A Taste of Mūsu, Koko, & the Alpinist at Odin Place Niseko

A great friend wrote to me once, “Good food makes good company & good company makes good memories”. Although I agree that most celebrations usually start with good food, I feel like there’s something missing to this saying. Sometimes, food becomes more amazing depending on WHERE you have it.

Is it just me & my mom? But we ALWAYS want a scenic view in our midst when we’re eating especially when we’re on vacation.

Once we arrive at a specific restaurant, we always request for a table by a window sill or take our buffet plates nearer to the beach.

If I bring my food by the ocean or up top a cliff even if it’s just chips, dip, & beer, it immediately becomes better. It’s like the environment makes good food the best food. And it all accumulates from there, company becomes better, and good memories are stamped in our hearts and souls forever.

KKDay to Niseko (9)

It’s not just the place sometimes, it’s the season too!

There’s just something about eating ice cream near the beach in summer (but back in college, a professor did tell us that ice cream is best eaten during winter because it actually heats up your body MORE! So, we’ve been doing it all wrong, PEOPLE! HAHAHAHA!) or devouring hot chocolate or cheese fondue in a cabin by the fireplace during winter. The environment and feel of it all sometimes make the food better or best.

In this article, I’ll be sharing our amazing food experiences inside an amazing retail structure in an amazing location in Japan in its most amazing season. See, that’s 4x amazing! READ ON! 


What is Odin Place Niseko?

When I read about Odin Place Niseko during my travel planning & research for our #Hokkaido2018 trip, the first thing that came to mind when I came across the word, “Odin”, is if Odin Place housed the Bifröst! HAHAHAHA!

I am a big Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) fan and Anthony Hopkin’s role as Odin is one of my favorites. Whenever I read the word, Odin, a little whisper immediately comes to mind, “Protector of the Nine Realms”, “king of ASgard”, or “Thor ODINson” – the way it is pronounced in the movies.

Odin Living (12)

Odin Place Niseko at Sunrise (Photo from Odin Living)

Well, sad to say, Odin Place doesn’t house the Bifrost so you won’t be seeing a sexy Thor or any hot superhero over there!  (Hmmm, maybe you will?) HAHAHAHA!

But you’ll definitely have a SUPER amazing time!

Opened in late 2016, Odin Place is the newest retail structure in Niseko. It’s a 3-story lifestyle hub housing a few shops and restaurants.

Odin Place can be likened to a mini complex or mall that has a BGC or Ayala vibe to it. It’s definitely contemporary with a dash of luxury. The structure was designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, a US-based architectural firm, known for its works for Apple, Pixar, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, and many others.


Getting to Odin Place in Niseko

But first, how did we get to Niseko?

From the Philippines (Manila NAIA) to Hokkaido (New Chitose Airport) – Fly Jetstar to Hokkaido & Experience the Stunning Winter Destinations!

From New Chitose Airport to Niseko – Book your Niseko (Hokkaido) Transfers with KKDay!

Luxury Stays HTM Niseko (17)

Odin Place is located at 190-13 Yama Kutchan Abuta-gun, Hokkaido, Japan.

Odin Place in Niseko is hard to miss! It’s located in the heart of Hirafu, the most soulful town and largest ski resort in Niseko. Its modern elegance is striking that you’ll definitely want to know what’s inside! (Maybe Thor? HAHAHAHA!)

Odin Place is conveniently and centrally located. If you’ve been to Niseko a few times, it’s pretty difficult not to pass by this complex. It’s in a location where it’s all where it’s at. If it were in a city, it’s situated in the central business district. It’s where you go when you need anything!

Since it is easily located, it is also very accessible. One of the main bus stops in Niseko – Hirafu Intersection/Crossing is just mere seconds away from Odin Place. Most of the free shuttle buses that operate in and around Niseko have a nearby stop to Odin Place. So there’s no reason for you not to visit and try the outlets that Odin has to offer!

Here are the shuttle buses that operate in Niseko and the stops where you can hop on or off if you’re interested in visiting Odin Place:

Free Transfers


Hanazono Shuttle Bus (via Upper Village)

Niseko Sports or Hirafu Intersection
Hanazono Shuttle Bus (via Lower Village) New White Bear or The Vale Niseko
Grand Hirafu Shuttle Bus (via Main Village) Monty’s or Niseko Park Hotel
Grand Hirafu Shuttle Bus (via East Village) Hirafu Intersection
Niseko United Shuttle Bus Hirafu Intersection
Niseko Village Winter Shuttle Bus Rhythm Japan or Hirafu Crossing
Moiwa Ski Resort Free Shutte Hirafu Bus Stop
Ki Niseko Shuttle

Boot Solutions or Hirafu Intersection

Tour by Odin-Living’s GM  

My mom and I had the opportunity to experience one full foodie or Niseko eats day at Odin Place courtesy of Jean Laven, Odin Living’s general manager. Odin Living consists of 3 outlets at Odin Place – Mūsu, Koko, & the Alpinist. Aside from managing these 3 popular outlets, he is also a chef with culinary experiences in Europe specifically France.

A French chef? YAAAAS! Oh la la la! HAHAHAHA!

On our 2nd day in Niseko, my mom and I woke up at around 6:00 AM so we could be on time for our tour with Jean. We’ve seen Odin Place the day prior but we didn’t go in yet so we would be able to maximize it more the next day as we were too tired from our travel day to take in anymore amazing experiences.

It wasn’t hard to find Odin Place or walk to it. It was just a 5 minute or less walk from our accommodation at Niseko Central’s Yama Shizen.

It was a very cold morning as we haven’t adjusted to Japan’s weather yet. Once we arrived outside Odin, we gazed upon its structure and how different it looked in the midst of the other establishments around it.

It’s noticeable and pretty inviting.

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (3)

Odin Place Entrance (1st Floor)

The complex has two entrances: one from the first floor where you’ll immediately find an Explore Niseko tourist reception where you can book your tours or inquire anything about Niseko during your stay. On the walls, you’ll also find deep and creative works (definitely fascinating and not boring or for show!) by local artists which makes the whole place feel a bit grander than it already is.

The second entrance takes you up a flight of stairs where you can find a landing to leave your snow equipment. Enter the doors and you’ll immediately find Koko and Mūsu across from each other and a flight of stairs that go up and down.

Around 7:00 AM, we took the flight of stairs to the second entrance (we didn’t know there was a another entrance YET!) and saw a man shoveling snow out of the way. Since our arrival in Niseko, it has been snowing heavily and that day was no different.

Once we entered the building, it immediately felt warm and comfortable.

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (14)

After a few introductions and pleasantries with Jean and a few of Odin’s staff, we started walking in and around the building.

I really liked talking to Jean. He was a good conversationalist. He genuinely talked about Odin, Niseko, and the experiences that he’s had. He was really funny too so there weren’t any awkward silences or anything. It was a really enjoyable tour. It was more interesting to learn about something when the host was engaging and Jean really was.

My mom also got to talk to him and enjoyed too. She’s usually shy and has a hard time speaking in straight English but it was all good and delightful.

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (13)

Here’s Jean Laven wrapping up our Koko pastries! Thank you, Jean!

Sometimes when I meet with hosts or guides, it tends to get dragging or stiff, but with Jean it was like I was being showed around by a good friend. We joked and laughed around a bit which makes the place and people more interesting to know and definitely remember.

Facts can easily be forgotten but you remember them when you recall a good feeling you had when hearing them. Jean and his experiences plus his work for Odin is really inspiring that you can’t help but maximize every second you’re in that place. And that’s what we did!

Since we entered from the 2nd floor, we got a whiff of Koko’s amazing coffee and pastry aroma at once. Across from it, we were in the midst of a cozy restaurant with an amazing winter view of Hirafu’s main street.

Walking further from the 2 outlets, we found a closed Zaka and Moncler, two luxury apparel shops. From the outside, we could see jackets lined up. Mom was sure that those jackets come in hefty prices! HAHAHAHA!

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (2)

Going down with the use of stairs, we found the other entrance to the building. As said above, there’s a reception where you can book tours but at the time it was unmanned.

Another luxury apparel brand, Burton, was also closed. Jean then led us to the elevator which took us to the third floor where we found closed outlets – The Alpinist, Niseko Taproom, Sushi Wakatake, & Nisade.

Here’s the directory of the Odin Place:

1st floor

Burton (Snowboard Gear Brand)

Explore Niseko (Activity Booking Center)

2nd floor

Koko Bakery & Coffee

Musu Apres-Ski Bar & Bistro

Zaka (Luxury Alpine Apparel)

Moncler (Italian Apparel and Lifestyle Brand)

3rd floor

Niseko Tap Room (Craft Beer & Rotisserie)

The Alpinist

Sushi Wakatake

Nisade (Niseko Alpine Developments)

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (1)

Before our trip to Niseko, I read a few articles on the recently opened Sushi Wakatake at the 3rd floor of Odin Place. I was fascinated by it because of the view of Mt Yotei from the restaurant pictures in the article. Since it was closed when we got there, I didn’t get to see it. PLUS it was snowing heavily so Mt Yotei can’t be viewed at all.

Jean informed me that the bill at Sushi Wakatake can cost from ¥20,000 to ¥30,000 (₱9,700+ to ₱14,580)*. WHOOOAAAA, right? That is quite the price tag!

Cue in Jessie J’s song, Pricetag:
Ain’t about the uh cha-ching cha-ching
Ain’t about the yeah b-bling b-bling
Wanna make the world dance
Forget about the price tag


After walking through the closed outlets at the 3rd floor, we took the stairs down and entered Mūsu.

Here are my reviews and experiences (a little input from my mom too!) at Odin Place’ 3 outlets – Mūsu, Koko, & the Alpinist.

Indulgent Breakfast at Mūsu Bistro

Odin Living (7)

Mūsu Entrance (Photo from Odin Living)

Mūsu is an all-day bistro serving breakfast & barista coffee from 7:30 AM to 11:00 AM, lunch from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and transforms into a bustling Apres-Ski bar in the late afternoon with delicious tapas dishes from 4:00 PM to 12 midnight.

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (4)

Jean talking to a few guests at Mūsu

The bistro was quaint and cozy. That’s what I felt when I entered. It has an attractive appeal to it without being TOO much. As Goldilocks would say, it was just right.

It had the perfect setting and design which really made us excited for our first breakfast in Niseko. 

Odin Living (9)

Get cozy at Mūsu! (Photo from Odin Living)

To add to that cozy feel, it had cabin or country club-like features. It had a fire place and moose plated wall décor and hooks for winter wear. Around the fire place, there was a DJ stand and a sofa in front of it with a cliché coffee table.

Mūsu is a hearty and luxurious place, a fascinating location to kick-off your day.

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (6)

My mom reading Niseko Tourism’s Wine & Dine Guide at Mūsu

Jean pointed us to sit at the breakfast bar table by the window. We had a full view of Hirafu-Zaka street where we can see tourists walking up and down the hill carrying their winter equipment whilst snow poured on them.

It was the perfect winter morning breakfast I’ve always dreamed of as a kid.

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (5)

My mom is loving the view at Mūsu!

Jean gave us the menus and he recommended us to try the coffees specially made by their experienced baristas.

Here are our breakfast orders at Mūsu:

  • Cappuccino ¥500 (₱243+)*
  • Hot & Dark Chocolate 58% Dark Belgian ¥650 (₱316+)*
  • Bénédicte ¥1,350 (₱656+)*
  • Classic Bacon n’ Eggs ¥1,200 (₱583+)*

My mom ordered the Cappucino and Classic Bacon n’ Eggs (toasted rye loaf, 2 eggs any way [poached/scrambled/fried/omelette], crispy bacon) while I had the Hot & Dark Chocolate and Bénédicte (toasted English muffin, poached eggs, smoked salmon or ham, hollandaise sauce, spinach, cracked pepper).

When our drinks were served, I stared outside. There were cars passing by with snow stacked on their roofs, foreigners walking up the street in a line with their skis and snowboards in tow, and the snow kept falling amidst a gray-ish cloudy background.

It was surreal to be in that moment.

When I took a sip of my hot & dark chocolate, I was so surprised! OMG WOW! Have you ever eaten a piece of chocolate and couldn’t wait for that creamy middle or after magical taste that happens while you’re chewing or eating it? You just want to savor that taste but it fades too quickly! Well, with the 58% dark Belgian hot chocolate, it’s like your drinking that magical smooth creamy taste.

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (30)

It’s like the taste hits you at once and continues to flow as you keep on drinking the amazing taste with it.

DAMN! The mouthfeel is just so satisfying! That was some good HOT chocolate! Add that view! AND OH WOW, I was in hot chocolate winter heaven!

It’s like you don’t have to wait for the creamy middle anymore while eating a chocolate, you’re already drinking it!


It was the best but with that view, the drink became perfect!

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (8)

My mom loved her cappuccino too. She said it was smooth, creamy, and of quality.

Even though we had separate orders, my mom and I exchanged our plates and had one piece of the total of two of each dish so that we could taste both the Eggs Benedict and the Bacon & Eggs.

Eggs Benedict is one of my favorite breakfast dishes that I rarely get to eat. They’re not usually served in our go-to restaurants but when I do have the chance to order it for breakfast, I go for it. My mom actually wanted the Eggs Benedict too but we decided to order a different dish so there would be variety.

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (11)

Both dishes were presented well, I mean, look at all those defined colors and textures! You just want to take it out of the photo and eat it, right?

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (9)

Bénédicte at Mūsu

I know that I rarely eat Eggs Benedict but this recipe from Mūsu is the best one I’ve tried so far in my life.

It was so indulgent, sinful, and crazy appetizing. I loved it! The creaminess of the egg mixture together with the smoky-ish flavor of the toasted muffin was divine!

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (10)

Bacon n’ Eggs at Mūsu

For the Bacon n’ Eggs, my mom loved the toasted rye bread! I didn’t get to taste this because she wanted it all. She ate the bread on its own, slathered it with the Eggs Benedict sauce, and her own trimmings from her dish.

She loved the bread. She wanted to take home a loaf!

Jetstar2Hokkaido (19)

The bacon tasted like a cross between a ham and bacon. It looked like bacon but had the taste and texture of a ham. We would have preferred if the bacon was crispier.

The menu described the bacon as crispy but we felt it could have had better texture, chewiness, and bite to it if it was fried a little bit more.

The Bénédicte + Hot Chocolate will last you the whole day! It’s definitely a heavy breakfast. I didn’t get hungry at all during our winter activities.

That was one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had. Good view, good food, lovely mommy company, best memories!

When I go back to Niseko, I’ll definitely try Mūsu’s Tapas during lunch time!

Odin Living (2)

Tapas Menu at Mūsu (Photo from Odin Living)

Try out Mūsu bistro before you hit the ground running with all your winter activities for the day!

Mūsu is open from 7:30 AM to 12 Midnight

Telephone: +0136-21-7002

For more information on Mūsu, visit musuniseko.com

For updates, follow Mūsu on Facebook (@musuniseko) or Instagram (@musu_niseko) #Mūsu_Niseko #OdinPlace


Pastry Run at Koko Bakery & Coffee

Odin Living (8)

Koko Bakery & Coffee Entrance (Photo from Odin Living)

If you’re in a hurry to hit the slopes in the morning, Koko is your best bet for a quick snack!

Koko is an artisan bakery & barista coffee shop. The outlet serves freshly baked breads and pastries with tempting arrays of roasted coffees, teas, juices, & hot chocolates.

Odin Living (4)

Koko pastry & bread selection (Photo from Odin Living)

Since we just had a very indulgent breakfast at Mūsu, we had a take-out full of freshly baked goodies to bring back to our accommodation.

What was inside our Koko take-out bag?

  • Spinach & Feta ¥350 (₱170+)*
  • Maple & Pecan ¥320 (₱155+)*
  • Croissant ¥300 (₱145+)*
  • Pain Au Chocolat ¥300 (₱145+)*

After a few pleasantries, thank you so much’s, and see you laters’ with Jean, we headed back to our accommodation at Yama Shizen (Niseko Central).

Even though we were full from our breakfast, we took a bite out of the pastries so that we got to taste them freshly baked.  We had an hour to spare before our first tour for the day so we just sat around our room’s coffee table and took little bites of the pastries while watching our lovely winter view.

Odin Place Niseko (2)

I’m not an expert on reviewing food but I determine if a pastry is good through my own taste buds and my knowledge of good bread through the movie, Ratatouille! HAHAHAHA!

So how can you tell if a pastry or bread is good without tasting or smelling it? According to the chef in the movie, it’s through the sound of the crust! It’s like the sound of a person who just stepped on a bunch of plastic cups or bubble wrap! Weird analogy, I know! HAHAHAHA! But you get the gist, right? It has that symphony of crackles! And that’s what the Koko pastries had!

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (16)

I started testing bread this way ever since I saw that movie. I like hearing the crackle of the crust first before tasting it! And all the Koko pastries we had passed THAT test! HAHAHAHA!

I wanted more but my stomach couldn’t handle it anymore plus we had to get ready and digest well for our full winter day ahead.

After taking bites of the pastries, we put the leftovers in the freezer at all our accommodations during our whole stay in Hokkaido. We wanted to bring them home so my sisters could taste them.

They didn’t go bad AT ALL.

Once we were back in the Philippines, we placed the leftover pastries in the freezer and toasted them the next morning for breakfast. AND OMG! The sound of the crust was still there and the pastries WERE STILL GOO-OOD. We even slathered on whipped Hokkaido butter on them and OMG FOODIE HEAVEN! My sisters loved them!

Next time we visit Niseko, I’ll make sure to try the Koko éclairs and the barista coffee!

Odin Living (3)

Koko Bakery & Coffee Interior (Photo from Odin Living)

Koko is a takeaway bakery so there is no seating area available.

If you’re not in a hurry, across from Koko is Mūsu. You can either purchase your hot drinks at Mūsu and eat the pastries from Koko along with it or buy coffee at Koko and pick a meal from Mūsu’s menu. A Mūsu purchase is needed if you want to eat your Koko purchase comfortably seated inside Odin Place.

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (15)

My mom with our Koko takeaway outside Odin Place

Koko is open from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM

Telephone: +0136-21-7001

For more information on Koko, visit kokoniseko.com

For updates, follow Koko on Facebook (@kokoniseko) or Instagram (@koko_niseko) #Koko_Niseko #OdinPlace


Wine & Dine Cheese-fest at The Alpinist

Odin Living (6)

Cheese Fondue at The Alpinist (Photo from Odin Living)

After our full day of winter activities – Snowmobiling at White Isle Niseko, Snow Tubing at Hanazono Tube Park, Snow walk and gondola ride at Grand Hirafu, we were so excited to have an amazing dinner at Odin Place.

We had a reservation at 7:30 PM at the Alpinist so we took the free Ki Niseko shuttle to the Boots Solutions stop and walked from there.

Odin Living (1)

Crazy Night Life at Mūsu (Photo from Odin Living)

Odin Place was bustling during that time. To think that it was a Monday night! Well, since Niseko is an international ski & vacation destination, expect that it’ll always be busy.

The place has a very different atmosphere from the time we were there during that same morning. Koko was already closed but Mūsu was super packed! People were laughing it up while cheering their drinks in hand. It transformed from a quaint breakfast bistro to an ecstatic bar!

Climbing up the stairs to the Alpinist and looking to my right, Sushi Wakatake was already open. From the outside, it was pretty lit which was a contrast to the Niseko Taproom a few steps further. The 22-seat craft beer bar and rotisserie was wow-FULL and looked cramped but people looked so happy in the small space!

Across from it was where we were having dinner. YAY!

KKDay to Hokkaido (4)

The Alpinist is a traditional Alpine cuisine restaurant. Formerly known as the Niseko Supply Company, this outlet serves crepes, galettes (a savory pancake made from potatoes or buckwheat), fondue, salads, & raclette in the midst of Annupuri views.

Before traveling to Niseko, I read a few reviews on this restaurant online and a lot of people rave positive remarks on the Raclette and crepes.

When we arrived outside the Alpinist, we confirmed our reservation with a lady and she led us to our table near the windows. A waiter immediately handed us a menu and asked what drinks we wanted.

After relaying our drink orders, the waiter came back a few minutes later with them. During this time, Jean was busy [chef-ing it up!] preparing and cooking food in the kitchen.

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (26)

The Alpinist has a classy cabin feel to it. Its interior was modern and had a relaxing atmosphere. If I was with a significant other, it would definitely be romantic. It had a touch of fine dining to it as well.

I really liked the wooden raw materials used for the fixtures.

Here are our orders at the Alpinist:

  • Raclette ¥4,500 (₱2,188+)* per person
  • Hot Chocolate ¥650 (₱316+)*
  • 1 Glass of Domaine Loubet Dewailly, 2014 Chardonnay Bourgogne, France ¥1,200 (₱583+)*
  • La Banane Caramello ¥1,000 (₱486+)*
  • La Crème Brûlée ¥1,100 (₱535+)*

I don’t drink wine so my mom was the only one who ordered a glass. Since I loved the hot chocolate from that morning, that is what I ordered! I kinda regretted this a little bit after because the Raclette paired with this hot drink was damn HEAVY! HAHAHAHA!

But the hot chocolate was still oohhh sooooo gooooood!

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (18)

After our drinks were served, the waiter asked for our main course order. Raclette was the most hyped meal of the Alpinist so that is what we ordered.

When the waiter asked us if we wanted the course meal for 1 or 2 persons, my mom said for 2.

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (17)

My mom with her Chardonnay & French Onion Soup at The Alpinist

A French onion soup starter was served first. My mom liked this but I found it a bit too spicy. It was tasteful but I really don’t prefer onion-dominant dishes that much.

After finishing our soup, the waiter(s) started to bring in the Raclette dishes.

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (20)

When our full order came, we were so surprised to find that the course was A LOT! And thought that maybe we should have ordered for just 1!

There were like 5 full Hokkaido potatoes and about 14 slices of Raclette cheese. DAMN! We were hungry but not THAT hungry! HAHAHAHA! Just looking at it started to make me full! HAHAHAHA! Like, were we going to eat 2.5 potatoes EACH? HAHAHAHAHA!

Then, we dug in!

Our Raclette main course included a side salad, 150 grams of Swiss Raclette cheese, mortadella, ham, salami, prosciutto, chorizo, coppa, boiled potatoes, & cornichons.

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (24)


THAT cheese!

Ohhhhh cheesy-paradise!

That was A++++ quality cheese!

It was so creamy, salty, and complimented all the side dishes oh sooo well!

KKDay to Hokkaido (5)

The way it just melted and meshed well with the cold cuts and potato in my mouth was gastronomic!

It was so appetizing!


Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (23)

The Hokkaido potatoes were freshly boiled while the cold cuts were your typical meats.

The cut-up or mashed potatoes drizzled with the Raclette cheese were so sinful but greatly satisfying! The cheese heightened the taste of the Hokkaido potatoes. YUM!

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (21)

I felt really bad that we didn’t get to finish all the slices of cheese.

They deserved to be eaten!

But we were TOO full! We couldn’t anymore.

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (22)

But THERE’S ALWAYS room for? Yes, of course! DESSERT! HAHAHAHA!

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (31)

La Banane Caramello at The Alpinist

For dessert, my mom ordered the La Crème Brûlée (Traditional vanilla crème brûlée, biscotti) while I chose the La Banane Caramello (Banana, nougatine, vanilla ice cream, salted butter caramel sauce | contains nuts).

The crème brûlée was light and had the right amount of sweetness to it. For the crepe dessert, we loved the ice cream on top! 

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (27)

La Crème Brûlée at The Alpinist

On a side note, my sister traveled to Niseko last January 2017 and ate at The Alpinist too!

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (33)

La Burger Galette (Photo from my sister during her Jan 2017 Niseko trip)

She ordered red wine and the La Burger Galette ¥1,900 (₱924+)* – The Alpinist’s infamous Wagyu Beef crepe. My sister said the burger was really tender, juicy, and flavorful and the avocado puree complimented the galette well.

If you’ll be eating at the Alpinist for dinner, don’t eat the WHOLE DAY! HAHAHAHAHA! Just drink water so you can maximize your meals THERE! Just kidding! Eat light meals during the day and compensate that with a full foodie experience at the Alpinist during the night.

If you’ll be visiting a winter wonderland as beautiful as Niseko, you need to pair your winter experience with a traditional Alpine cuisine meal and the Alpinist is perfect for that good atmosphere makes good food makes good company makes good memories bit!

Jean informed us that most of the ingredients for the 3 outlets are sourced from Europe so it’s definitely an authentic Alpine experience!

Odin Living (13)

The Alpinist Interior (Photo from Odin Living)

The Alpinist is open from 11:30 AM to 11:30 PM

Telephone: +0136-21-7003

For more information on The Alpinist, visit alpinistniseko.com

For updates, follow The Alpinist on Facebook (@thealpinistniseko) or Instagram (@thealpinist.niseko) #TheAlpinistNiseko #OdinPlace


Night Cap! at Mūsu Après-Ski Bar

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (32)

After the “my stomach wants to explode!” dinner course at the Alpinist, we were 150% full! Our tummies felt oh-so satisfied but heavy as well. When Jean greeted us after our meal, he insisted that we have drinks at Mūsu. It was already a perfect last night with that alpine dinner but he wanted us to have and experience more!

Going down the stairs to Mūsu, it wasn’t as packed when we arrived for our dinner at the Alpinist.

Jean led us again to the table bar by the window but much nearer to the full bar.

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (29)

There was definitely a dramatic change to Mūsu from our indulgent breakfast to this night cap! The lights were dimmer and I really loved the vibe.

It was calming yet enjoyable.

Odin Living (11)

Mūsu Après-Ski Bar & Bistro (Photo from Odin Living)

This Après-Ski meaning After-Ski Bar & Bistro lives up its name. It’s a great place to hang-out after all the ski and snowboard you’ve done for the day — a cheery night cap to the day that was in a trendy hub!

I’m not much of a drinker and my mom was too shy to order anything so Jean ordered for us. Through it, he also introduced us to some of the baristas, Charly & Yoann (Bar Manager) who were also from Europe.

Odin Place Niseko (1)

Here are our drink orders at Mūsu Après-Ski Bar:

  • Lollipop Softail – Cranberry juice, pineapple juice, lime juice peach syrup, strawberry syrup ¥700 (₱340+)*
  • Pachinko Punch – House-made Cinnamon Japanese rum + house-made persimon puree + jasmine cordial + fresh lime juice + Hokkaido apple juice + angostura  bitter served in a wood cup with bamboo leaf and pimento ¥1,400 (₱681+)*

I had the Lollipop Softail while my mom had the Pachinko Punch that included a fiery introduction.

The Pachinko Punch is the bar’s signature cocktail drink wherein East meets West, giving the best that Japan can offer. My mom’s cocktail drink was definitely well-presented and the pre-show was cool! WATCH IT HERE!

My drink was really sweet but I liked it! Halfway through, I downed it! The music and vibe of the whole place was just inviting me to chug the drink! It felt so good.

My mom said her drink was just okay. For her, it was more of a beach-y & fruity drink that had a distinct pineapple taste. My mom prefers to drink beer and wine than hard drinks so she doesn’t really know how to review a cocktail drink. She was asking me to sip but I was too full from the Alpinist and I had to finish my drink too! I didn’t want to mix too much contents in my stomach! HAHAHAHA!

The snow was still falling outside while my mom and I just drank our sof/cocktails while watching the view and listening to the upbeat music and happy murmurs of guests around.

The atmosphere was great!

I’d definitely go to Mūsu every night after a winter’s day worth of activities to chill out and enjoy the scene.

Odin Living (5)

Lollipop Softail at Mūsu (Photo from Odin Living)

Mūsu is open from 7:30 AM to 12 Midnight

Telephone: +0136-21-7002

For more information on Mūsu, visit musuniseko.com or inquire at food.bev@odin-living.com

For updates, follow Mūsu on Facebook (@musuniseko) or Instagram (@musu_niseko) #Mūsu_Niseko #OdinPlace


Our night at the Alpinist & cap-off at Mūsu was a superb way to end our last night in Niseko.

Mūsu, Koko, & the Alpinist have more to offer than what we experienced.

After experiencing all the amazing food we had at Odin Place. I will no longer refer to Odin as just an MCU reference but also a gastronomic food experience that I will always come back to whenever I am in Niseko.

We just had a taste and we definitely want more!


Wine & Dine! 

Where to eat in Niseko? Mūsu AprèsSki Bar & Bistro, Koko Bakery & Coffee, & the Alpinist are included in Niseko Tourism’s Wine & Dine Guide.

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (7)

For more information on these outlets and other food establishments in Niseko, you can download the Wine & Dine Guide from Niseko Tourism.


Get 10% off! 

If you’re staying at hotels (ex: Ki Niseko, Niseko Central, etc) that supply Niseko Passport cards to guests, use this to get a 10% discount at Mūsu, Koko, & the Alpinist. For more information, visit experienceniseko.com/passport


Odin Place Niseko at Night (Photo from Odin Living)

Make a reservation at #OdinPlace Niseko TODAY!

For more information, visit www.odin-living.com or inquire at reservations@odin-living.com

Visiting Odin Place in Niseko soon? Post your photos on social media & use the hashtags: #Mūsu_Niseko #Koko_Niseko #TheAlpinistNiseko #OdinPlace

*Menu prices as of FEB 2018

NOTE: Philippine Peso amounts may vary depending on exchange rate. As of FEB 2018, $1 = ₱51.27 and ¥1 = ₱0.47

This is a sponsored write-up. My experiences with products & services may or may not be the same as yours. All opinions are inspired by my experiences & nothing else.


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