Stay Connected while Traveling with Big Sky Nation!

When I started traveling frequently back in 2014, I only had a small pouch designated for my devices. That pouch probably took up 2% of my backpack space. And that’s all I had during my trips then. That pouch. That ONE backpack. Hands-free! Nothing else.

The only items inside that pouch were my:

  • Nokia E63
  • Charger of Nokia E63
  • Sony TX30 Digital Camera
  • Charger of Sony TX30 Digital Camera

That’s it! And I loved it! I lived for the thought of having to take care of ONE bag during my trips and focus more on the travel experiences that I will have. I loved that I only used my Nokia E63 as an alarm so I could wake up early everyday to start my travel itinerary.

I did not have roaming.

I did not even use social media during my entire trips back then.


One backpack only! (Photo from 2014 Halong Bay Booze Cruise)

I miss my Sony TX30. Other than being waterproof, it took nice photos without the bulk. With one hand, I could capture photos with 3 clicks – power on, capture, power off.

While I’m out on tours, I only use a small bag that fits all that I need which is the Sony camera, cash, 1 page of notes on travel directions, and a Xerox copy of my ID! That’s it! This small bag, when not in use, just sits in my backpack! Oh, how I miss the light load!

This continued on until 2015!

ONE backpack! (Photo from 2015 Batanes Trip)

When I traveled with my family to Tokyo three years ago (Jan 2016), I still possessed my Nokia and Sony. All my family members already had iPhones so whenever we were out, they would ask me to capture photos of them with their phones + my Sony.

After every social media worthy picture that was taken, they would skidaddle off somewhere to find wi-fi and leave me and my mom to where we’re still basking in the moment, maximizing our travel experiences.

I used to be annoyed at my sisters because of this. I didn’t get why they needed to post their photos on social media immediately. Why not just wait until we reach our hotels with wi-fi?

But as time passed & X # of trips later, I accepted and understood that people have their own ways of enjoying trips. If people want to take pictures immediately and leave, let them. If tourists want to watch a live show through their recording cameras, make sure it’s allowed first! HAHA & let them relish it. Focus on your own travel experiences and do them how you prefer to do them. I know this has probably been said a million times but you do you.

Fast forward to today, the small pouch + small bag inside one backpack only trips no longer exist! That ensemble turned into:

Traveling has definitely progressed for me along with the things that I bring during my trips. From one small pouch of gadgets, all my devices are separated and have to be lugged in 1 cross body bag. It requires its own pack and much needed effort from my arms while on trips! HAHAHA!

So for the next part, here’s an episode of What’s in my Cross Body Bag? HAHA!

  • iPhone 5S – My mom convinced me to use my sister’s 2nd hand phone when she upgraded. My Nokia E63 is still alive though! It’s just sleeping & one day, I hope to go back to that one backpack trips & I’ll definitely use it again!
  • Charger for iPhone 5S
  • Earphones
  • Sony MP3
  • Mirrorless Camera
  • Charger for Mirrorless Camera
  • Waterproof Bag for Mirrorless Camera
  • Camera Bag
  • Extra Charger Wires
  • Cleaning Wipes & Tools for Mirrorless Camera
  • Waterproof Case for iPhone
  • Universal Travel Adapters
  • Extra Batteries

Up until early 2018, these were the usual items in my gadget bag. Here are the recent additions: 

  • Skyroam Travel Wi-Fi by Big Sky Nation
  • Charger of Skyroam unit
  • Skyroam Case

For the past few years, all my trips were in Asia so I was perfectly fine with connecting to wi-fi at my accommodations. During my itineraries, I take photos or videos with my phone & camera and just post later at night after all my activities or early the next day. In these Asian countries, I felt safe. I never felt the need to stay online 24/7 because that’s how I prefer to travel.

#Jetstar2KIX Naruto Whirlpools (24)

Naruto Whirlpools in Japan, one of the safest countries I love traveling to!

But when I was planning for my November trip to Brazil last year, I doubted my safety…even my enjoyment.

I was finally visiting my dream destination and I had second thoughts if I would have fun or not and I didn’t like that! 

I read a lot of articles on Brazil being dangerous and received messages of personal accounts from some travelers saying that they felt unsafe at times. I also watched Fast Five & Narcos and sometimes, you perceive all these common notions on the show and relay it to reality. This really caused me to worry. I even thought of canceling the Brazil trip!

Travel Favorites 2018 (6)

Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro

But I recalled a scene from LOST where Jack gave a speech about fear. He said, I’d let the fear in, let it take over, let it do its thing, but only for five seconds…






So after I mentally cheered myself on with this TV scene, I tried to think of ways of letting the fear dissipate. That’s when I found Skyroam! If you scroll through Facebook, you might have seen ads by Skyroam. What you probably saw was the Skyroam Solis – a circular orange gadget that is also said to be a power bank which can make you stay connected 24/7. That’s what struck me the most – Staying Connected.

I did not need to stay connected to post on social media.

I needed to stay connected to let my loved ones know that I am okay.

I wanted to stay online so I could easily book an Uber to roam around Brazil safely.

#flyethiopianairlinestobrazil brazil (10)

View of Rio de Janeiro from Sugarloaf Mountain

Was the fear completely gone? No. But because of Skyroam, I didn’t let the fear completely take over.

I enjoyed my dream trip to its fullest and had one of the best trips of my life!

From one backpack to an ensemble of bags, one thing remains the same and that’s my love and grateful passion for travel experiences. It does not matter whether I’m carrying a light pack or a heavy load, the most significant aspect is that I still experience new things, that I get to explore new destinations, and that I’m still…very grateful for all of it!

Big Sky Nation WiFi Discount/Promo Code: Use GRATEFULTRAVELS for 10% off! 



Skyroam was founded by Jing Liu to provide reliable mobile wi-fi at a reasonable cost. We hear a lot of stories where travelers are being overcharged for their roaming data by their ISPs. Jing developed the virtual sim technology enabling mobile data on-demand worldwide through local connectivity.

Renting or buying a Skyroam product is like owning a sim card in every country without actually purchasing one for EVERY trip. It removes the hassles of finding a sim card upon arrival, buying one, nitpicking it from the package, opening the sim slot on your phone, puzzling it in, and closing the slot. With Skyroam products, you just turn the power on, connect, and you’re done!

Skyroam can be used in 130+ countries, operates in over 500 retail locations worldwide, and ships to 150+ destinations. For more information on Skyroam, visit

In the Philippines, Skyroam products are officially & exclusively sold and distributed by Big Sky Nation. 

Big Sky Nation prides itself as the #1 travel solutions provider in the country. They provide the best way to stay connected abroad because of:

  • Unlimited Data
  • Reliable Connectivity
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Secure Connection
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Here are the travel products that you can rent or purchase from Big Sky Nation:


★ TRAVEL WI-FI is a shareable wi-fi device for rent that offers both inbound and outbound travel hotspots that uses vSIM technology which runs on the local network of each country of destination. Big Sky Nation provides 3 options:

  • 4G LTE Travel Hotspot
  • 3G Mate
  • Skyroam WorldFi
big sky nation skyroam review (10)

Big Sky Nation Travel Wi-Fi Products for RENT (Screenshot from

Here are the rates of the travel wi-fi products:

  • Travel Saver 3G Plus (Mate) ₱250* Taiwan, ₱350* Asia, ₱390* USA/EU/AU
  • Premium 4G Hotspot (4G LTE Hotspot & Skyroam WorldFi) ₱390* Taiwan, ₱450* Most of Asia, ₱550* USA/EU/ANZ, ₱590* Rest of the World
big sky nation skyroam review (12)

Big Sky Nation 3G & 4G Travel Wi-Fi Rental Rates (Screenshot from


★ SKYROAM SOLIS is a one-all wi-fi 4G LTE + 6000 mAh power bank device. If you travel frequently, all you need to do is purchase this gadget and rent Big Sky Nation day passes as needed. If you’re not traveling, you can use the Solis as a power bank. It is priced at ₱10,995*. If you own a Skyroam 3G unit, Big Sky Nation accepts trade-ins at a special discounted rate.

big sky nation skyroam review (9)

Big Sky Nation Travel Wi-Fi Products for PURCHASE (Screenshot from


★ BIG SKY NATION TRAVEL SIM is a reusable and reloadable data only travel product that offers 4G/3G data connection in over 80+ countries powered by cloudSIM technology. It costs ₱2,500*. This is perfect for frequent SOLO travelers who do not prefer the bulk of an additional gadget. 

Both the Skyroam travel-wifi and Solis have the following features:

  • One touch access to unlimited wifi in over 130+ countries – no SIMs needed!
  • Connects up to 5 gadgets
  • Blazing fast speeds
  • Battery life of 16+ hours
big sky nation skyroam review (11)

Big Sky Nation Travel Wi-Fi Products (Screenshot from


The Skyroam Solis and Big Sky Nation Travel SIM Cards are also available for purchase at along with:

  • Skyroam Solis Lite 4G/LTE WiFi (₱7,995*)
  • Skyroam Solis X 4G/LTE WiFi (₱11,995*)
  • Lycamobile Sim Card (₱3,000*)
  • China Sim VPN-Ready (₱1,450* – ₱3,450*)
  • Snappy Travel Sim (₱1,560* – ₱4,320*)
  • Syroam Solis Asia Day Pass Card (₱2,450*)
big sky nation skyroam review (14)

Big Sky Nation Travel Products on Lazada (Screenshot from

Big Sky Nation rents out these travel gadgets as well:

  • Go Pro (₱600*/day)
  • Drone (₱1,500*/day)
  • Instax (₱400*/day)
big sky nation skyroam review (13)

Big Sky Nation Travel Gadgets for RENT (Screenshot from

Aside from the official website and Lazada, you can avail Big Sky Nation travel products at:

  • NAIA Terminals Departure Area 
  • Anker – SM Megamall, Glorietta 1, SM MOA, Uptown BGC, Ayala Vertis North
  • Cebu Pacific Ticketing Offices – SM Megamall, Ali Mall
  • Nifty – Robinsons Place Manila

These are also designated pick-up and drop-off locations for Big Sky Nation’s rental products.

If you have seen Smart’s Wifi Your World Travel Wi-fi, this is actually fulfilled and supplied by Big Sky Nation. Here are other brands that trust Skyroam:

big sky nation skyroam review (1)

Screenshot from

For more information, visit



Renting a travel wi-fi from Big Sky Nation is really easy! It will take less than 5-10 minutes of your precious time!

★ STEP 1: Visit through your desktop or phone browser. Fill out the available form on the homepage or the booking form on the Rent Travel Wi-Fi page.

★ STEP 2: Fill out the form!

big sky nation skyroam review (2)

Trial Booking – Purchase Option on Big Sky Nation Website (Screenshot from

Select your purchase option

  • Choose between RENT (Global Hotspot + Day Pass) or RECHARGE (Day Pass Load Only). The RENT option is for those who want to rent a travel wi-fi with day passes while RECHARGE is for those who purchased their own Skyroam Solis or 4G Mate units & to those who rented wi-fi that want to extend usage.
  • Next is choosing a Device Option – 4G LTE (350MB, 500MB, 1GB, or Unlimited per day)
  • Province of Origin
  • Big Sky Nation Promo Coupon Code – For 10% off, use GRATEFULTRAVELS
big sky nation skyroam review (3)

Trial Booking – Trip Details (RENT) on Big Sky Nation (screenshot from

Tell us more about your trip

  • Indicate travel information per destination (you can include more than one if you plan to use Big Sky Nation for multiple trips)
  • Quantity of devices that you need

This part of the form will require your DEPARTURE date (flight/cruise/etc) and START & END (wi-fi activation) dates. Please take note of this. You may have the option of choosing which date you want your wi-fi connection to start. This may not necessarily be on the day of your departure. For example, your date of arrival is after a long haul flight which may be a day or two after your departure date. You can indicate this as your start date.

big sky nation skyroam review (8)

Trial Booking – Trip Details (RECHARGE) on Big Sky Nation (Screenshot from

If you’re availing the RECHARGE option, the form will require the serial number of your Big Sky Nation device.

big sky nation skyroam review (4)

Trial Booking – Delivery & Pick-up on Big Sky Nation (Screenshot from

Delivery & Pick-up Information

  • You can have the option of picking-up the unit at selected Metro Manila locations (Big Sky Nation Office, all NAIA Terminals, Glorietta 1, SM Megamall, Robinsons Place Manila, SM MOA, Alimall, Ayala Vertis North, and Uptown BGC) or delivered to your preferred address. Delivery charges cost ₱95* for Metro Manila & ₱150* for Outside Metro Manila.
big sky nation skyroam review (5)

Trial Booking – Contact Details on Big Sky Nation (Screenshot from

Your Contact Information

  • Personal details

★ STEP 3: Review & Payment!

After filling out the form, click Checkout! You can review your booking details and pay for your travel wi-fi!

big sky nation skyroam review (6)

Trial Booking – Review Page on Big Sky Nation (Screenshot from

If you will be renting a Skyroam travel wi-fi, the amount includes a security deposit of ₱2,000*. The deposit on the device will be credited back to your account 15 to 30 banking days after you return the wi-fi to Big Sky Nation.

If your option is to RECHARGE, there will be no deposit. Day pass rates remain the same whether you rent or have a device of your own.

Watch out for Big Sky Nation promos that excludes the security deposit for travel wi-fi rental! Follow Big Sky’s social media accounts for updates! 

big sky nation skyroam review (7)

Trial Booking – Payment Options (Screenshot from

Please be advised that you cannot cancel your order.

If you need to modify your booking like changing delivery or activation dates, contact Big Sky Nation via email at and they will be the one to update your booking information.

If there is an internet connection problem while you’re booking your travel wi-fi on, send these booking details to Big Sky Nation and they will send a confirmation email with payment instructions:

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email
  • Flight Number
  • Flight/Departure Date
  • Delivery and Pick-up Address
  • Trip Itinerary (Countries with Dates)



I had the opportunity to use the Skyroam WorldFi during my last 3 trips of 2018:


Day Pass Dates

# of Days

Date Received

Pick-up Date

Vietnam (Hanoi)

Nov 15 – 18, 2018


Nov 13, 2018

Dec 5, 2018

Brazil (Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Foz do Iguacu)

Nov 23 – Dec 3, 2018


Nov 13, 2018

Dec 5, 2018

Philippines (Batanes, Manila)

Dec 20 – 24, 2018


Dec 17, 2018

Dec 27, 2018

Since my Hanoi & Brazil trips were just a few days away from each other, the Skyroam travel wi-fi did not need to be picked-up after the Vietnam trip. Although the unit was still with me, there was no wi-fi connection from Nov 19 to 22, 2018.

The travel wi-fi was utilized in 3 different kinds of trips:

  • Family Trip in Vietnam (Asia)
  • Solo Trip in Brazil (South America)
  • Sisters Trip in Batanes (Philippines)

The Hanoi trip was with my family so 4 of us connected to the Skyroam. I went to Brazil on a solo trip so I was the only one connected. For the last trip, I shared the connection with one of my sisters in Batanes.

Here’s my (with a few insights from my family) review on the Skyroam travel wi-fi by Big Sky Nation:


#travelwithbigsky hanoi brazil batanes (14)

A day before our departure flight to Hanoi, a Big Sky Nation customer representative called me on my phone and told me that a Grab driver will be delivering the Skyroam unit to my residence. Since I wasn’t home, I told him to leave the package with the lobby guard. I arrived around 5PM at the lobby to see that my wi-fi was already there. The unit came in its case. There was no packaging or box. Just the wi-fi set.

The kit includes the Skyroam WorldFi unit, a receipt, and the charging cable. Since I couldn’t test the wi-fi yet, I just charged the unit first. The cable is compatible with any USB adapter.

#travelwithbigsky hanoi brazil batanes (17)

When I plugged the device, the light turns a quick red then a blinking yellow green. This means that it’s charging. Once the battery is full, the light was a steady yellow green. In this instance, the charging took less than an hour.

If I had any questions on the Skyroam unit, I just sent a message to the Big Sky Nation support team through Viber (+63918-964-7626). It takes a few hours before they respond to every query.

#travelwithbigsky hanoi brazil batanes (9)

Our flight to Hanoi was from 10PM to 1AM last Nov 14 and the date of usage of our wifi started on Nov 15. Please note that day pass activation dates follow Manila time. When we arrived past 12MD in Hanoi, it was already 1AM in Manila so the day pass was already activated.

Skyroam is really easy to use. Turn it on, search for the Wi-fi username available, add the password, and VOILA, you’re connected! No more registrations or leading to any web pages. That’s it! You’re connected!

When we arrived in Hanoi, I immediately turned on the Skyroam unit at the immigration area. When the light resembled a loading icon, the Skyroam username popped up on our iPhone Wi-fi options. My sisters and I connected to it and added the password. Although there was already a check on our iPhones, the light was still circling (or loading). This took around 2 minutes I think! Not that long! We were just anticipating because we were excited to use it!

I put the travel wi-fi back in my bag while passing through immigration.

At the baggage counter, I checked it again and the light was no longer loading. It was a steady white-lighted circle. I told my sisters that we’re connected and they hurriedly checked their phones.

#travelwithbigsky hanoi brazil batanes (18)

We were amazed at the speed! For the past few years, we’ve been connected to PLDT’s 3 MBPS per month subscription! That has been our baseline for what internet speed is so, OMG!

We were ecstatic with the speed of our Big Sky Nation wi-fi in Hanoi! My sisters were watching videos on Instagram with no lags. My mom was even watching YouTube on her phone! My sister even said, “I’m not sleeping anymore! I’m just going to watch videos all night!”

We were really happy & grateful!

I viewed the speed of our wi-fi by using an online speed test. WOW! Inside a transit car from the airport to our accommodation, the speed was 16 MBPS. I mean, WHOAAA compare that to our 3 MBPS internet life with PLDT, we were definitely missing out! HAHAHA!

The speed really impressed us especially my sisters. 

Once we got to our accommodation, I turned the wi-fi off and charged it. So while this was off, we connected to the wi-fi of our accommodation. I tested the speed online again to compare and it was 10 MBPS. It was still faster than our PLDT connection at home so we were happy!

Although this was the case during that time when we arrived, the wi-fi of the accommodation was intermittent throughout our stay so when this happened, my sisters requested that I turn on the Skyroam wi-fi instead and all was well after that!

#travelwithbigsky hanoi brazil batanes (12)

Since our Hanoi trip was mostly navigating through the chaotic streets of Old Quarter for the best food finds, the Skyroam WorldFi was really a big help. I was the official tour guide of my family so directions fall on me. With stable connection, I was able to use Rome2Rio efficiently while walking around. We never had to ask anyone for directions to any restaurant. I found all the places we wanted to visit!

While I was using my maps, my sisters were posting on social media. My sisters like posting their travel moments LIVE so the wi-fi connection was really an A+ for them. They were able to post photos & videos of our gastronomic experiences in Hanoi.

#travelwithbigsky hanoi brazil batanes (10)

On our last full day in Hanoi (Nov 18), we just rested at the accommodation in the morning so my sister decided to watch Netflix for a few hours. When it was time to go out, we started noticing that the speed of the Skyroam wasn’t as fast as the first 3 days.

I later found out that we reached our data cap for the day because of video streaming. Although our connection wasn’t cut, it was slow for the rest of that day until night in Hanoi. At the airport, it was very slow that my sisters just connected to any available wi-fi.

Please note that Skyroam/Big Sky Nation follows the Fair Usage Policy per country. Under the Fair Usage Policy, users who deal with large amounts of data in a short period of time might, without prior notice, have their data use limited or throttled at the discretion of the telecommunications company of the country of destination. Devices can work at lightning speeds but may be affected by streaming videos so try not to use Netflix or YouTube during the day.

When we arrived in Manila, I turned on the Skyroam unit just to see what would happen. The wi-fi icon loaded first as it always does and instead of a full white light, it was red. This indicates that our day pass has expired.

I really liked the Skyroam wi-fi because of its speed. It’s nice to know that I can connect anytime I want.

#travelwithbigsky hanoi brazil batanes (13)

During the first 3 days, even though we were all using it together, no one complained about the speed. Since the wi-fi was already within our midst, my sisters didn’t have to scurry off somewhere and look for wi-fi. Even though they were on their phones, I’m glad we were still together during the whole trip.

We used the Skyroam from morning to night without charging it. I only plug it in when everyone’s going to sleep already. There were even times that my sisters would volunteer to turn it off and charge for me because they still wanted to stay connected.


Since my Brazil trip was just a few days away from my Hanoi trip, the Skyroam WorldFi unit was still with me. When we got home from the airport, I just charged it. I plugged it in right before I went to sleep and found it fully charged when I woke up. I didn’t get to record how long it charged for before the battery became full.

#travelwithbigsky hanoi brazil batanes (15)

My Skyroam day passes were activated for Brazil from Nov 23 to Dec 3, 2018. I left Manila on Nov 22 at 9PM and had a quick stopover at Hong Kong airport from 11PM until 11:55PM. I decided to check if I could connect inside the airplane. The light did load but it never connected since it was still Nov 22. The plane started to depart a few minutes before midnight so I turned it off.

I arrived in Addis Ababa airport in Ethiopia on Nov 23 6AM local time for a 3 hour layover. Although the airport had reliable wi-fi, I decided to check if the Skyroam would work. Please note that Ethiopia is not included in Skyroam’s list of operational destinations in Africa. The light loaded but it never connected. When I checked my iPhone for wi-fi options, another Skyroam unit was being used around. My Big Sky Nation unit never connected so I just turned it off again.

#travelwithbigsky hanoi brazil batanes (3)

When my Ethiopian Airlines flight from Manila finally landed in Sao Paulo in Brazil, I took out the Skyroam, turned it on, and placed it on the cup holder in front of me. While fixing my things before deplaning, I noticed that the travel wi-fi connected immediately!

I finally had wi-fi! This made me feel safe because I can easily book an Uber, message my AIRBNB (Get ₱1,600 or $32 off your first AIRBNB booking when you sign up through the link!) or hostel hosts, and update my loved ones on my whereabouts.

#travelwithbigsky hanoi brazil batanes (16)

I stayed connected with Big Sky Nation when I needed to. I didn’t get to check the speed because I was the only one using it. I just wanted to be online so that I could book my transportation and let my mom or sisters know where I was anywhere, anytime.

I did not consistently use the travel wi-fi like my sisters did in Hanoi. I just turned it on and connected my iPhone. Throughout the day, the connection was only utilized when I wanted to book an Uber or check directions. After a full day of touring, I connect to post a few images or statuses on social media and update my family on what I did for the day. After that, I turned the wi-fi off and charged it. That’s it!

#flyethiopianairlinestobrazil brazil (8)

The wi-fi served its purpose…to make me feel safe.

I only encountered a problem with the wi-fi once in Rio de Janeiro. There was a day when there were heavy rains and flooding. Due to this, I was stuck at Barra Shopping. When it was time for me to leave, the signal strength was too slow to book an Uber or browse through Facebook. My wi-fi was connected but the loading of pages or data was slow.

After around 15 minutes, the Uber app ran at a normal pace again and I had the chance to book a ride back to my accommodation. I turned the wi-fi off that afternoon and didn’t use it again until the next day.

If you have similar cases like this wherein a day pass was not utilized due to outside factors, you may appeal for a refund with the Big Sky Nation team and they will investigate on the matter. If your situation is valid, Big Sky Nation will return the fair amount. 

#flyethiopianairlinestobrazil brazil (11)

Although I only use social media before or after my itineraries for the day, I do check if I can connect at some destinations in Brazil. There was no signal at the Christ the Redeemer Statue and intermittent signal at the top of Sugarloaf mountain. In Foz do Iguacu, just like in Hanoi, I preferred using the Big Sky Nation travel wi-fi because the wi-fi at my hostel was really slow. The Skyroam unit connected faster. 

#travelwithbigsky hanoi brazil batanes (2)

I’m really grateful for the Skyroam unit from Big Sky Nation during my Brazil trip. Because of common perceptions of Brazil being a dangerous country, I was glad that I had a gadget that made me feel safe…the feeling of staying connected did that.


#travelwithbigsky hanoi brazil batanes (7)

During my Batanes trip back in 2015, I remember turning off my Nokia E63 putting it in my homestay’s drawer and just brought my Sony camera during my tours. I never posted or checked social media during that trip. I didn’t even update my family because I felt very safe. I had fun with newfound friends and I maximized my travel experiences basking in the breathtaking and beautiful sights of Batanes.

Fast forward to 2018 or just last month, I was back in Batanes, with my sister lugging around a backpack and one cross body bag full of devices. Although the load felt heavier, Batanes felt the same. It was still breathtaking and beautiful as ever!

With my new camera and Skyroam gadget, I was able to capture Batanes stunningly and share my grateful experiences on social media after long but satisfying adventures from BISUMI tours & services.

#travelwithbigsky hanoi brazil batanes (8)

Last year, Smart & Globe LTEs were launched in Batanes bringing greatly improved internet services and connection in one of the most remote locations in the Philippines.

Having the Skyroam wi-fi was something my sister was happy about because it was her first time in Batanes and she got to post her IG stories live in some locations. The internet connection in Batanes can be intermittent and non-existent in a few areas.

The wi-fi was strongest within areas of Basco Town and Ivana Port. In Sabtang Island, connection was at its peak at the Sabtang Lighthouse and Chamantad Viewpoint.

There was no or intermittent signal within vicinities of the Alapad Hills, Songsong Beach, and Chavayan, Nakanmuan, & Sumnanga Villages in Sabtang.

Travel Favorites (1)

I downloaded 3 speed test apps to check the speed data of different Batanes locations. All apps displayed numbers within the same range, just off by 1 to 2 values. I used Speed Test by Ookla the most.

In Batanes, I noticed that the Big Sky Nation wi-fi either connects to the Globe or Smart coverage but signal strengths seemed to be optimized from Taipei/China servers. This is according to the app data.


Here is the data I collected & summarized. I included our location in Batanes/Manila, date, time, app I used, and the download & upload speed:





MBPS (Download/Upload)


Dec 20





Dec 20

5:00 AM

Speed Test by Ookla


Basco Airport

Dec 20

8:00 AM Speedcheck


Vayang Rolling Hills

Dec 20

4:35 PM Speed Test by Ookla


Naidi Lighthouse

Dec 20

5:56 PM Speed Test by Ookla


Ivana Port

Dec 21

6:44 AM Speed Test by Ookla


Sabtang Port

Dec 21

8:19 AM Speed Test by Ookla


Sabtang Lighthouse

Dec 21

12:21 NN Speed Test by Ookla


Sabtang Lighthouse

Dec 21

6:24 PM SpeedSmart 0.96/1.42

Sabtang Lighthouse

Dec 22

12:44 MD Speedcheck


Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint

Dec 22

7:11 AM Speed Test by Ookla


Octagon Bed & Dine

Dec 22

6:35 PM Speed Test by Ookla


Maivanaman Restaurant

Dec 23

12:00 NN Speedcheck



Dec 23

1:36 PM Speed Test by Ookla


Basco Airport

Dec 24

6:11 AM Speed Test by Ookla



Dec 24

1:13 PM Speedcheck


I really liked the IG stories that my sister posted LIVE at different sights in Batanes. If you’re interested in viewing this, just follow her on Instagram (@irismaligat) and check out her Batanes highlights! 

#travelwithbigsky hanoi brazil batanes (1)

Telegraph Facilities at Naidi Lighthouse Area (1995 Photo of my grandmother vs. our 2018 visit)

My sister was really happy when she took photos and videos of Batanes sights and posted them for her friends to see. After she posted, she would just sit and take in the view. I loved that part.

After I take scenery photos, I usually sat down beside her and we enjoyed the view together. I connected with her happiness. She posts on social media then enjoy. I enjoy the destination first then post. We have our unique and preferred ways of experiencing things. And that’s okay.

We should be grateful for the chance to step on a spectacular place such as Batanes and to share it with a sister or even with friends online is something worthwhile. To each her own!

#travelwithbigsky hanoi brazil batanes (6)

It was great connecting with Big Sky Nation in areas like the Chamantad-Tinyan viewpoint because it was definitely a moment or breathtaking place to share immediately.

But a photo or video can never amount to the experience when you’re actually there…living in the moment yourself. That’s what Batanes does. If you love the images online, you’ll definitely be enamored when you visit yourself!



Travel wi-fi products are handy gadgets. To avoid the hassle of renting at a destination country, have the wi-fi delivered to your doorstep directly! Big Sky Nation provides that convenience. Easy! If you want lightning speed connections (no long period video streaming!) with a 16-hour battery life then what are you waiting for? Book your travel wi-fi with Big Sky Nation today! #TravelWithBigSky

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For more information, visit

For inquiries:

  • Hotline
    • Landline (403-1399/885-7626)
    • Mobile/WhatsApp/Viber/WeChat (0918-964-7626/0917-713-2855)
  • Email
  • You may also visit the Big Sky Nation office at Unit 601, State Condominium 1, 186 Salcedo, Legazpi Village, Makati, 1229 Metro Manila

For updates on promos, follow Big Sky Nation’s social media accounts:

  • Facebook: @bigskynation
  • Instagram: @bigskynationph
  • You may also use this 10% off discount code: GRATEFULTRAVELS 

*Indicated rates are updated as of January 2019

This is a sponsored write-up. My experiences with products & services may or may not be the same as yours. All opinions are inspired by my experiences (with few insights from my family) & nothing else.  

4 thoughts on “Stay Connected while Traveling with Big Sky Nation!

  1. Lemy says:

    Love reading your blog Irene. We communicated before. In case you’re planning to visit Copenhagen, send me a message/PM and I’ll find time to accompany you around Copenhagen.



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