo codes you should use!

Watch out for KKDAY’s partners as well as they also provide discount codes. In my case, I chanced upon a The Travel Club code which gave me a 10% discount on the total price of my booking.


Contests – Since I started following KKDAY on social media, I noticed that they always have contests!

What really caught my eye was the ₱50 tours contest they had a few months ago! That was really a steal for anyone who would be visiting the countries included in that contest! Again, follow KKDAY’s social media accounts so you can win amazing steals in contests like these!


Printed Vouchers Needed – You can’t go paperless with KKDAY as the ticketing offices require a printed voucher to be presented upon redemption of activity.

At the ferry, I tried to show the e-voucher in a PDF format through my phone but they required the printed voucher. NOTE: This was the case for Cotai Water Jet. I’ll try to update this post the next time I book with KKDAY and check if other brands require a printed voucher as well. 

Customer Service – Communication with KKDAY reps is really easy as you can conveniently message them through your KKDAY account as they have a messenger type of feature. If you have inquiries, you can just type there and they’ll respond as quickly as they can. (SEE PHOTO: Screenshot from KKDAY #16)

In my case, I requested for a refund and I received a call, message in my KKDAY account, and an email after around an hour I sent the refund request and they were able to address my problem in a snap. (SEE PHOTO: Screenshot from Email #2)

I commend KKDAY for this. 


Philippines-Friendly – KKDAY launched a few months ago together with Air Asia here in the Philippines to provide Filipinos with more affordable and convenient options to book their desired travel activities.

More than the go-to travel activities like Hong Kong Disneyland or Universal Studios SG/Japan, KKDAY has around 73 Philippine tour experiences you can book through their website. You can book Jet Ferries from Cebu to Bohol, Caticlan/Kalibo transfers, El Nido Tours, Cebu Adventures, and many more at affordable prices.

A normal Caticlan/Kalibo transfer would almost always cost you ₱500/₱800 but with KKDAY, it’s only ₱454/₱549! Hindi mo na kailangan hanapin yung cell number ni Kuya na naghatid sayo dati sa Caticlan, KKDAY got your back!


Taiwan-Based – Since KKDAY is a Taiwan-based company, it has a lot of travel activities/tours to offer in Taiwan! And since malapit na maging VISA-FREE ang Philippine passport holders (cross our fingers), we’ll have so many affordable travel activities to choose from!

When I went to Taiwan back in 2015, I could have saved around ₱100-₱200 on each of my tours if I booked through KKDAY (pero wala pang KKDAY nun! HAHAHA). KKDAY’s Taiwan half and day tours are pretty extensive so you definitely have a lot of options to choose from and mix+match during your trip planning! You can curate from KKDAY’s list to create an adventure suited to your liking!


#KKdayPH Influencers: I Am Aileen, Mikey Bustos, Camie Juan, James Deakin, Chuckie Dreyfus, and Vern & Verniece Enciso


Here’s my KKDAY booking experience:


If it’s your first time visiting, make sure you change the flag to your home country (found at the upper right of your screen). This is for language and currency purposes. In my case, my web browser was eventually bookmarked to

KKDAY Booking Screenshot (21)

Screenshot from KKDAY #1

Creating your account is really easy! Just click on sign up and register your email address and password. VOILA! MAY ACCOUNT KA NA!

After a few minutes, you’ll receive an email with a link that you have to click to confirm your registration. In my case, the website address had no clickable link so I had to copy and paste it on my web browser. 

KKDAY Booking Screenshot (2)

Screenshot from Email #1

If you have time, you can edit your KKDAY account (through account settings) by adding a photo and your personal details. You can even add family members for convenience when you book for your future trips. 

KKDAY Booking Screenshot (20)

Screenshot from KKDAY #2

You may also find these features on your accounts: Orders (where you can find your pending and confirmed KKDAY bookings), Messages (communications with KKDAY reps), Wish List (if you’re interested in any KKDAY activity but not sure if you’ll avail it, you can add it to your wish list, and get back to it at a later time), and Notice of Sale (experience tracking list).


After creating your account, you’re free to browse! You can start off with what continent you’ll be visiting.

KKDAY Booking Screenshot (3)

Screenshot from KKDAY #3

Or you can directly choose a specific country. When I booked with KKDAY, my family was about to take a trip to HK-Macau so that was my landing page.

You can sort activities by low to high price, high to low price, and popularity. You can also be more specific by choosing what category best suits what you’re searching for.

KKDAY Booking Screenshot (4)

Screenshot from KKDAY #4

While browsing, you may find some activities that are in Chinese. You can choose to (a) look for its other page that has a English translation or (b) book it directly. There are some cases wherein an activity has no English translation. You can book it if you’re aware what the activity may be based on the photo.

UPDATE (December 14, 2017): TIP – For KKDAY tour/product pages with foreign language defaults, use your desktop/laptop web browser when booking. Right-click on any text and click Translate to EnglishI couldn’t translate the ones on the KKDAY mobile app. If you have any tips, please share them in the comments or email me. Thank you!

KKDAY Booking Screenshot (5)

Screenshot from KKDAY #5

When you find the activity you’re interested in, read the specific details of the activity or tour. Check the description, what’s included, and how you can redeem the voucher on the day of your trip.

Read the comments or reviews as well so you know what happened to past customers who availed that specific travel activity.

KKDAY Booking Screenshot (6)

Screenshot from KKDAY #6

Please note that the reviews are a mix of English and Chinese reviews. With some activities, there are no English reviews at all and there is no option to translate them.


Once satisfied with the activity, details, and reviews, it’s time to CHECK-OUT! Start by choosing your preferred date of travel and quantity of the tickets. With my KKDAY booking, I availed one (1) Eiffel Tower Experience so I can marvel at the Cotai view from the observatory decks of the Eiffel Tower at Parisian Macao.

KKDAY Booking Screenshot (7)

Screenshot from KKDAY #7

If I bought a ticket directly at Parisian Macao for the Eiffel Tower Experience, I would have paid MOP100 or ₱635+. With KKDAY, you can purchase it for ₱534 only!

To further decrease this amount, I looked for available promo codes that KKDAY has. I usually search through their social media first then PICODI. On PICODI, I saw that they had a 10OFFKKDAY code but it didn’t work for the Eiffel Tower Experience so I browsed through the internet again.

KKDAY Booking Screenshot (8)

Screenshot from KKDAY #8

That’s when I found a code with KKDAY’s partner, The Travel Club. I used their promo code – THETRAVELCLUBPH – which gave me a 10% discount off my total price.

KKDAY Booking Screenshot (9)

Screenshot from KKDAY #9

The Eiffel Tower Experience price changed from ₱635 to ₱534 to ₱481!

Parisian Macao Eiffel Tower Experience Rate (direct booking)


KKDAY Rate (with promo code from The Travel Club)




After applying your promo code, you need to choose your preferred guide language, counter of collection (if applicable), and buyer information.

KKDAY Booking Screenshot (10)

Screenshot from KKDAY #10

The next step is keying in traveler’s information so if you wish to buy a travel activity for someone, this is where you type in their information or if you’re the one traveling, you need to type your personal information again.

KKDAY Booking Screenshot (11)

Screenshot from KKDAY #11

You can also add a note if you have special instructions for KKDAY.

The next step is choosing a mode of payment – Credit Card, PayPal, or Android Pay.

KKDAY Booking Screenshot (12)

Screenshot from KKDAY #12

After choosing your payment mode, you have to type in your contact information. I feel that this part should be on the same landing page as the buyer or traveler information.

KKDAY Booking Screenshot (13)

Screenshot from KKDAY #13

Typing in your credit card details is next. The OTP (One time password) assessment will pop right after. 

KKDAY Booking Screenshot (14)

Screenshot from KKDAY #14

Once your credit card payment is confirmed, the last notification page lets you know that your KKDAY order is received!

KKDAY Booking Screenshot (15)

Screenshot from KKDAY #15

You’ll receive a message on your KKDAY account and email notifying you that your order is received. 

KKDAY Booking Screenshot (17)

Screenshot from KKDAY #16

I got my Eiffel Tower Experience order notification on Aug 22, 2017 5:09 PM around a minute after I successfully booked my travel activity on the website. I received my confirmed e-ticket/voucher on Aug 24, 2017 12:18NN.

KKDAY Booking Screenshot (16)

Screenshot from KKDAY #17

This is what my Eiffel Tower Experience voucher looks like. It has all the relevant details in 2 languages – English & Chinese. 

KKDAY Booking Screenshot (18)

Eiffel Tower Experience at Parisian Macao Voucher


Aside from printing the voucher, I also kept a copy of the e-ticket in my phone (saved in my iBooks app) just in case. My intended redemption date was Sept 1, 2017 but my family decided to visit Parisian Macao the next day.

When we arrived at Parisian Macao, we immediately took photos at the lobby and experienced some of the shows there. For more details on this, I’ll post our HK-Macau experience write-up SOON.

Parisian Macao Eiffel Tower with KKDAY (9)

Please note that you don’t have to pay anything if you want to take photos of the Eiffel Tower from the outside. You can walk around Parisian Macao and take photos of the tower’s exterior. You need not be staying at Parisian Macao as well to do this. This is an establishment that you can freely roam around in.

After taking photos outside and at the lobby of the casino/hotel, my family went to the 3rd level where the Eiffel Tower ticketing office and food court are. Since I was the only one who availed the Eiffel Tower experience, I left my things with my family at the food court and only brought my printed voucher, phone, and camera with me.

Parisian Macao Eiffel Tower with KKDAY (2)

You won’t miss the Eiffel Tower ticketing booth as it has a big sign. You can enter the gift shop first or proceed to the ticketing booth.

I showed my printed voucher to the person at the front and he granted me passage through the observatory deck entrance. 

Walking through the 3D glossy, brown, and vintage photo-like effect hallway, I awed at framed photos of the history of how the Eiffel Tower was built. It was a fascinating way to start the Eiffel Tower Experience.

Parisian Macao Eiffel Tower with KKDAY (3)

An escalator up, I was led to a photography booth with a green screen where I was asked to pose for 2-3 shots. When I reached the ticketing booth, I handed out my voucher.

The lady stood up and unfortunately told me that the 7th and 37th observatory decks were closed due to the typhoon that hit Macau the week prior. During that time, ANYONE can visit half of the 7th floor of the Eiffel Tower that features a different view of the tower and a part of the love locks bridge.

I was a bit disappointed about this because I wanted to take a photo of the Cotai view. But I understood as it was for everyone’s safety.

Parisian Macao Eiffel Tower with KKDAY (4)

I still went to the allowed area for viewing and took photos of the Eiffel Tower and the love lock bridge.

Parisian Macao Eiffel Tower with KKDAY (5)

I saw the tape that closed half the area and from afar, the elevator that would have taken me to the top.

Parisian Macao Eiffel Tower with KKDAY (7)

I’ve seen TV towers in Nagoya and Tokyo but Parisian Macao’s replica is pretty massive. Even though the casino/hotel just opened last Sept 2016, I was surprised to see that the fence for the love locks was almost full.

Parisian Macao Eiffel Tower with KKDAY (6)

After I finished taking photos and checking out the view, I walked towards the exit. A few escalators down, an employee meets you while holding a photo souvenir of you. I politely declined and explored the gift shop. The shop displayed a lot of miniature Eiffel towers that were aesthetically pleasing. It was really tempting to buy a piece!

Parisian Macao Eiffel Tower with KKDAY (8)

It was a good mini Paris experience overall. It really complimented everything we have experienced so far at Parisian Macao. 

Although the lady told me that the ticket I purchased would be valid until Jan 2018, I currently had no plans of visiting Macau during that period so I sent a message through my KKDAY account requesting for a refund.

There was no notice on KKDAY’s website but I did wish that I checked the official website of Parisian Macao first to see if the observatory decks were open before I booked the voucher.

After a few hours, a KKDAY rep called me on the phone (with a Chinese accent at that) asking me about my inquiry. I told them what happened and they immediately granted to process the refund. After a few minutes, I received an email and message on my KKDAY account that the refund started processing. KKDAY was really proactive which I’m very grateful for!

KKDAY Booking Screenshot (19)

Screenshot from Email #2

My booked redemption date for the Eiffel Tower Experience was Sept 1. On Sept 3, I received an automatic email requesting me to review my experience in exchange for a $10 voucher off my next KKDAY booking. I definitely took advantage of this!

Aside from getting almost a ₱500 discount on your next voucher, you also get to help other customers who are interested in purchasing the travel activity you’ve experienced.

Parisian Macao Eiffel Tower with KKDAY (1)

With my review, customers will know that the Eiffel Tower Experience might be closed and give them the chance to check their options. This prevents them from possibly having to request a refund or inconveniences for their future trips.

It takes a few types and clicks to do this! So I’m highly recommending you to review your KKDAY experiences.

KKDAY Booking Screenshot (22)

Screenshot from KKDAY #18

The $10 off voucher is valid for a minimum purchase of $50 and the departure date should be within 6 months. I feel that this is fair. My mom and I have a planned trip to Osaka early next year and a $10 or ₱500+ off discount on a ₱3,561 Universal Studios Japan/Wizarding World of Harry Potter Express Pass ticket with KKDAY is definitely a STEAL!

I’m not sure if they’ll give you a $10 voucher for every review but I’ll update this post once I’ve completed my next KKDAY booking.

I really liked booking and traveling with KKDAY. It would have been better if the observatory decks were open but it’s out of my, KKDAY’s, or Parisian Macao’s power if typhoons struck.  

UPDATE (Sept 26, 2017): KKDAY APP 

KKday officially launched its mobile app TODAY! You can download it via the Apple Store. 

KKDay App 1

Screenshot from KKDay App #1

Upon initial browsing, the app is user-friendly. You can browse through featured activities through HOME or you can choose a specific country and type in your preferred travel activities through SEARCH

For personal account features, you can find your WISH LIST, ORDERS, and MY ACCOUNT settings. Comparing it with the features of KKDay when using a web browser, the app is missing MESSAGES and NOTICE OF SALE. But the app does have INVITE FRIENDS where you can send KKDay app invites to friends who are interested to sign up.

KKDay App 2

Screenshot from KKDay App #2

Through this screenshot, my Eiffel Tower Experience E-Voucher order is placed under Cancelled Trips. This is because of the refund I requested. 

I will update this post when I book and redeem a travel activity with the KKDay app for my future trips. 


Aside from me partly experiencing Parisian Macao’s Eiffel Tower with KKDAY, my whole family also had the chance to #TravelWithKKDAY through a Cotai Water Jet ferry cruise from Hong Kong to Macau. KKDAY sponsored me a Cotai Water Jet first class ferry ticket while my family was also given standard class ferry tickets as our transfer from HK to Macau.

KKDAY Booking Screenshot (1)

Cotai Water Jet Ferry Vouchers

When the e-vouchers were sent, I was surprised to find that my ticket was mostly in Chinese while my family’s was fully translated to English. This may be the case with some of your travel activities as your tickets may be in the country’s official language where the activity will be held.

By booking your ferry tickets in advance, you are assured of a seat for your preferred schedule. If you also book with KKDAY, you save quite a bit.  Here are the rates:

Cotai Water Jet Ferry Rates

Direct Booking


Standard Class

HKD165 or ₱1,075+


First Class

HKD280 or ₱1,825+


The rates included in this table are for WEEKDAYS & ADULTS only.

Once we arrived at Sheung Wan Hong Kong station, we just followed the signs that indicated where the ticketing stalls were for the ferry jets. Once you reach level 3, you’ll see the entrance to the ferry terminal. This isn’t where you go first. Turn a bit and find the official stall of Cotai Water Jet. It has a big blue banner so it’s hard to miss! You’ll see it at once.

HK-Macau Cotai Water Jet Ferry with KKDAY (1)

At the entrance, you’ll see a line for Cotai class (standard), Cotai first, and VIP Cotai cabins. Even though I was the only one riding first class, I presented all of our tickets at the Cotai first window. I showed a copy on my phone first but the employee requested for the printed copies. He didn’t return them. Cotai Water Jet requires printed vouchers.

HK-Macau Cotai Water Jet Ferry with KKDAY (2)

It was 1 PM when we arrived at the Sheung Wan ferry terminal. I asked the employee if there was a chance to change our schedule from 3PM to 2PM and he advised that we can just try to be chance (or stand-by) passengers but there were no assurances of seats.

In the end, we just chose to stick to our original schedule and explored the mall connected to the terminal.

HK-Macau Cotai Water Jet Ferry with KKDAY (3)

My sister checking the time and holding our ferry tickets!

At around 2:15PM, we showed our tickets to the officer at the official entrance of the ferry terminal. After that, they were scanned by Cotai Water Jet officers.

We then passed by a check-in counter for luggage. We didn’t know if this was required and we didn’t want to pay as well so we just continued walking. No one called us out on it. I read on the website that each passenger can have a carry-on luggage of 20kg but there was no station to weigh these in. Passengers were just going in with their baggage.

An escalator down was where immigration was and the queue was pretty quick. Another escalator down was where the gates were. Walking to find our gate, I saw lines for stand-by passengers. There was a separate line for Cotai Water Jet first and standard classes.

HK-Macau Cotai Water Jet Ferry with KKDAY (4)

Cotai Water Jet Waiting Area

There is no separate waiting area for different seat classes. Everyone waits at the same place. When boarding was called, no one had priority as well. Everyone lined up regardless of what seat class they were.

If you have your luggage with you, it’s a bit of a hassle bringing it down flights of stairs especially if it is heavy. This is just FYI. I had no problems carrying our 30kg luggage! HAHAHAHA!


Once I boarded the ferry, I saw an area where people were leaving their luggage. The Cotai Water Jet officer saw me, took my luggage at once, and strapped it in place. Since I was separate from my family and in first class, I was led to climb up a flight of stairs. There was an attendant waiting to check the passengers’ tickets.

Once I was led to my seat, I immediately saw the Wi-fi sign. Internet connection is really strong all throughout the cruise. At this time, the ferry was swaying a bit so I just stayed in my seat as I tend to get dizzy easily.

HK-Macau Cotai Water Jet Ferry with KKDAY (5)

Observing the environment, I noticed that it was very spacious. The feel of it was pristine and fresh. The seats are wide and there is more than enough legroom. The armrest between seats also provides a comfortable distance between you and a seatmate (if any).

HK-Macau Cotai Water Jet Ferry with KKDAY (6)

When almost of all the passengers were seated. The attendants started to ask for each passenger’s preferred drink. And from my seat, I could see the bartender organizing all the trays of food for everyone on first class.

HK-Macau Cotai Water Jet Ferry with KKDAY (7)

When the ferry started moving, safety reminders were announced in English but in a Chinese accent so I couldn’t understand it that much.

When the attendant was handing my tray of food, she took out a table from the inside of my arm rest. The tray served consisted of 1 drink, 1 pack of biscuits, 1 pack of assorted nuts, a wet wipe, and a tissue. I didn’t get to eat the food and just packed it in my bag as we just ate lunch at the terminal but I did drink the Sprite.

HK-Macau Cotai Water Jet Ferry with KKDAY (10)

When people were finished with their food, some put the tray at the bar and some were calling out the attendants to get them. Others also purchased additional drinks at the bar.

Surprisingly for an hour ferry ride, the whole experience felt like breeze. 10 minutes in, I felt like I was sinking into my seat becoming more and more relax! It was really comforting. The ambience of first class was really commendable. SOBRANG GAAN NG FEELING!

HK-Macau Cotai Water Jet Ferry with KKDAY (9)

At some point, the crew announced that we might experience rough seas but the ride was really smooth. The weather was gloomy so it was easy to feel sleepy.

HK-Macau Cotai Water Jet Ferry with KKDAY (8)

I didn’t have to go to the bathroom so I didn’t get to check if it was clean or not. There is also no deck if you want an open air experience. The doors to the deck are for crew only and are restricted to passengers.

Once we arrived at the Taipa Ferry Terminal in Macau, I felt SOOOOO relaxed. I really think it was because of the ambience and the seat! HAHAHAHA! When the ferry halted to a full stop, everyone stood up and fell in line at the passenger door on the first class floor. This wasn’t open at the Hong Kong terminal. Everyone had to pass through the standard class doors.

HK-Macau Cotai Water Jet Ferry with KKDAY (11)

Passengers with no luggage can exit at the passenger doors on the first class floor while those with luggage have to go down to the standard class floor and exit from there. 

Since I had a big luggage, I went down the stairs to get it and noticed that there was a barrier so that first class passengers with luggage can step off the ferry first. Since I was one of the last, the barrier was quickly removed once I stepped out and everyone from standard class was rushing in front of me.


I only had a glimpse of standard class when I passed by it when I entered the boat and carried my luggage off of it.

Based on the photos of my sisters, I would compare standard class to a low cost carrier airline environment. May feeling na konting kulob? 

The seats are a bit wider and there is more legroom in Cotai Water Jet first. The ambience is more spacious as well.

HK-Macau Cotai Water Jet Ferry with KKDAY (12)

But asking for my family’s thoughts, they found the whole ride comfortable. They didn’t feel that the ride was too bumpy and that they fell asleep easily. My mom and sister also commended that the windows weren’t heavily tinted so they could see the view.

My sister was a bit bothered by a few kids who were noisy but she says it’s normal especially if you’re in a public transport. In my case, there were no kids in first class so the atmosphere was pretty silent except for the TV advertisements and a few murmurs here and there.

HK-Macau Cotai Water Jet Ferry with KKDAY (15)

My mom and youngest sister at Cotai Water Jet Standard Class!

My youngest sister who always has motion sickness found the ferry ride comfy as well but experienced a bit of dizziness a few times. She commended how quick the entry and exit of passengers were. And the ferry left and arrived according to schedule. She liked that the waiting time at stand still wasn’t that long. She likes it better when the ferry is moving and on its way.

There is no food or drink served in Cotai Water Jet standard class.

My sisters also used the Wi-Fi as we were able to communicate a few times during the whole cruise.

HK-Macau Cotai Water Jet Ferry with KKDAY (14)

I waited for my family near the intersection where the passengers who stepped off from the first and standard class floors would meet.

We then walked for a few minutes before we arrived at immigration. They are VERY strict with photography in this hall. The queue was a bit long and took around 10-15 minutes before it was our turn.

MY VERDICT: I recommend taking first class and my family recommends that the standard class was comfy enough so I think if you don’t want that extra oomph to your cruise experience, I feel standard class with Cotai Water Jet would be okay. I also had the chance to see the Cotai VIP cabin classes and it was just a private room with the same first class seats in a different color and a private table.

If you book with KKDAY and ponder on the additional ₱715 to ride first class, you’re getting extra leg room, a tray of food, a few minutes priority disembarkation, and a fresh roomy ambience. If the amount justifies that, then by all means purchase the first class ticket.

In my case, I’m grateful to have experienced the ferry that way. Since the HK to Macau highway will be finished soon, I feel like I’ll be taking this route instead of the ferry. So I think it was a great first and last time to experience the ferry. But if there are opportunities that I’ll take the ferry again, I’m grateful to ride either first or standard class with Cotai Water Jet.

HK-Macau Cotai Water Jet Ferry with KKDAY (13)

View from Cotai Water Jet Standard Class

When my whole body was starting to relax during the ferry ride, I realized it was the first time that I wasn’t tense or hassled by keeping up with our planned itinerary or holding our budget in check. The moment was telling me to bask it in and to maximize it. It was inviting me to appreciate gratefully the nicer things in life. It was actually my first time to ride FIRST CLASS anything so it was definitely a moment to be grateful for!

It felt like a reward of sorts. That my family was enjoying, that we’re experiencing new and fascinating places. It was very overwhelming to feel all those things in one seat, in one ferry ride.

Songs tell you to Stop & Stare. Sayings tell you to Stop and Smell the Roses. But moments like these tell you to stop and be grateful while maximizing every travel experience that happens to you.

I am grateful for all the travel blessings paid and received during our HK to Macau trip! 

Eiffel Tower Experience E-Voucher (1 person)

₱481 via KKDAY website (refunded)
Cotai Water Jet Ferry First & Standard Class (HK to Macau)

Sponsored by KKDAY


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Please note that prices may vary depending on exchange rate. As of Sept 2017, HKD1 = ₱6.52 & MOP1 = ₱6.33

This is a sponsored review. All opinions are inspired by my family’s travel experiences & nothing else.


8 thoughts on “SERIES: KKDAY Review + Cruising from Hong Kong to Macau with Cotai Water Jet

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    Thanks for sharing this genuine review here. I ‘m also looking before that and find both Kkday and Klook have same kind of business model.


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    Wow! I love your blog because it’s very detailed. I was searching for a review about Cotai Water Jet and then, I bumped on your blog. Thank you for sharing this information. I’ll keep on reading your blog.


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