LIST: Inspiring Quotes from Without Merit by Colleen Hoover


Without Merit by Colleen Hoover

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I’m always cautious about the time I start reading CoHo’s books. I need to make sure that I’m finished with my to-do list because once I start reading, I know that I won’t be able to stop.

Although Without Merit didn’t surpass the feelings I had when I read It Ends With Us, it was still an unputdownable novel. I read it from 10PM to 3AM! At midnight, I wanted to stop but it got a little exciting. I told myself, just one more chapter. But I guess that was a lie because I told myself that every 3 chapters. HAHAHAHA!

Without Merit had its moments but at times it got a bit crazy, too much, and too weird for me. But that’s CoHo for you. Overall, it was definitely a good and worthy read! 

The book talks about a lot of relevant issues that happen in the world today, in all kinds of levels. The perspective of it all really intrigued me. But at 1 or 2 AM, it was quite difficult to really indulge the lessons so I just bookmarked some of it to read and analyze on another day. The issues are really something that everyone should be aware about. 

Here are some quotes that struck me the most, forced me to pause for a few seconds and think WHOAAAA that’s some deep shit y’all, and made me keep on turning page by page even though my eyes kept on closing involuntarily. 

REFERENCE: Hoover, C. (2017). Without Merit. New York: Atria Books

  • I can feel his stare with every step I take. Stares shouldn’t have weight, but knowing his eyes are on me makes my steps feel heavier.
  • Don’t make your presence known. Make your absence felt.
  • There wasn’t a single catastrophic or embarrassing incident that influenced my decision. Just a bunch of small ones that continued to pile up until they were hard to ignore.
  • I like spontaneity. There’s something freeing about refusing to stress over stressful situations.
  • Everything about him screams unstable, but my spontaneity and refusal to weigh the consequences of my decisions are my two favorite things about me.
  • A person can’t help their attraction to another person, but a person can help their actions toward another person.
  • If he doesn’t like the thought of getting caught, why does he do things he doesn’t want people to find out?
  • Not every mistake deserves a consequence. Sometimes the only thing it deserves is forgiveness.
  • I like you enough to kiss you. Believe me. But I just wish you could like yourself as much as I like you.
  • You don’t get to decide what your life means to someone else.
  • It isn’t actually the issues people are hung up about for so long. It’s that no one has the courage to take the first step in talking about the issues.
  • It annoys me when people try to convince other people that their anger or stress isn’t warranted if someone else in the world is worse off than them. It’s bullshit. Your emotions and reactions are valid, Merit. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. 

As much as I love all her novels, there has to be favorites! As of OCT 2017, I’ve ranked all her books according to how much it inspired and moved me.  


#2 Maybe Someday

#3 November 9

#4 Confess

#5 Hopeless

#6 Without Merit

#7 Slammed

#8 Ugly Love

#9 Never Never Series

#10 Point of Retreat

#11 This Girl

#12 Losing Hope

#13 Finding Cinderella

Can’t wait for your next inspiring novels, Colleen Hoover!

Have you read any of Colleen Hoover’s books? Share your favorite quotes in the comments! 



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