Quick Travel Guide, Tips, & Itinerary: Niseko, Japan

Want to experience SNOW for the first time or searching for your next WINTER destination? Look no further! N I S E K O (Hokkaido’s Snowiest Resort) is the place to be! 

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Here’s a quick Niseko Travel & Budget Guide / FAQs to help you start plan your trip! 


Jetstar 2 Hokkaido (7)

  • Book a flight from Manila, Philippines to Hokkaido (New Chitose Airport). It takes around 8 to 9 hours to get to Hokkaido (includes transit). Jetstar offers the lowest rates to Japan and most convenient connecting flights to Hokkaido. Average fare per way – ₱11,000; Sale fare per way – ₱7,500. Book your flights today at www.jetstar.com 

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  • From the New Chitose Airport/Sapporo, take a 2-3 hours van or bus ride to Niseko. You can book your van or bus transfers via KKday. Private Van for 9 people – ₱10,600+ per way OR Hokkaido Resort Liner Public Bus – ₱1,900+ per way per person.  

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KKDay to Niseko (16)

  • You can also check out Sky Express Niseko for private door to door transfers throughout Hokkaido (airport transfers, day tours to Sapporo, & many more).


Niseko is at its peak during winter so expect accommodations to be expensive. What you spend for 3 nights in Sapporo may just be 1 night in Niseko. 

Luxury Stays HTM Niseko (20)

Room at Ki Niseko

  • For luxury stays, check out Niseko Central‘s Yama Shizen OR Ki Niseko. Sale prices start at ₱9,000 per night.  

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  • For budget stays during winter, at minimum, guesthouses or hostels can cost ₱4,000+ per person per night. Check out Hooting Owl Lodge, Hirafu Backpackers, OR Niseko Moiwa House.
  • You can also check out AIRBNB listings. Get ₱1,600+ ($32+) off your first AIRBNB booking when you sign up through this AIRBNB link! 
  • If you want to stay at nicer accommodations but at a more affordable rate, early bird winter deals are usually offered by luxury hotels around April or May so make sure to book by then. Prices are often cut by 20% to 30%.
Luxury Stays HTM Niseko (11)

View from Yama Shizen (Niseko Central) Room


Luxury Stays HTM Niseko (8)

  • Rakuichi SobaAnthony Bourdain-approved! During winter season, reservations are essential! Business Hours: Lunch 12pm-2pm (JPY10,000 + tax) & Dinner 7pm-9:30pm (JPY12,000 + tax). Reservations can be made within 90 days of your preferred booking date. 
  • Milk Kobo – If you’re staying within the Hirafu area, Milk Kobo is a few bus stops away. Taxis from Hirafu can cost around ₱1,500 per way so make sure you’re aware of the bus schedules to this route! 
  • Ezo Seafoods – Reserve a seat a few weeks before your winter trip or else you’ll have to settle for a take-out platter that cost at least ₱8,000+! 
  • Odin Place Niseko (Musu, Koko, & The Alpinist) – BGC comfort food vibes! Super indulgent menu & trendy!

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Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (20)

Raclette Spread from The Alpinist at Odin Place

  • An Dining Cafe & Bar at Ki Niseko – A luxury dining experience! Perfect for romantic dates or YOLO eats! If you want to save a little, drop by for breakfast! Buffet costs around ₱800+ per person! Quality food experience!!!! Best butter and wasabi EVERRRR!!!

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  • Seicomart & nearby food vans in Hirafu – Budget eats? YES!!! So many choices!

Food Vans in Hirafu Town

Musu Koko Alpinist Odin Place Niseko (7)


  • The most significant tip I can give on your winter wear is to OVERESTIMATE! IMPORTANT!
  • Bring lots of layers, more for your body parts that are easily sensitive to cold.
  • Purchase quality thermal wear or layers.

Stunning Hokkaido Best of Winter Niseko Sapporo Sounkyo Biei Lake Shikotsu (87)

  • Wear boots that have good grip as there are some slippery roads around Niseko
  • Put on sunglasses especially if your eyes are sensitive. Since the snowfall was heavy during our first walk outside, a few snowflakes went into my eye and it felt salty that I started to tear up. It stung a bit but when I put on sunglasses, it became better
  • I recommend wearing neck warmers and coats with overheads more than ear muffs.
  • Wear gloves and socks with thick cotton padding.



  • Hirafu Gondola & Snow Walking at Niseko Grand Hirafu Ski Resort- ₱879+ for a roundtrip gondola ride
  • Snow Tubing at Hanazono Niseko- ₱1,220+ per hour

My mom snow tubing at Hanazono

  • Snowmobiling at White Isle Niseko – ₱3,400 for 30 minutes 
  • Go Snow Snowboarding or Ski Lessons – ₱3,900 for 2.5 hour lessons + ₱3,200 for Rhythm Japan gear rental



  • Use FREE shuttles to travel in and around Niseko (ex: Hanazono & Grand Hirafu shuttles, Ki shuttle)


  • If you’ll be skiing or snowboarding for consecutive days, use of Niseko United Bus is free when you purchase a Niseko United all mountain pass.
  • As indicated above, book your hotel or AIRBNB rooms 6 months in advance for a more affordable rate. 
  • Purchase transfers and winter activities via KKday!
  • If you’re staying at a qualifying hotel (Ki Niseko, Niseko Central, etc), use the Experience Niseko Passport to avail discounts from establishments in and around Niseko (even Hokkaido).
  • Purchase winter wear or souvenirs in Sapporo or at the New Chitose Airport, everything is more expensive in Niseko.
  • A lot of winter deals pop-up during mid-March to April when winter season is coming to a close.



View of Mt Yotei from Grand Hirafu Ski Resort




8AM to 11AM – Bus from Sapporo to Niseko 

11AM to 1PM – Hirafu Gondola, Explore Grand Hirafu, Eat Lunch at Mountain Cafe

1PM to 3PM – Winter Activities (Hirafu Gondola, Go Snow Ski or Snowboard Lessons, White Isle Niseko Snowboarding, Hanazono Niseko Snow Tubing, etc) 

3PM to 5PM – Snacks or Drinks at Odin Place, Seicomart, or Hirafu Food Vans

5PM to 8PM – Bus from Niseko to Sapporo


Late Afternoon Arrival in Niseko 

Check-in at Accommodation 

Explore Hirafu Village 

Dinner & Drinks at The Alpinist, Odin Place Niseko


Breakfast at An Dining Cafe & Bar at Ki Niseko 

Winter Activities 

Check-out at Accommodation

Lunch at Musu, Odin Place Niseko 

Explore Niseko Village

Snacks at Milk Kobo 

Airport/Sapporo/next Hokkaido destination


Late Afternoon Arrival in Niseko 

Check-in at Accommodation 

Explore Hirafu Village 

Dinner & Drinks at The Alpinist, Odin Place


Breakfast at An Dining Cafe & Bar at Ki Niseko 

Winter Activities 

Lunch at Rakuichi Soba

Explore Niseko Village

Snacks at Milk Kobo 

Winter Activities 

Dinner at Ezo Seafoods


Breakfast at Musu at Odin Place 

Coffee & Pastry Take out at Koko at Odin Place 

Explore Annupuri Niseko

Check-out at Accommodation

Lunch at Hanazono 308 

Winter Activities 

Airport/Sapporo/next Hokkaido destination


  • Prices/Links may have changed from time of writing.
  • Prices may vary depending on current exchange rates. As of September 2018, ¥1 = ₱0.48
  • This quick Niseko travel & budget guide contains affiliate links which means that if you click any of the said links and make a purchase, I may receive a commission or sponsorship. Thank you for supporting me & Inspiring Grateful Travels!


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