SERIES: KLOOK Review + Ngong Ping 360 Hong Kong Experience

Reviews/Hauls are series of special or sponsored write-ups of different products and services featuring lifestyle brands ranging from travel to beauty to food and many more. My experiences with products or services may or may not be the same as yours. For sponsored write-ups, all are inspired by my experiences and nothing else. 

KLOOK has become a household name in the Philippine travel community. I’ve been reading a lot of travel blogs and DIY budget breakdowns lately and they always seem to include KLOOK in them. There is just something unforgettable about the word KLOOK (abbreviated term for Keep Looking). It is such a quirky and fun term to read, hear, or say – KLOOK, KLOOK, KLOOK! DIBA? HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Travel activity platforms have definitely changed the game for travel planners. It allows for unique experiences that cater to every kind of traveler. It also helps with the matter of convenience. You do not have to right-click every potential link on your Google search and browse through so many websites because you can most likely find all of your desired travel activities in ONE WEBSITE!

In this article, I reviewed and shared my travel experiences with KLOOK, a travel platform that offers a simple way to discover activities, attractions, and things to do wherever you travel.


Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (3)

When I come across the term KLOOK, it would immediately equate to savings or convenience. For some of my friends, it would be that FB page that always has sponsored posts and promo codes on their timelines. From reading blogs and social media posts, KLOOK is deemed as one of the best travel activities website ever with the best prices.

What does KLOOK mean to you? Does it live up to the hype? Share in the comments! 

KLOOK is an online travel platform where you can purchase travel tickets, tours, and activities. It promises handpicked experiences, best price guarantees, and seamless and safe bookings.

New to #KlookPH? Get ₱169+ off your first #KlookTravel booking when you use this Klook link or use referral/discount code LEQ4F

Here are some reasons why I like KLOOK and a few points I feel the travel platform can improve on:


Best Price Guarantee As KLOOK puts it in social media, “KLOOK your way around <country> with the lowest rates in town!”

On their website, KLOOK even professed that if you find a cheaper price than their travel activity rates, then they’ll refund – double the difference!

See KLOOK Price Guarantee conditions HERE:

If you read what is on the right side of this column, you can see that KLOOK definitely has one of the cheapest prices around. Hold them to their KLOOK Price Guarantee and get that double difference refund if you please!

Lowest Price Guarantee? Upon browsing of some travel platforms on the internet, I have to say that KLOOK has one of the lowest rates when it comes to travel activities.

But does KLOOK have the lowest of the low rates (as they deem to have the BEST rates)? Well, I have to present a few findings.

Here are some rate comparisons of popular travel activities from 4 travel platforms in Asia (lowest/best rate highlighted in red):


KLOOK – ₱2,520

KKDAY – ₱2,554

GO VOYAGIN – ₱2,673.36

BE MY GUEST – ₱2,874.70

NGONG PING 360 HONG KONG (one way Standard Cabin)

KKDAY – ₱755

KLOOK – ₱760

GO VOYAGIN – ₱866.82

BE MY GUEST – ₱948.60


KKDAY – ₱2,436

KLOOK – ₱2,458

GO VOYAGIN – ₱2,576.65

BE MY GUEST – ₱2,863.70

HK-MACAU TURBOJET FERRY (roundtrip & weekday)

KLOOK – ₱2,035

KKDAY – ₱2,050

GO VOYAGIN – ₱2,155.14


NOTE: Pricing as of Sept 14, 2017 on each platform’s website. I’ve noticed that rates seem to change everyday. It fluctuates by ₱2 or so.

Easy KLOOK-ingBooking with KLOOK is really easy! I find that you can actually book a travel activity in less than 5 minutes!

It’s just a click-type-next motion of choose an activity → place relevant details → payment option  order received  order confirmed! You can do this while you’re brushing your teeth or waiting for that YouTube video to load, etc! It’s pretty quick!

KLOOK’s website and app is very user-friendly! It’s like you’re using a social media app which is a major PLUS for me!


Instant ConfirmationOMG! This is my favorite feature of KLOOK! You can instantly receive your tickets through the KLOOK app or a web browser.

In instances wherein you arrive at a tourist attraction and find that the normal queues are long, you can just book through KLOOK, get your confirmed ticket immediately, and skip the queues! NOTE: Activities may be subject to availability. 

KLOOK is efficient and hassle-free this way!

I received my KLOOK order summary through email on Aug 22, 12:14NN. Guess what time I received my confirmed ticket? Less than a minute later! My confirmed tickets still indicated an email received on Aug 22, 12:14NN!


Detailed OverviewWith every KLOOK travel activity that you browse, you’ll find ticket conditions, highlights, what to expect (with photos), package conditions and availability, activity information with tips, how to use, how to get there, cancellation policy, FAQs, and reviews. SEE PHOTO: Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #9

It leaves you not much room for questions as KLOOK provides you with everything that you need to know for your desired travel experiences. 


Translated & Rewarded ReviewsKLOOK shows updated reviews of their travel activities so you get to see experiences of KLOOK customers who have recently been there! The reviews are dated so you can see how recent the experience was. SEE PHOTO: Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #11

You’ll also find that other reviews are in another language but fret not, KLOOK has a TRANSLATE TO ENGLISH feature! Nice one, KLOOK! SEE PHOTO: Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #10

If you review any KLOOK activities you’ve experienced, you’re entitled to 50 KLOOK credits which you can use for your future bookings! Make sure you review your experiences not only to get credits but also help potential KLOOK-sters decide on their purchases. SEE PHOTO: Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #19 & #20

Availability of desired travel activitiesI like how KLOOK presents a calendar on which dates the activity is available on. They already block off dates that may be sold out or unavailable. It allows you to know what may or may not be operational on the actual date of your trips.  

Mode of Payment – As of Sept 2017, the only available payment options are via credit card or PayPal. SEE PHOTO: Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #14

I hope KLOOK provides more payment options soon like payment centers or bank deposits.

₱0 or Free Vouchers – Not only does KLOOK have the cheapest travel activity rates online but they also have FREE vouchers!

When I was browsing through Hong Kong activities on KLOOK and sorted them by price (low to high), I was surprised to find ₱0 vouchers. SEE PHOTO: Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #8

You can avail discounts with HK restaurants without having to pay anything via KLOOK. You just need to book and confirm the activity! Definitely a STEAL if you’re interested in eating at the featured restaurants of this deal!


KLOOK Awareness of travel activity partners/merchantsThis is based on what happened when I redeemed a Lee Keung Kee Egg Waffle voucher at the Tsim Sha Tsui branch.


I hope KLOOK and its partners make all stall attendants aware of their promos and discounts or even the existence of the partnership.

Trends & DiscountsThis is one of the top reasons why I love KLOOK! If you follow any of their social media accounts, you’ll find that KLOOK has A LOT, I mean A LOT of promos!

If you think you missed a promo you like, don’t worry as KLOOK will most likely have another promo in store for you in just a few days or so. So make sure you follow all of their social media accounts!

And what’s good about this is that most of their promo codes are for popular activities! KLOOK definitely analyzes trends and what activities Filipinos would most likely be interested in!

KLOOK’s promos, discounts, and contests are relevant! Do you sometimes wander around a store and find that the items that are on SALE are items that you didn’t want to buy in the first place? With KLOOK, it’s different! They have sales for best-selling activities and that really deserves a KUDOS!

Minimum Spend for Promo Codes Although KLOOK does have a lot of promos, some of it may not be that friendly for those on a budget or solo travelers.

There are  ₱500++ off discount codes  but minimum purchase can range from ₱7,000 to ₱12,000 and that is quite a hefty minimum! This condition may be great for group travels (family, barkada, or bus tours) or expensive travel activities like helicopter rides or bungee jumps but this might be too pricey for some.

Mobile App & PaperlessAside from being easy to use, KLOOK can be accessed at our fingertips as the brand has an official app. It’s like an online store comparable to Shopee or Carousell but what you’re shopping for is travel activities! The app has a very social media feel to it that’s why it’s so comfortable to use! SEE PHOTOS: Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #16 & #17

I was able to redeem 2 KLOOK activities during my family’s trip to Hong Kong and neither of the attendants asked for the printed voucher. I even offered to show them but they declined to take it!

No paper and ink waste for your KLOOK bookings!

Travel PartnersKLOOK teams up with a lot of brands to provide travelers a lot of perks. They have collaborations with bloggers, media platforms, airline mileage reward companies, banks, travel brands, and many more. Look out for these partners as you might receive awesome deals from it!  

Travel Bloggers/Travelers’ ApprovedWhen I browse through my social media timelines, I always see posts from bloggers and DIY travelers from FB groups that they use KLOOK! They always recommend it as a platform that gives you the cheapest rates on activities and saves you from queues during your trips.

Most of the DIY write-ups I’ve read always recommend the use of KLOOK! I feel like if you follow a lot of travel related pages or groups, you’ll see the word KLOOK a lot!

When someone starts a thread asking where he/she should buy cheap travel tickets, I often see KLOOK as people’s answers in the comments.

Popular travel bloggers like The Poor Traveler and Pinay Solo Backpacker also use and endorse Klook. Visit their links so you can get ₱200 off on featured KLOOK activities!

ConvenienceBooking with KLOOK takes less than 5 minutes. Once you book, you immediately get a confirmed ticket. You can get your tickets in advance or on the spot (if needed and activity is available) PLUS you also save money. KLOOK really lives up to the term CONVENIENCE.  

#KlookPH Influencers: The Poor Traveler, Alex Gonzaga, Sam YG, Pinay Solo Backpacker, and Pinoy Adventurista



Signing up takes less than 10 seconds! It’s either you add an email address and password or sign up with your Facebook/WeChat account. Once you click on SIGN UP, you’re an official KLOOK-ster! HAHAHAHAHA! 

KLOOK Booking Screenshot (1)

Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #1

No more confirmation emails! Automatic membership ka na agad! HAHAHAHA! You can register via web browser or download the KLOOK app and sign up from there.

If you have time to edit your KLOOK account, you can change your avatar (photo), personal details, and passport information.

KLOOK Booking Screenshot (2)

Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #2

You should also check out your KLOOK account’s features that may benefit you for future bookings – Wish List (add travel activities that you wish to experience at a later date), Promo Codes (check applicable promo codes available to your account), Credits (points that you earn from bookings and reviews), Earn Rewards (a link that you can share with others so both parties can get discounts for future bookings), Reviews, and Settings.

KLOOK Booking Screenshot (13)

Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #3

To maximize the Earn Rewards feature, you have to start by inviting your friends to use KLOOK with a special link.

In my case, if you sign up and use this link →, you get a ₱163 discount off your KLOOK booking and once you complete the activity, I also receive a ₱163 discount off my next KLOOK booking.

When your KLOOK sign-up is successful, you will also be provided with your own Earn Rewards special link to send to your friends! 

KLOOK Booking Screenshot (14)

Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #4


Before browsing, make sure you change the website’s setting to your preferred currency.

KLOOK Booking Screenshot (3)

Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #5

After that, you’re free to search for your desired travel activities in any country.

KLOOK Booking Screenshot (4)

Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #6

While exploring KLOOK’s website, you can sort the activities by what KLOOK recommends, the most popular activities purchased by users, high rated ones, price (low to high), and top new activities.

KLOOK Booking Screenshot (5)

Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #7

You can also browse by category: attractions and shows, tours and sightseeing, activities and experiences, food and wellness, or transport and Wi-Fi.

When I browse, I usually sort the activity by price. So when I sorted Hong Kong activities from low to high prices, I was surprised to find ₱0 vouchers. This is definitely a STEAL if you’re interested in the featured restaurants. 

KLOOK Booking Screenshot (19)

Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #8

Once you’ve seen an activity you want, make sure that you read all the details provided. This is for smooth transactions when it’s time for redemption. 

KLOOK Booking Screenshot (6)

Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #9

In my case, I’ve read that egg waffles are a MUST EAT while you’re in Hong Kong so I decided to avail one (1) discounted voucher on Lee Keung Kee’s North Point Egg Waffles. 

Also, make sure that you read updated reviews so you’re aware what recent customers have experienced. If you find any chinese comments, click on KLOOK’s feature to translate the reviews to English. 

KLOOK Booking Screenshot (15)

Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #10

After reading a few blogs on Lee Keung Kee’s North Point Egg Waffles and the positive reviews on KLOOK, I booked the activity at once. 

KLOOK Booking Screenshot (8)

Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #11


After clicking Book, you’ll be asked to select your preferred date of redemption and quantity. 

KLOOK Booking Screenshot (7)

Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #12

After that, you’ll key in your personal information then choose your preferred payment method.

KLOOK Booking Screenshot (9)

Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #13

KLOOK Booking Screenshot (10)

Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #14

When I reached the Use Promo Code part, I browsed through the internet on KLOOK codes I could use. You can also browse through your KLOOK account’s Promo Codes feature or check KLOOK’s social media accounts for available discount codes. 

KLOOK Booking Screenshot (11)

Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #15

When I’m shopping online, I usually browse for promo codes on PICODI. 

KLOOK Booking Screenshot (20)

Screenshot from PICODI

When I found that KLOOK had a promo code for first time KLOOK app users, I decided to book the activity through the app.

When I downloaded the app, I just signed up using the details I already keyed in when I registered through my web browser. I did the same procedure again until the promo code part.

First time KLOOK app users can use the code mobile10 and get ₱66 off any purchase! And the best part is that it has no MINIMUM required amount. 

Here’s a breakdown of the rates (KLOOK rate was as of booking date, Aug 22, 2017):

One (1) Lee Keung Kee Egg Waffle direct rate KLOOK Rate KLOOK Rate (with discount code)
HKD22 or ₱143+ ₱86 ₱20.40
KLOOK Booking Screenshot (18)

Screenshot from KLOOK (App) Booking #16

With the app, once you apply your promo code, you’ll be asked for your payment details. After confirming all relevant details, your order is received! And after a few seconds, CONFIRMED!

KLOOK Booking Screenshot (17)

Screenshot from KLOOK (App) Booking #17

You can check your bookings via web browser or app through your KLOOK account. Just click on Bookings or Vouchers.

KLOOK Booking Screenshot (12)

Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #18

KLOOK will also send you a PDF copy of the ticket to your email so you can save the document on your phone.

KLOOK Booking Screenshot (16)

Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffle PDF Voucher


Most of the blogs and posts I’ve read on the internet would often have Egg Waffles as a MUST EAT in Hong Kong. My sister even raves about the Gelato Soft Serve Egg Waffles at Yo-Panda in SM Megamall which is actually a dessert store inspired by the Hong Kong favorite, Oddies Foodies. I haven’t tried it yet so I wanted to have a taste first hand in the city where it became popular.

When I browsed through KLOOK and saw that they sell vouchers for one of the most popular Egg Waffles in Hong Kong, I decided to snag the deal. One (1) Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffle costs HKD22 or ₱143+. With KLOOK, you can avail it for only ₱86. Since I applied a promo code, I got the voucher for only ₱20.40. I saved a total of 122.60!

My mom & I went to Lee Keung Kee’s Tsim Sha Tsui branch as this was the closest one to our accommodation. We went on a Friday at around 2PM. When I read blog and KLOOK reviews on this Egg Waffle brand, people wrote that the queues were pretty long so when we got to the stall, we were so grateful that there was NO LINE at all.

Lee Keung Kee with KLOOK (2)

Since I only had a KLOOK voucher for 1 Egg Waffle, my mom decided to purchase another one as she feels 1 won’t be enough for all of us (including my 2 other sisters who were at our accommodation at the time).

When we gestured 2, I immediately showed attendant#1 my KLOOK e-voucher on my phone. This attendant showed attendant#2 the voucher and he was shaking his head. When we talked to them, the attendants didn’t understand us. When they were looking at my phone, they seemed clueless at what they were looking at. They kept talking among themselves in Chinese.

The attendant who was holding my phone and looking at the voucher kept on zooming the e-ticket in and out. I kept saying KLOOK but they didn’t understand.

When I brought out a printed copy of the voucher, they shunned it away. As the line was starting to pick up behind us, they were still talking among themselves probably trying to figure out what to do.

When attendant#1 was already holding 2 egg waffles in her hand, she was still trying to figure out the KLOOK voucher on my phone. We gave HKD30 and the attendant in return gave us the 2 egg waffles, HKD8, and my phone back.

I guess the KLOOK voucher worked because we only paid HKD 22 for 2 waffles which was correct as the KLOOK voucher was only valid for 1 Egg Waffle w/o payment. Before availing this voucher, I did read a few reviews on the KLOOK website that some people who redeemed the vouchers also had a hard time communicating with some attendants at Lee Keung Kee North Point. I’m glad though that in the end, the voucher was applied properly and we were able to experience KLOOK’s rate.

It was just a bit of a hassle when we were trying to communicate with them and they didn’t understand us or knew what KLOOK was. At the same time, we were also a bit embarrassed that we were preventing the growing line of customers behind us from moving.

Lee Keung Kee with KLOOK (1)

Lee Keung Kee’s North Point Egg Waffles were so addicting! They taste like puffed Lengua de Gato cookies which are actually my favorite! When we were walking back to our accommodation, my mom and I were just breaking piece by piece off the Egg Waffle and just popping it in our mouths. It was such a fun and addicting snack!

It would seem that ₱143 is pretty expensive for an Egg Waffle but note that almost everything in Hong Kong is a bit more pricy than back home. So buying a voucher via KLOOK is definitely worth it sans the miscommunication. With the voucher, I’m really happy that I got to taste one of Hong Kong’s best Egg Waffles for just ₱20.40! What a STEAL and it is all thanks to KLOOK!

After every KLOOK activity you redeem, make sure that you provide a short review. Just visit your KLOOK account and proceed to the Reviews panel. 

KLOOK Booking Screenshot (21)

Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #19

For every review, you receive 50 credits you can use for your next KLOOK bookings. You get to save in the future PLUS help potential KLOOK-sters decide if a certain KLOOK activity is worth purchasing or not. 

KLOOK Booking Screenshot (22)

Screenshot from KLOOK Booking #20

Overall, I really liked my KLOOK-ing experience. It’s convenient, easy to use, and has cheaper rates! I definitely recommend booking your travel activities with KLOOK! ❤ 


Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (26)


Back in 2008 during our first Hong Kong trip, our grandmother wanted us to visit the Big Buddha. When we reached the City Gate Outlets, we preferred to go shopping instead and skipped Ngong Ping 360. When we got home, we lied to our grandmother and told her that we went. She was so happy that we got to see one of the most popular landmarks in the world.

We’ve always been guilty about it even after she died in 2012. We would always joke around and say, “Sorry, Lola! Hindi pa po kami nakakapunta sa Big Buddha!”

So, during our recent trip to Hong Kong, I made sure that Ngong Ping 360 and the Big Buddha were our main attractions to visit.

I am very grateful to KLOOK for sponsoring me and my family roundtrip crystal cabin cable cars at Ngong Ping 360. We were really excited about this!

When I read blogs or reviews about the Ngong Ping cable car ride, most people would say that queues are pretty long especially if you’re on your way to the Big Buddha. So I was glad to have the KLOOK vouchers so that we could skip the queues.

But I was bit bothered when I read some reviews on KLOOK that said that the vouchers line queued slower than the line for those without online bookings. I shrugged it off and thought that it might have been peak season or something. There were still reviews that said that having KLOOK vouchers for the cable cars was a convenient option. So I just prepared for anything.

At the entrance, tourists will be divided into two separate lines – one for those have online bookings and for those who do not. 

Arriving at the top landing, these are the lines that we met.

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (1)

Line to the left is for tourists WITHOUT online bookings. Line to the right is for tourists WITH online bookings (this was our line)

Customers WITH bookings had one long line (at the right of the photo above) while those WITHOUT online bookings queued a longer spiral line (at the left of the photo above). Although this was the case, those WITHOUT bookings queued faster while those of us WITH online bookings only had two designated windows that is why our line moved slower. (NOTE: Travel Date – Aug 31, 2017)

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (4)

When the queue without online bookings shortened, those of us who had online vouchers started to queue faster and were led to window panes that were supposed to be for those without bookings. So in our instance, mas nauna pa makakuha ng tickets yung mga walang online vouchers.

My family waited for around 10 minutes in line before it was our turn to claim our cable car tickets. And when it was our turn, the queue for those without bookings was almost non-existent while ours (those with online vouchers) was still long.

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (2)

Line for tourists WITHOUT online bookings (left side of the photo) queued faster. Our line moved slower (right side of the photo) so it looks like we’re still around that same spot since we started to queue.

When my sister and I were led to our window pane, we just showed our confirmation number. They did not ask for any printed vouchers at all. After explaining the attraction and ticket information, the ticket officer gave us our wristbands and tickets.

After putting on our wristbands, we were led to the lines of the standard or crystal cabin cable cars. We were really starting to get ecstatic at this point!

Even though it was a weekday, the lines for both standard and crystal cabins were pretty long. If you’re a big group of 8, you can have your own cabin but if it is less than that, you have to share wth other tourists.

Our waiting time for the cable car to the Big Buddha was around 15 minutes. The queuing of passengers was alternate on standard and crystal cabins.

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (5)

When it was our turn, we shared the crystal cabin cable car with 4 other people. As it was moving, an official photographer took photos of each group in the cabin. 


The views were breathtaking. Everyone was definitely at awe! We had the crystal cabin experience so the transition of water to trees to mountains was overwhelming to marvel beneath our feet.

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (10)

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (7)

My family then started to pose and take photos. We were a bit tame as we were with other people inside the cable car so we were a bit silent than what we were used to.

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (6)

Taking a photo of my youngest sister who excitingly sat on the see-through cable car floor.

The cable car ride took around 20 minutes but it so felt much quicker than that because we were occupied with looking at fantastic views and taking photographs. Hindi siya nakakainip! Sobrang SULIT talaga niya!

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (8)

We were even joking, looking up in the heavens, and telling our grandmother, “Lola! Nandito na po kami! Malapit na kami sa Big Buddha! Sorry late!” HAHAHAHAHAHA!

After the cable car ride, we explored Ngong Ping 360’s village. Our main goal was to be in the midst of the Buddha so we started our walk for that. From the cable car to the Buddha, it was around a 10-15 minutes walk.

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (11)

Malapit na kami sa Big Buddha, Lola!”

We passed by restaurants, food & drink stalls, and souvenir shops along the way. There are also Chinese structures. We were grateful that the weather was just right. It wasn’t too hot or rainy. It was hazy with a little bit of heat.

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (12)

When we got to the foot of the Big Buddha, I was so amazed at how it looked like. Its stature, looking down at you, felt like a challenge, a challenge for you to climb the flight of stairs.

My sisters opted out of this and decided to stay behind while my mom and I OF COURSE, climbed it. We were already there, why not maximize the experience, right?

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (13)

We climbed 268 steps and we were glad that we did! The feeling of getting to the top and seeing the picturesque statues and views were definitely WORTH IT!

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (15)

Pagdating ko sa huling lapag ng hagdanan, I felt like the statue welcomed me with open arms. Nakaka-overwhelm yung pagod at emotions! It’s definitely a MUST CLIMB!

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (14)

My mom loved posing with the statues at the top. She was also awed by the view. 

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (16)

When we got back down, we didn’t realize that we were up there for a total of 45 minutes. It felt shorter. We started our way back to the cable cars to continue on with our planned itinerary.

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (17)

When we arrived at the departure area, there were no queues! YEHEY! And we got our own crystal cabin! Just the 4 of us! Make sure you still have your printed tickets with you. What you scanned on your way to the Big Buddha is what you’ll also scan on your way back.

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (9)

We had the best time taking photos, bonding, and just looking at the views above, beneath, and all around us.

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (25)

That Ngong Ping 360 cable car ride back was one of the best travel experiences we’ve ever had as a family and we’re definitely grateful to KLOOK for that!

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (28)

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (20)

Running out of space to take the best angled photos! HAHAHAHAHA!

We took photos at every creative angle we could possibly think of!

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (27)

It was so much fun! I never knew we could have so much fun inside a cable car.

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (18)

It was one of our best experiences during our recent trip Hong Kong.

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (19)

Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Rates (one way/roundtrip) Direct Rate (from KLOOK Rate
Standard Cabin ₱945+/₱1,369+ ₱760/₱1,064
Crystal Cabin ₱1,303+/₱1,890+ ₱1,077/₱1,519

NOTE: The rates included in this table are for adults only. Please note that direct rates were converted from HKD to PHP equivalent while KLOOK rates are as of Sept 14, 2017 (KLOOK rates fluctuate every day by ₱2 or so).

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (22)

TIP: I suggest taking a standard cabin ticket when you’re on your way to the Big Buddha and a crystal cabin ticket when you’re on your way back. The queues are shorter when you’re going back so the Ngong Ping 360 officers are more lenient with having non-sharing cable cars. You’re free to move around as much as you like! 

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (21)

During the last few minutes of the cable car, we were sad it was ending too soon. 20 minutes felt like 5 minutes! It was a worthwhile experience for our family and I’m sure it will be for you as well.

I am very grateful for all the travel blessings paid and received during our Hong Kong trip! 
Lee Keung Kee North Point Egg Waffles (Tsim Tsha Tsui Branch) ₱20.40 via KLOOK App
Ngong Ping 360 Hong Kong (Roundtrip Crystal Cabins) Sponsored by KLOOK

Ngong Ping 360 With KLOOK (24)


For more information, visit KLOOK or inquire at

Watch out for updates, discounts, & promos by following KLOOK’s social media accounts:

  • FB: @klookph
  • Instagram/Twitter: @klooktravel

New to #KlookPH? Get ₱169+ off your first #KlookTravel booking when you use this Klook link or use referral/discount code LEQ4F

Please note that prices may vary depending on exchange rate. As of Sept 2017, HKD1 = ₱6.52

This is a sponsored review. All opinions are inspired by my family’s experiences & nothing else.

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